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Nick Adams Facebook Page

The wonderfully charming and delightful (and sexy) triple threat on Broadway, NICK ADAMS is touring now with the Tony Award Winning  FALSETTO’S!!#cantwait! And recently you are able to  see him on Comedy Central’s  THE OTHER TWO!

He has over 23,000 fans on Twitter, but only 7000+ on FB – so I am asking my network, to LIKE his page, to help get his numbers up! This guy is so awesome and amazing! And a little bird told me, he has a CD in the works! (Which I have been telling him for 6 years, he needs one!).


SHADE Queens of NYC

Where have I been?

My  friend  PAIGE  TURNER  asked  if  I  saw her  on SHADE – Somehow  this flew under my radar  until now!  Apologies!

Relationships, community, family, and faith are in the spotlight in Shade: Queens of NYC, a docu-follow-musical-reality show that explores what happens to New York’s fiercest, funniest drag queens as they vie for fame, fortune, and love.

Shade: Queens of NYC reveals a side of drag life beyond the usual glam, glitz, and next-level lip syncing, instead focusing on what happens to our queens when the wigs come off.

The cast of queens includes: Justin Nako/Chelsea Piers, Chris Yoon/Jasmine Rice LaBeija, William Bailey/Jada Valenciaga, Nathan McManus/Holly Box-Springs, Kristian Seeber/Tina Burner, Marti Gould Cummings/Marti Gould Cummings, Daniel Kelley/Paige Turner, and Jesse Havea/Brita Filter.


Catch up on YouTube  if ya missed it!


New York City Gay Pride on ABC

NYC Pride today announced that for the first time WABC-TV will broadcast the 48th NYC LGBT Pride March on Sunday, June 25th.

The march, which has 350 marching contingents and had more than 2 million spectators in 2016, takes place from 12 – 3 pm. ABC7 will broadcast it live and stream it live on

Said Chris Frederick, NYC Pride Managing Director: “We’re excited to have Tri-state viewers welcome us
into their homes for what will be an unprecedented opportunity for the LGBT community’s collective
voices to be heard.”

ABC7 will also provide coverage of PrideFest – the annual LGBT street festival, Pride Luminaries Brunch, the Rally, and Pride Island – a new three-day LGBT cultural experience.

Mapplethorpe Pop Up Show Flatiron Building

Pop-Up Installation featuring works of Robert Mapplethorpe


A special Robert Mapplethorpe pop-up installation arrives in NYC in Flatiron Plaza North (23rd St. and Broadway) on Friday, March 18 (6pm-11pm) and Saturday, March 19 (6pm-10pm). The installation features larger-than-life projections, a stunning array of famous and more personal works, and rare, revealing commentary from Robert Mapplethorpe himself. This is a very special chance for guests to experience first-hand the magnitude of Mapplethorpe’s legacy.

This pop-up arrives prior to the premiere of HBO’s upcoming documentary “Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures,” which will debut on Monday, April 4 at 9:00 p.m. exclusively on HBO.

Venture inside the mind of one of the 20th Century’s most important artists, and come face to face with his provocative masterpieces. Presented on a scale worthy of its artistic impact, this digital gallery features rare and revealing commentary from the photographer himself.

Where– Flatiron Plaza North (23rd St between 5th Ave & Broadway)

Sherry Vine’s Queer TV Network

Drag Darling Sherry Vine Launches Queer Network, gaySVTVworld

The Internet is getting a whole lot gayer! International drag darling Sherry Vine and former Here-TV executive Josh Rosenzweig are combining their style, humor and sensibility into a one-stop, digital destination for all of the world’s LGBTQ entertainment needs. gaySVTVworld premieres February 14 with original shows, specials, music videos, short films and more: all free at

“The world needs gaySVTVworld because they are hungry for original programming from top queer talent,” says Sherry Vine. “We got ‘em all: Haus Of Mimosa, Pickles, David Serrano, Chris Semers … and this is only the beginning.”

“gaySVTVworld is created by and for LGBTQ audiences,” adds Josh Rosenzweig. “Nobody is going to tell our stories like we will. While our visibility has increased enormously over the last decade with the launch of several LGBT television networks, it is essential that the community have an online space to call our own. A destination where we can go to find like-minded artists and feel the power of the collective.”

While gaySVTVworld draws inspiration from a traditional television model, it also presents a modern digital age spin with all shows under-seven minutes long. “We’re offering short content so people can view several episodes in the same amount of time as one traditional TV show,” explains Vine. “Maybe you only have five free minutes on your way to work or during a lunch break. That’s enough time to catch a hilarious episode of Fashion Puhleez on your smart phone!”

The network will kick off its first season with a slate of eight programs, releasing daily, beginning with Sunday’s Sherry and the Greek, an original talk series starring Vine and Chris Semers, discussing a variety of fun topics and performing skits, characters, and musical numbers.

On Monday, queer notables share their pop culture picks on EduGAYtion. Then Tuesday, The Rachel Zoe Show meets Project Runway in Fashion Puhleez, with lead players in the beauty industry discussing fashion, club couture and styling.

House of Mimosa presents The Anita & Gina Marie Show, a comedic show that chronicles the daily antics of two women as they cause mayhem throughout Astoria, Queens (singing out – or rather, airing out – all their dirty laundry) gets viewers over hump day. Then its Throwback Thursdays with Pickles, a look back at a public access show that offers a glimpse into the gay, downtown art and nightlife scene of New York in the nineties.

Celebrate the end of the workweek with The Flames of Hell’s Kitchen, a telanovela about the life of Sherry Vine, her manager Gloria, assistant Busted and sexy Latino boyfriend, Diego. In the first season, Sherry wins big, loses everything, slips back into a life of drugs, and faces an intervention. The show stars David Serrano, Busted, Patty McKeever and Al McKeever.

Finally, on Saturday, it’s movie night as gaySVTVworld presents The SVTV Short Film Fest, an online festival dedicated to spotlighting the very best LGBTQ filmmakers from around the world. Each week is a new short film along with interviews from the filmmakers and special bonus features.

In addition, What’s In Your Purse?, a hilarious two-minute segment featuring Vine cornering nightlife celebrities and forcing them to reveal the contents of their bags, will run throughout the week.

“We knew launching a network was an ambitious endeavor but there are so many things we didn’t think of,” admits Vine. “Josh and I and our amazing team have literally been working every day on gaySVTVworld for almost a year now.”

“So much of that time has been spent on brainstorming ideas, reaching out to people we wanted to work with and deciding on a slate we felt confident about,” continues Rosenzweig. “We have several shows that are in various stages of development. Our intention is to continue to keep rolling out new programs, music videos and comedy sketches.”

Sherry Vine’s hilarious video parodies have made her a YouTube sensation, being viewed over 14,000,000 times! She got her start in downtown NYC but today tours the world with her live singing and comedy shows. Vine has appeared on the off-Broadway stage, in numerous films including Stonewall and Wigstock and she starred in two seasons of Here TV’s variety show, She’s Living For This, produced and directed by Josh Rosenzweig.

Josh Rosenzweig served as SVP of Here TV for ten years where he produced over two hundred hours of television programming including She’s Living For This and Heart of Broadway: An Inside Look at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. He was also the host of the hit TV talk show Just Josh. Rosenzweig has directed many music videos, award-winning films and over forty productions for the theater. He has been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards.

gaySVTVworld premieres February 14 at

Alan Cummings gay New York Restaurateur FLORENT

Showtime is working on a comedy project named “Florent,” which would star everyone’s favorite openly bisexual actor Alan Cumming as a New York City restaurateur Florent Morellet. Cumming’s passion project, “Florent” will reportedly be directed by CBS drama series “The Good Wife’s” Rosemary Rodriguez.

The half-hour show “Florent” was shopped to Sundance Channel earlier this summer. According to Deadline, the show is being written by “Nine to Five’s” Patricia Resnick. The two executive producers,  Jonathan Baruch and Howard Braunstein, will also work for the project. If “Florent” goes to series, the 50-year old Cumming would make a transition to it after the completion of “The Good Wife.”

The outlet reported that the show is inspired by the original story of Morellet who had opened a restaurant in a Meatpacking District in New York during early 1980s. “Florent” is aimed to explore the light and dark of that time and will gradually turn into a destination for everyone starting from New York’s literati, the neighborhood hookers and hustlers, AIDS activists, sex workers to New York city’s cops and local LGBT community.

read more at Movie News

Hate and Homophobia Against New York Couple


The case of a gay couple assaulted outside New York’s Madison Square Garden in 2013 will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s one-hour special HATE IN AMERICA: premiering nationally on Monday, February 23 at 8/7c.


HATE IN AMERICA features Emmy Award-winning journalist and Al Jazeera anchor, Tony Harris, as he travels to communities torn apart by violence, coming face to face with the victims of modern-day hate to examine the roots of intolerance in America through the lens of three recent hate crimes.


In the documentary, Tony examines the 2013 hate crime in which fashion designer Nick Porto and his then-boyfriend Kevin were called a homophobic slur by a passer-by following a Knicks Game at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden. Porto confronted the man but was shoved to the ground and suddenly surrounded by a group of men, who pulled him into the street and beat him. He walked away with his life but, intent on not walking away from the issue of hate, Parto posted photos of his bloodied face on Instagram to share his story with the world.

***Please note that the network’s name is Investigation Discovery, not Discovery Channel, Discovery ID, or ID Channel. To check local listings, visit:



PRIDE Web Series in New York

A brand new controversial web series hits the digital scene!

PRIDE: The Series reflects real life experiences not only in the LGBTQ community, but also with an honest approach to the average person’s search for identity in New York City.


In an effort to expose good vs. evil in a society focused on discrimination, PRIDE: The series explores the reality of living with difficult circumstances. Painted with sex, drugs, heartache, and multicultural characters, this web series aims to prove that even the most diverse people can face similar battles, creating quite a bond.

For a glimpse into the life of PRIDE, check out the trailer:

(6 chapters out now!)

HBO’s LOOKING Season 2!

There’s more out there in the all new season of the hit HBO series LOOKING starring Jonathan Groff and Frankie J. Alvarez.

LOOKING focuses on current gay life in the Bay Area and on themes that everyone, gay and straight, can relate to: falling in love, finding professional fulfillment, forging an identity in a complicated world, and searching for happiness.


Don’t miss the season premiere Sunday, January 11th at 10pm/9pm Central, only on HBO.


And now is your chance to catch up before the premiere with Season 1, available to own now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD:

My Gay Roommate Moves to New York

My Gay Roommate (MGR)  is a rather new comedy web series (about 18 months old) that explores the relationship between two college roommates – one who is very gay, and one who is straight. It follows their experiences, altercations, and the slightly absurd situations they find themselves in as first time college students — everything from losing their virginities to cleanliness and everything in between.  Season 1 was released in November 2012.

Season 3 has just started and episode one finds Nick in New York, looking for a new roommate.

MGR is about us. We (Austin Bening and Noam Ash) were roommates all four years of college. After we graduated we moved to New York, and the show came with us, ” explains co-creater Noam Ash.  “We built a new team – we have a new writer on board, Samuel Korda, and a new cast and crew. Things have been going swimmingly, it’s been a ton of fun – lots of funny, sexy and interesting twists coming this season!”

Noam told us, “I am a full time actor, singer and writer.  I’m auditioning, performing, filming and writing. Earlier this year I starred in the world premier of “Chemistry”, a two-person play by Jacob Marx Rice directed by Joshua W. Kelley.”

“We have been overwhelmed by the response  MGR  has gotten.  At the one year mark we reached our first 1,000,000 hits, and at the current pace we will hit 2,000,000 at our one and a half year anniversary. So we’re having steady and substantial growth, which is awesome. Our subscriber base is constantly growing with new people discovering the show every day.  It’s pretty awesome!”

What’s next is Season 3?  And the road ahead in New York?

“Who knows!” says Noam. ” I’m auditioning, performing… Anything could happen! There are still plenty of #MGRs to be written and filmed.  One dream would be to have the show picked up by a network and developed for television. That would be pretty fucking cool. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a sitcom and a Broadway show.  Hopefully more than one of each :).  And before I die I WILL sing a duet with Idina Menzel.  🙂 “

and he added, “stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed!”






Hunting Season Season 2 Launches Kickstarter Fund

(Ben Baur and Tyler French pictured).  

Sort of  a  gay Sex and The City,  HUNTING SEASON  is
a new smash hit comedy series based on the funny and painfully truthful
blog of ALEX(played by Ben Baur), a single gay 20-something in Manhattan, a smart and
successful blogger at Gawker by day, who turns the spotlight on himself
and his friends and starts anonymously writing about his social life.
Based on the wildly popular blog, The Great Cock Hunt, and the novel of
the same title published by Kensington Books.
UNCENSORED version available for paid download only at 
It’s a great cast with witty writing and is very well done and high quality. Unlike many low budget web series, this one employed a staff of 100 people to make it happen!
The season consists of eight episodes and each lasts around ten minutes. BUT WE WANT MORE, RIGHT?!  So let’s help them fund season 2!

creator of the show paid for season one out of his own pocket, and then
took out loans to finish it. The sales of downloads paid back the
loans and proved how big the audience was for the show. But all the
conversations they had with networks and advertisers did not pan out and they now must turn to the fans of the show to make more episodes. 

Fire Island HALF SHARE show to Benefit Ali Forney Center

Half-Share:  The Cocktail is always Half-Full!  AND NOW IT’S FREE!

 Misfit Boys Entertainment, LLC is thrilled to announce the worldwide premiere of a hilarious new gay comedy series, Half-Share, with 50% of profits to benefit the Ali Forney Center affected by hurricane Sandy.

Try to imagine The Golden Girls summering on Fantasy Island if it were run by Patsy & Edina!  Then watch it for free!  Half-Share is a 30-minute sitcom shot on location in Fire Island Pines featuring an all-star cast of fabulous gay comics including Alec Mapa, Jack Plotnick, Jesse Archer and Sam Pancake!

Hot on the heels of film festival success spanning three continents, Half-Share will debut its FREE worldwide streaming premiere at 10pm EST/7pm PST on Tuesday November 20th at &  


Half-Share is also available immediately on Amazon Instant Video to rent ($1.99) or buy ($4.99 Instant/$14.99 DVD,

Through December 31st, 50% of all net profits on DVD and Amazon Instant Video sales will be donated to the Ali Forney Center in NYC
which provides homeless LGBT youth with shelter, food, and counseling.
 Sandy left their offices underwater and they are in desperate need of
donations to continue their important work (

Rosie Leaves Chicago for New York City

A report on the Huffington Post
cites an “insider” who says Ms. O’Donnell was not happy about commuting
from her New York home to tape the show at Oprah Winfrey’s former Near
West Side studio.  (WTF?   She just bough a condo  in Chicago!)

She’s also found it more difficult to persuade guests
to travel to Chicago that it would be to book them on a New York-based
show, the source said. –  well of course. Dah.

The news came on the same day that reports said Ms. O’Donnell had found a buyer for her Lakeview home six months after she bought it. It had been listed on the market for just a day.

O’Donnell bought the Chicago property as she began taping “The Rosie
Show,” which took over Harpo Studios after Ms. Winfrey ceased production
on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” to focus on her OWN network.

“The Rosie Show” has undergone changes since its debut. Ms. O’Donnell recently cut staff and stopped filming before a studio audience.

REALITY is the show has had poor ratings and yes, there are more stars  in NYC to pull from and they don’t have to pay for airfare to Chicago!

Priscilla Goes to Chicago for ROSIE

ROSIE O’Donnell may have moved her new OWN show out to Chicago, but the big Broadway supporter in her hasn’t forgotten her NYC stage roots.
She  flew the entire cast of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert out to the windy city to perform a medley of “It’s Raining Men” and “I Will Survive” on The Rosie Show   yesterday (10-12-2011) during the show’s premiere week.

The show will air tonight, 10-13-2011.

Priscilla  is  the first musical to appear on Rosie, but there will be more, says  Rosie!

 If you remember, O’Donnell would routinely highlight stage productions on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, which ran from 1996 to 2002.
I was in the Chicago audience, front row, and the numbers were awesome!


The Gay Housewives Are Back…A List Season 2

Fasten Your seat belts….The A LIST  Season 2 premiers July 25th….

Logo’s gay housewives are back, and their decadent dramas are more outrageous and over the top than when we left them last season. Will Reichen and Rodiney make it this time? Will Austin make more enemies than friends? Will Ryan and his husband make a baby? The entire high-rolling, label-whoring, beach-house-hopping cast returns, with some new frenemies and besties, including fierce gal-pal Nyasha, added to the mix. Whether you love them, or love to hate them, the boys are bringin’ it, and NYC is getting guilty with pleasure all summer long!

And our media partner  Michael Cavnaugh at got up close and personal with some of the cast at the cast party this past week in New York.

Mike Ruiz Interiew 

famed celebrity photographer and video director and a passionate board member of several gay based charities, Mike is going global. In the midst of launching a t-shirt line (profits support Ali Forney Center)   and shooting a coffee table book.

Reichen Interview

Reichen moved to NYC last summer to take on Broadway. With the closing of his show, he only has about ten other careers to fall back on: actor, model, author, activist, Air Force pilot, jewelry designer and now, as the face of his own skincare line.

Derek and Rodiney Interview

Gay socialite / male model Derek and male model Rodiney.

Austins Interview

A favorite of the gossip pages during his storied modeling career and relationship with designer Marc Jacobs, Austin has now been joined in New York by his husband, Jake Lees. Austin’s latest modeling venture is to grace the pages of Playgirl.

Get more A list on LOGO

It’s Me or the DOG! Casting now in New York City

Is your dog turning your life upside down?

The hit show from
the producers of

Supernanny and
The Real Housewives of New York



“It’s me or the dog” Season 4 is seeking:

    • Real life “characters” with big personalities!

    • Outrageous dogs with out-of-control behavior

    • High stakes relationships where someone is saying, “It’s me or the dog!”


    If your dog’s behavior is causing high drama in the household, and heated arguments are an everyday occurrence, we want to hear from you!


    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the premise of our show, there must be at least two or more people living in the home.

    We’re  currently seeking a fantastic gay couple whose lives and relationship are being turned upside down by their dogs’ out-of-control behavior.

    If you haven’t seen the seen show, it’s hosted by world-class dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell, who intervenes to resolve these escalated situations. (See more at 


    Casting Call New York City – Sex and Plus Sized


    New documentary-style cable network project casting NOW for people of all shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations!

    Do you openly prefer, pursue, and date plus-sized individuals?

    Are you only physically attracted to full-figured partners? 

    Are you proud of your voluptuous figure and want to share with the world how fantastic your sex life is?

    Do you think being plus size makes sex better?
    If so, we want to hear from you!

    We are looking for couples/individuals who can show the world that sex can be incredible no matter what your size! We are interested in fun, fearless couples and individuals who want to share with us their experiences and stories about why “bigger is better”!

    To learn more and obtain an application, please email your story, contact information and a photo to

    Gay Life Talks with Jonathan D. Lovitz

    This week Michael Cavnaugh
    Gay Life
    turns his camera on JONATHAN D. LOVITZ – 
    Broadway Hero of the  month.

    Actor, singer and model Jonathan D. Lovitz  stands out in a crowd.  Jonathan has an extensive stage resume and is as down home as apple pie!

    Jonathan is one of those actors who exudes positive energy that effects those around him. His smile, is without a doubt contagious.

    You may have read his name earlier this month

    gay man was excused from jury duty in New York last week because he said that discrimination against gays makes him a second-class citizen and therefore he couldn’t be impartial.

    Jonathan wrote on his Facebook page, “I raised my hand and said, ‘Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class citizen in the eyes of the justice system.’”

    “And he got off the case!” reported Village Voice columnist Michael Musto. “And that’s how the new phenomenon of ‘jury duty blocking’ was born.”

    Jonathan is also a part of Setup Squad premiering this month on Logo.

    the scoop –  No-nonsense Renee Lee has the business solution for people who stink at dating: she hooks them up with professional “wing” women and men from her agency.

    From the producers of “Pawn Stars,” “Setup Squad” is a docu-reality series where relationship misfits get saved from themselves by experts who coach them in ‘the art of the pickup.’ The “wing” women and men are snappy and sexy: two straight women, a lesbian, and a gay man (hunky Broadway star, Jonathan D. Lovitz) – all fierce and fun and full of opinions about their ineffectual clients.

    They give clients a crash dating makeover, transforming them from ‘shabby & shy’ to ‘chic & confident’. Then they provide a real shot at love, breaking the ice for them in social settings. Then the real dramas unfold. Will they land the deal? Or get snubbed by their intended target? And what happens when one of the experts gets a little too cozy with their client? Find out in this highly charged reality series combining the most sizzling parts of dating shows with the most electric elements of workplace dramas.’

    Jonathan says, “What started off as being the youngest kid in the family dying for attention had turned into an incredibly exciting life in theatre, film, and tv. 

    After years wanting to be an engineer, astronaut, and diplomat I landed on the next logical career choice: actor and entertainer!


    I’ve been so blessed (and so jetlagged) to have traveled to all 50 states as well as amazing destinations in North America and Europe performing in things as varied as big Broadway musicals to insane 24-hour commercial shoots. I feel like the luckiest man on Earth, and I hope it’s just the beginning!”

    Jonathan has  worked consistently as a stage actor and dedicated countless hours to organizations such as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. His participation included the annual Broadway Flea Market and Broadway Bares. He was a special performer at the Broadway Bares: Classic event held to honor the best of the first 20 years of Broadway Bares, recreating Pan from 2007’s “Myth Behavior” and later danced with Vanessa Williams in the opening of Broadway Bares XX: Strip-Opoly. He also appears regularly at events throughout New York City for organizations including the Ali Forney Center and UCP of NYC.

    Please check out Jonathan’s Interview with and his IT GETS BETTER VIDEO.

    Gay Life has an amazing collection of inspiring videos on You Tube!

    PBS to show Stonewall Uprising April 25th


    I talked with two people recently under the age of 25, who had no clue!

    When police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City on June 28, 1969, the street erupted into violent protests that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.

    DID YOU KNOW?   In the late 1960s, the American Psychiatric Association still classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, and gay men and lesbian women received almost universal moral condemnation from mainstream religions. The act of homosexual sex, even in private homes, was punishable by a light fine, 20 years in prison, or even a life sentence!!

    New York City had the largest gay population in the United States. It was also the city that most aggressively upheld anti-sodomy laws. In the mid-1960s New York created police vice squads to raid gay bars and baths, and began using decoys to solicit and entrap gays. By 1966 over 100 men a week were arrested as a result of this effort. “It was a nightmare for the lesbian or gay man who was arrested and caught up in the juggernaut but it was also a nightmare for the lesbians or gay men who lived in the closet,” Yale Law School professor William Eskridge says in the film. “This produced an enormous amount of anger within the lesbian and gay community in New York City. Eventually something was bound to blow.”

    STONEWALL UPRISING is a very important film we should all see!  PBS and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE is airing it on Monday, April 25th!  Check your local listings!  GET A SNEAK  PEAK  ONLINE.

    Coming soon to DVD!

    Lady Bunny and Charo on RuPauls Drag U

    and  her  wigs! 

    Are in Los Angeles this
    week on the set of  RuPauls DRAG U Season 2.

    Outfitter Wigs on Hollywood Boulevard saves the day! And my goodness, it looks as if Thairin is holding Lady Bunny’s ACTUAL HEAD in his hand!

    I guess CHARO was a guest judge…and this is the wig(s) Lady Bunny wore at a recent taping of the show.

    Go Girl!