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Justin Utley at the Stonewall this Week! Thursday January 14th

When you think of Country music, no gay icons come to mind. Country music remains one of the music industry’s largest and most profitable genres, yet is arguably still as self-contained as ever. But behind the Tim McGraws, Carrie Underwoods and Keith Urbans, there’s a Justin Utley, a boy with a guitar and a dream of becoming one of the genre’s brightest stars—who also happens to be gay.

He tells NEXT MAGAZINE,  “My music comes before my sexual preference,” he demurs, before listing the various gay-related foundations his album proceeds support including HRC and The Empire State Pride Agenda. “I’m sending my message to anyone who can apply it to their situation.” And, as an ex-Mormon from Utah who spent the first part of his life as a spiritual ascetic and the second discovering himself and his sexuality, his message is clearly one of identity and continuously evolving self-awareness—a message not so foreign to the gay ear.

Catch him  live  this week

The Stonewall on Thursday January 14th   at 9pm
53 Christopher Street

The Best of Gay New York


End of an Era…Tavern on the Green Closes

The legendary New York restaurant Tavern on the Green closed its doors after serving a last supper and hosting a New Year’s party.

The iconic spot on the western edge of Central Park will undergo major renovations under a new operator and may even retain its famous name, but to many patrons, this is indisputably the end of an era. The LeRoy family was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2009 after losing a bidding war for to another proprietor, Dean Poll, who also owns the Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park. Once the restaurant closes all operations, its contents will be auctioned off by Guernsey’s auction house.

As part of the 20-year license to operate the restaurant, Poll is expected to invest $25 million on renovations.

While maintaining the Victorian historic features of the building, Poll’s plan is to incorporate green building technology as well as replacing the kitchen and electrical and plumbing systems. The renovations, which are expected to take four years, will be conducted in phases so the restaurant can remain open.

It was never known for it’s food – but yet the restaurant became the destination for anniversaries, birthdays and family affairs, It served more than 500,000 people a year, an average of 1,400 dinners a night. Tourists eagerly descended upon the eatery for the crab cakes, wedge salad, salmon and parmesan-crusted chicken.

Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor for Bon Appetit magazine, said the restaurant has never been the greatest venue for foodies. “When you’re serving 2,000 meals a deal, I don’t care if you’re [chef] Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud, you just can’t put out that much of a volume and have top quality food.”

CNN ran a great historical piece this about the restaurant and the LeRoy Family.


Pam Ann Final New York Shows Just Added For Joes Pub



Glitzy airline hostess comedian Pam Ann is returning to the Big Apple and is bringing her popular stand-up show to Joe’s Pub 12/27 thru 12/31.
Pam is very well known within the airline industry. Her targeted audience is usually pilots, flight attendants, travel agents and of course loyal fans who have been following her career. 

Pam Ann is the comic creation of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. An emerging icon in pop culture, she portrays the air hostess Pam Ann, a mixture of comedy, camp and glamour and a pun on the legendary airline Pan Am.

Performances tend to emphasis on the vulgarities of air travel including the identifying quirks of various airlines around the world mixed with a generous dose of ribald humor and double entendre.

Pam Ann at Joes Pub TICKETS

Best of  Gay  New  York


Adam Lambert Shows up at SPLASH BAR SBNY While in New York for The View


You gotta love Adam Lambert and his  PR/Media machine! But poor  Kris Allen, who we adore, and was the crowned American Idol winner last season, just can’t keep up with Adam and his antics.

Adam, who was runner-up, has been in the media eye consistently the last few months. Hob nobbing with celebrities, popping into  hot spots and WeHo clubs, those outrageous anticsat the AMA, and this week stopping by Splash Bar SBNY. 

Michael Musto reports they were making the rounds: “‘He was getting crazy attention,’ reports my friend, who observed and overheard Adam and his group and decided they seemed to be going on to the cruise bar Barracuda!”

A guest at Broadway World gushes:  “What I thought was just going to be a regular night at Musical Mondays at SPLASH Bar turned-out to be pretty exciting. Around 9:30pm, none-other-than Adam Lambert himself comes strolling in! With about 3 friends, he moved to the back of the bar into a booth. And… a million cell phones immediately whipped out texting friends and updating their Twitter/Facebook statuses. I got the balls to walk over and say hi (thanks to a great friend who pulled me into the booth). He is much skinnier than I thought he would be. Glam black make-up. Black crow hair coiffed to high-heaven. Black fingertip-less gloves, black shirt and pants, long dangly chain around his neck…. (Love child of Liza and Joanne Worley?!) BUT SOOOO SWEET IN PERSON!

I introduced myself and friend as members of the NYC Gay Mens Chorus (we were flyering the tables). Told him I was there when he got accepted at his San Francisco audition (laughed that he went skipping down the street). Then asked him why he was in-town. He is taping THE VIEW tomorrow but was sad that Whoopi wasnt going to be there. I told him to slap Elizabeth for us. He joked that he was going to be really condescending and call her Lizzie during the interview. Soooo sweet and surprisingly receptive to fans saying hello. He left around 10:15pm, hugging/kissing fans on the way out.”

Lambert was in town for THE VIEW. After taking heat from Adam Lambert’s fans and gay advocates for a week, ABC  extended an olive branch of sorts to the “American Idol” runner-up who made headlines with his provocative AMA  performance.

ABC had canceled Lambert’s scheduled appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and stopped considering him for “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” which drew thousands of complaints from viewers and gay advocates who believed the network was retaliating against him because he is gay.

Adam is also on Bab Walters – 10 Most Fascinating People tonight, Dec. 9th. And then on So You Think You Dance, next Wednesday, 16th.  –  Kris Allen is on So You Think You Can Dance  tonight.

The AMA was probably the best thing that ever happened to Adam!

Best of Gay New York


ZEE BDR and His Blue Flower Project

Someone wrote us recently and asked if we knew what was up with that guy and the blue flower spotted all over  Manhattan and this past summer on  Fire  Island??

Of course darlings, that’s  ZEE  BDR.

Although we have never met personally,  we met through blogging about 2 years  ago. He runs a funny blog and the whole thing with the blue flower started kind of a joke, and now has become  his  trademark!

Bdr moved to New York City eight years ago and since then everyday has been an adventure for him. He sees himself as a “regular gay guy who loves to have fun.” However, Bdr is famous for walking the streets of Fire Island Pines with his digital camera and blue flower in gear. He asks cute, gay men to take a quick picture with his blue flower in their hair and they never turn down his offer. Bdr has become sort of  a Facebook sensation as everyone is quick to notice when he adds new photos to his famous “blue flower album.”Bdr also writes a blog where he shares  funny, quirky stories about his personal life,  his trials, tribulation, romance and drama.

Many of the best idea’s that take off, start out as a joke. And Bdr’s  flower project  was the same story.   “Honestly it started as a joke. I was in Fire Island. My friends wanted to go to a drag show. I had bought the blue flower from a store in case I wanted to use it at the show as a funny accessory. I had a hair pin and it has a clip underneath. I put the blue flower on my head before we went to the show. While we were walking everyone started looking at me and smiling. They were telling me how pretty I looked. My friends wanted to try the blue flower on and I started taking their pictures. At the drag show, all the boys asked me to try it on. After the show we went to Low Tea which is a place for all gay boys to have drinks in the late afternoon in Pines. People went crazy and wanted to try and have their pictures taken. There was literally a line for the blue flower. In two hours, I took over 150 pictures. The process was hilarious and really worth it to watch.”

What does the blue flower actually symbolize? “To tell the truth, the blue flower makes everyone happy. I met so many people through the blue flower… I think the blue flower symbolizes happiness. You don’t need to have expensive things to be happy. One little pretty flower can make you very happy and laugh. It can make your day.” Even with these tough ecomonomic times, Bdr still finds a way to make everyone around him happy. – It’s all about having fun.  It’s a  conversation starter. Don’t you just hate going out and seeing a room full of gay guys stand and pose, and many of them won’t even return a smile?! Smile, for God’s sake. Be friendly and drop your attitude. Life is too short!

Bdr does not know where this project may take him in the future. “Honestly, I don’t know where this project will go. It is amazingly growing. I did blue flower pictures only in Fire Island. I haven’t even tried in Manhattan yet. So far I have over 400 pictures.
Some people suggested creating a glossy coffee table book. Some others said I should do a blue flower calendar. One blue flower boy a day! I don’t know yet what will happen with my project. I’m just happy everyone loves it. When I walk around Pines, even if I don’t have a blue flower on my head, everyone still notices me. Even if nothing happens in the end, 30 years from now I can look back and say, “Wow! I was the original blue flower boy. I rocked!!”

It’s  funny how little things like these  can sometimes really take off. Remember the  FREE HUGS guy?  That concept has now circled  the world. 

The blue flower photos add to the honesty of Bdr’s blogs. “My blogs name is Z reveals. Through pictures and stories, I’m revealing myself and my life. But you need to know that all the stories are based on true stories, but sometimes to make them funnier, I change some details. ..
I’m writing stories to make my reader laugh, while revealing myself. After I reveal my life, I like to see people’s reactions. I get so many emails from all over the world every day. Some of them are very interesting. Through emails, I become friends with many of them and eventually my readers are turning into my friends because they know so much about me. That’s my most favorite part of blogging. The other favorite part of blogging is that I can get creative the way I want…It is a very great outlook for my creativity.”

Some of Bdr’s favorite blogs include:

My HOT trainer Adolvis” which is about Bdr’s hot trainer who made him mad, “To the guy who molested me in the subway this morning” and
All I’m saying, Brazilians have nuts” which is about the time Bdr and his friend got a Brazilian wax.

Bdr states, “There are so many postings I love because there are things I could tell on my blog that nobody could tell freely. It feels so good having this courage and freedom….The persona I created on my blog has as a sharp tongue and no limits to making people laugh.”


Be his friend on FaceBook!

Photos  by  Zee  Bdr

(portions of this article are from  Kevin Casteel and The Examiner)

The  Best  of  Gay  New  York


Spice Up Your New York Love Life – Try Gay Dating Online!

Living in New York
    is more than exciting;

in fact, it’s so much more there’s not really a word grand enough to cover it! The glitz, the glam, the sights, the sounds – you HAVE to love New York!

New York is so great that having a boring or lonely life simply won’t do. Why not spice up your love life and try gay dating online? When you’re looking for that certain homosexual someone to share New York with, gay dating online makes it easy.

Gay dating online isn’t like a personals ad in the paper or looking for a gay or lesbian partner on your own. The right gay dating site will show you who’s out there and who’s interested in you.

You can only give so much information when placing a personals ad, and you never know who you’ll find in a nightclub. But finding a homosexual partner that shares your interest on a gay dating site online is uncomplicated.

Using the right gay dating site online means you control how much or how little information you want to share and choose from gay or lesbian singles in your area that you might be compatible with – no more guesswork or drama!

Look around New York – see that out there waiting for you? Go and get it at the right gay dating site online and put some spice back into your gay or lesbian love life!
Find someone to share all of New York with, and then some, on your terms.

Give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose; unless of course you want to count all those lonely nights – but those are worth losing.


Jack Mackenroth – Guide to Gay New York


Jack Mackenroth is not only a popular fashion designer and hot reality TV star, he’s also a successful World Outgames 2009 swimming competitor, having taken home a staggering eight medals from this year’s games held in in Copenhagen.

“I was really not expecting to win medals in all eight of my events,” said Mackenroth. “Needless to say, I’m ecstatic. However, it’s not just about winning medals. One of the most fun events was the Random Rainbow Relay where the meet organizers randomly picked swimmers from all different teams and we swam in a friendly relay with colored rainbow swim caps. It was a great way to meet swimmers from different countries.”

He  recently  chatted  with  PLANET OUT
about  living in  NEW YORK CITY.


What is the best date you ever had in this town? Why?

A guy took me on a midnight helicopter ride around Manhattan. We got pretty close to the buildings. It was pretty amazing to fly around the Statue of Liberty.

What are some of the things you love most about your city/town?


I love that you can get anything you want delivered to your door at anytime. I can get a hooker, a bamboo plant and a diet coke all at 2 AM. Then I can make that hooker water the bamboo while I drink my diet coke. Good times.

I also love the subway. Manhattan is so compact that you can get anywhere in the city on the subway in less than an hour. Plus you can sit next to a crack whore and a supermodel in the same ride. It’s a great equalizer.

What are some great restaurants for a night out with gay friends there?

Well almost all restaurants in New York are gay friendly. If they are not they are stupid. I like Buddakan in Chelsea and all the BLT restaurants. BLT Prime is my fave. I also LOVE Freeman’s in a little alley way downtown. Cool scene and morbid decor.

For a big gay scene Elmo and Cafeteria are hot messes for Sunday Brunch. Bring your healthy liver and some sunglasses.

What are your favorite gay bars and/or dance clubs? What do you like about them?


There are so many bars here its hard to pick a favorite. For a tourist I would suggest picking up a Next or HX magazine that lists every thing going on each night and lists all the bars and clubs. There really aren’t any big dance clubs anymore since the Roxy closed. I like a more intimate bar like the Phoenix in the east village. No pretense or attitude.

If you had gay friends visiting from out of town for the first time, what are some “musts” that you’d recommend they see or do?

Skip the tourist sites and just buy the postcards. If you absolutely have to do one touristy thing I suggest the top of the Empire State building. On a clear day the view is redic. Also if you can splurge a little bit the helicopter ride around the city is incredible during the day or night.

They charter them from both sides of the island and they are not outrageously expensive. Definitely see a broadway show or two. I would reccomend going to see Central Park. It’s beautiful in the spring.
And you can trick in the bushes.

Check out    Jack Mackenroths blog – Memoirs of a Gaysha!         and  his  main  site  Jack Mackenroth.


GUMBO – First ever Gay Party DUMBO in Brooklyn August 13th


Thursday, August 13th
Party: 8pm-1am
Admission: FREE


@Galapagos Art Space16 Main Street
(@ Water Street)
DUMBO, Brooklyn
F train to York Street
A train to High Street

Located at the first stop in Brooklyn, GUMBO is DUMBO’s first gay party! The offbeat Galapagos Art Space welcomes all guys and girls for this fun, anti-scene, night out. “Manhattanites” welcome.

Hosted by Ben Harvey, Matthew Kelleher & Andrew Urankar
With Hedrick-Martin Institute (HMI)

Music by    DJ Nomi (of Jessica 6 and Hercules & Love Affair).

*2-4-1 drinks from 8pm-9pm.
*Free haircuts all night by the Galapagos resident stylist.



Broadway Darling NICK ADAMS Boycotts the Anti Gay Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge

Broadway’s hottest gay-list celebrity, Nick Adams, took to Twitter and Facebook this past weekend after he and his boyfriend were turned away from Manhattan’s Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge by a bouncer who said their white shirts were a violation of the bar’s dress code. In other words, because Adams was gay.

After moving out of line, Adams then watched as the bouncer allowed a group of straight guys in white t-shirts enter the bar. Adams was furious but decided to Tweet rather than cause a scene. His loyal fans and followers then retweeted and voiced their complaints to the mostly hetero bar whose PR manager, in turn, emailed Adams the following ‘apology’:

“I feel terrible about this impression/misconception and want to do everything I can to rectify the situation as soon as possible,” Kristi Paris said. “May I please invite you and your friends in as my guests for lunch/dinner and drinks on us? I’d love to meet you and your friends and have the chance to personally apologize for any negativity you experienced here.”

(The email, of course, made no mention of the guys in white t-shirts who were allowed into the club.)

Nick  replied… Kristi- I do appreciate that you sought me out after receiving complaints from my friends, fans, and supporters regarding the other night at Turtle Bay. 
I completely understand that you have a policy regarding capacity and dresscode. My posts via Twitter, facebook, and my blog comment on how your bouncer made me feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. I watched him let a group of gentlemen into the bar, one of whom had an identical shirt to mine. 

I do have to inform you that some messages posted on my blog by your general manager truly negate any goodwill you attempted in your deflection.

I will not attempt to become a patron of Turtle Bay, nor do I plan to mention it any further. Perhaps now your establishment and staff will be hyper aware of these situations and hopefully others in the gay community of New York will avoid an uncomfortable situation like I experienced.     


Adams appreciates the bars attempt to reconcile the matter but says, bottom line, “I was discriminated against. I will not give my business to Turtle Bay and I urge you to do the same. This womans attempt to brush this aside as a misunderstanding is disingenuous at best if not hurtful and offensive to myself and the gay community of New York City.

Look for Adams’ solo cabaret show at NYC’s Birdland on August 17th!!  Can’t  wait!!
Book your reservations soon as it’s limited seating. Birdland is located at 315 West 44th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue). Tickets are $25 and $35 with a $10 food/drink minimum. 

For more information visit 
Birdland Jazz   or by Telephone 212-581-3080.

The Best of  Gay New York


Janice Dickinson vs. MIMI IMFURST – America’s Next TOP!


Where else can you go and hang out with hot go-go boys at 4am? 
have Sbarro  at  5am?  Pick up a tranny at 6am? 
This city has it all! And creative beyond creative!

 OK – so we don’t usaully plug bar nights. I am so OVER  $5  pitchers,  free  well,  blah, blah, BLAH! But, when something fun and fabulous comes along, we just have to share in the FUN!  


Are you a TOP? Are you looking for a top?

OVER THE COURSE OF 8 WEEKS/ on Wednesdays,  DTOX & Mimi Imfurst 
will search NYC for AMERICA’S NEXT TOP TOP!

THE WEEKLY CONTEST will feature 4 rounds  including:
Question/Answer, Best Fake Orgasm, Sexy Strip-Off, & More!

The games will be silly and sexy- EVERYONE is encouraged  to enter- Bottoms too!!!!!!


EACH WEEK a new “TOP” will be chosen. The winner will receive a 50.00 CASH,
FREE BOOZE, A BIG PRIZE PACKAGE  and a secured chance to win $1,000.00!!!!!


Only 8 “tops”  will advance to the finals!  
Winners from the 8 weeks will be invited back to
compete for the BIG PRIZE:  $1,000 IN ACTUAL CASH!!!! 
Plus: a photoshoot with, a spread in NEXT magazine and VIP LUXURY PRIZE PACKAGE!!!!


Celebrity Guest Judges Chip Duckett (SpinCycle NYC) TJ the DJ, Victoria Venom and a special weekly guest judge
will score the contestants based on their performance.

HELLO?!?  Why were’nt  we  invited to judge??

The contestants will be also be judged by the audience!
Every time a customer buys a drink- they’ll get an official  ballot!  So bring your friends!  
The more they drink- the more votes you can get- and one step further you’ll be to $1,000
in cold hard cash!!!!!!

Start Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: DTOX     31 Second Avenue, Between 1st and 2nd      New York City

For more information –  contact    mimiimfurst  @

Best of Gay New York


More Photos of Carnival Night Wednesdays with Amanda Lepore

More  photos  from  Carnival  with  Amanda  Lepore –

Photos  by  Michael  Hardgrove …

The Best of Gay New York


Miss Fag Hag Pageant to Benefit HETRICK-MARTIN INSTITUTE home of the HARVEY MILK SCHOOL May 17th

The producers of The Miss Fag Hag Pageant announced today that Miss California Carrie Prejean is banned from its competition taking place on Sunday, May 17th at Comix.

In lieu of a contender who only supports “opposite marriage”, Paul Case and Shawn Hollenbach are presenting 10 contestants representing their Gayborhoods fighting for the title of Miss Fag Hag.

The candidates will compete in categories including:
— Evening Wear
— Fabulous Talent
— Presenting Her Gay in a Swimsuit
— And Sassy Question & Answer

“It is our belief that Miss California, Carrie Prejean may not compete in our pageant. The opposites in our contest have supported us samesters since day one. These gals would love to see us walk down any aisle. The only isle we’d like to see Prejean on is Rikers!”
Proceeds from the pageant which features celebrity judges, special performances and guests, will go to THE HETRICK-MARTIN INSTITUTE home of the HARVEY MILK SCHOOL.

JUDGES  include Caroline Rhea (NBC’s Biggest Loser & Logo’s Sordid Lives)
Michael Musto (Village Voice, VH1)
Hedda Lettuce (Project Runway)
Katina Corrao (Daddy on HBO)

Special Performances by
Shayna Steele (Bette Midler: Vegas, Orig Rent & Hairspray)
Bridget Everett (Sex & The City, At Least it’s Pink)
Britney Houston (MTV and YouTube Star)
Mel & El (Fagnet) & MORE!

Sunday, May 17th at 8:00 PM
Comix    353 West 14th Street        212.524.2500
Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 day-of-show plus a two item minimum in the show room. 
A portion of ticket sales will go to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk School.

The Best of Gay New York


Laurie Krauz Wins 2009 Bistro Award from Back Stage

NEW YORK  singing sensation Laurie Krauz  and  her TAPESTRY REWOVEN show is being honored by the prestigious industry publication, Back Stage, with a 2009 Bistro Award  which will be given during the annual gala event in New York City.

More than 30 of cabaret’s brightest stars will be honored at the 24th annual Bistro Awards, which will take place on Tuesday, April 28 at Gotham Comedy Club. International singer-songwriter-actor Charles Aznavour will be honored with the Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award. Liza Minnelli, Tony-, Oscar-, and Emmy-winning performer, will be recognized in the category of Enduring Artistry. Each of these stars will present the Award to the other–a Bistro first.

Tapestry Rewoven, is a jazz re-imagining of the Carole King classic, which has been playing to packed houses and standing ovations with buzz that’s been, literally, off the charts!  Her show has been playing at New York City’s fabulous
IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB and the critics rave!

Laurie Krauz thrills audiences with her award-winning, blues-influenced jazz vocals and her powerful emotional range. Blazing new musical territory, Laurie combines improvisational elements with the passion and sensuality found in other forms of music to create a unique, soulful jazz – “she creates a mood and weaves a musical story with every cell of her being.” She was recently named  one of the top  jazz vocalists of all time  by noted jazz critic, Scott Yanow. In 2007 and 2008 Laurie was named best Female Jazz Vocalist by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC).

Laurie explains how the whole idea of re-imagining the classic Tapestry came to be..”About four years ago I was at the gym listening to You’ve Got a Friend from Carole King’s legendary recording, Tapestry. From out of nowhere the phrase “Tapestry Rewoven” came into my head. At first I thought about singing this tune, which I had never done. As I continued my workout I realized that the phrase meant something much more—that I could approach the entire album and re-imagine it from a jazz sensibility.

The idea excited me musically and emotionally. For women of my generation, Tapestry was more than just a great album. It was virtually our religion!”

Laurie is currently doing some shows in Los Angeles and Chicago and will be back at the Iridium May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th and August 4th, with 2 shows each night!

“… a masterwork not unlike her idol’s,” David Finkle, Back Stage


Bistro Awards Gala Tickets

The Best of Gay New York


Gay Marriage Bill Introduced in New York!


From  New York Daily News!

Gov. Paterson will unveil legislation to legalize gay marriage on Thursday, a legislative source confirmed.


Paterson will introduce the measure – which revives a bill that died in 2007 – despite uncertain prospects for its adoption in the state Senate.

“This means it’s a priority for him,” said Sen. Thomas Duane, a Manhattan Democrat and one of the Senate’s biggest advocates for gay marriage.

Duane said he’s been invited to take part in the bill’s unveiling with the governor at an event Thursday in Manhattan.

Despite a slim Democratic majority in the Senate, the bill faces stiff opposition in the chamber. Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, a Queens Democrat, supports the measure but does not intend to have a vote unless there are enough votes to pass it.

“We don’t want to jeopardize the momentum by putting it up before it has enough votes to pass,” Austin Shafran, a Smith spokesman, said Tuesday.

Paterson, a Democrat, told several upstate radio stations last week that he intended to re-introduce the measure and hoped the Senate would vote on it regardless of whether it had the votes to pass.

The state Assembly has already approved legislation legalizing same sex marriage.

Duane expressed confidence that the measure would ultimately be adopted by the Senate.

“When the governor signs this bill into law, it is going to be a defining moment for him,” Duane said.

Article Glen Blain -NY DAILY  NEWS

UPDATE!   A majority of New Yorkers support gay marriage and
 Gov. Paterson’s attempt to legalize it, a new poll shows.

The Best of Gay New York


Monday Nights in Brooklyn – Pizza and Go-Go Boys Shake it Up!



A match made in heaven! 

It’s called Fondle and it happens every Monday night at South Brooklyn Pizza in Carroll Gardens. It’s a neighborhood scene with local boys, dance anthems and a drink special. Dancing boys take to the floor at 11.

The Monday night Go Go Pizza Party launched quietly in February by Bastard Life Editor and noted LGBT enthusiast Neal Boulton.  Now police are investigating, of course.

The Brooklyn Paper reports:

Police say they will investigate a Carroll Gardens pizzeria that features scantily clad male go-go dancers once a week.

The weekly “Fondle” party, which started in February  didn’t get mentioned beyond the listings section of most newspapers. But on Sunday, the New York Times wrote about the gay-themed bacchanal, creating not only a maelstrom for the pizzeria, but renewing debate over whether tight-knit Carroll Gardens was truly welcoming to newcomers.


First, the maelstrom:


“That [Times article] was the first I heard of [Fondle] night,” Captain Kenneth Corey of the 76th Precinct, which covers Carroll Gardens, told members of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association on Monday night. “We’re going to determine the legality of it. If they’re outside of it, then we’re going to take action.”

A police source told The Brooklyn Paper that authorities would examine whether South Brooklyn Pizza violated cabaret license regulations.

The looming police threat evidently arose after the Times story revealed that a key detail about the “Fondle” party: it includes go-go dancers.

The article suggested that strippers are incompatible with the Old Gray Lady’s understanding of Carroll Gardens as an insular, old Italian neighborhood. The neighborhood, of course, is changing, and many of the newer residents don’t mind a gay go-go night.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Omarr Stewart, who lives in the neighborhood. “I like to think of myself as a progressive.”

Others shared that liberal idea.

“To each his own,” said Michael Rosario, who works next door to the restaurant.

Come for the pizza, stay for the sauce!

451 Court Street/4th Place –  F train to Carroll St

8pm-close /  11pm GO-GO dancers
Drink Specials

451 Court Street, 11231

The Best of Gay New York


NextWorks Networking Event – With Broadway Bares and SPLASH bar – April 7th



A Great Networking Night!

Tues April 7th, 6-9pm

Splash bar


This is a special celebration where BCEFA will announce the name and theme of the 2009 BROADWAY BARES event in June. Dont miss it!!!!

This event will feature:

– Cocktail Specials!
– Prizes
– Hundreds of Amazing Guys!
– Stars from the upcoming Broadway Bares!

Splash, 50 West 17th Street B/W 5th and 6th, NYC

Ticket Reservations being taken NOW 
for Broadway Bares 19 – online!
2  shows!   9:30pm  and  Midnight!

The Best of Gay New York