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Legendary attorney, LGBTQ activist, and author Urvashi Vaid, known for her extensive career an advocate for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, anti-war efforts, immigration justice and many other social causes, died today at age 63 in her home in New York City. She was the Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force from 1989- 1992  and served prior to that as Media Director.

“We are devastated at the loss of one of the most influential progressive activists of our time,” said Kierra Johnson, current Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force. “Urvashi Vaid was a leader, a warrior and a force to be reckoned with,” continued Johnson, “She was also a beloved colleague, friend, partner and someone we all looked up to – a brilliant, outspoken and deeply committed activist who wanted full justice and equality for all people.”

“Her leadership, vision and writing helped shape not only the Task Force’s values and work but our entire queer movement and the larger progressive movement. We will strive every day to live up to her ideals and model the courage she  demonstrated every day as an activist and a person. She will be deeply I missed. I miss her already.” concluded Johnson.

At George H.W. Bush’s 1990 address on AIDS, Vaid, then the Executive Director of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, made a statement with her sign: “Talk Is Cheap, AIDS Funding is Not”. Her critique made waves, disrupting the press conference, and shedding light on the failures of the Bush administration.

“Equality is a fine aspiration. It’s simply not enough”, she wrote in a 2014 piece on liberation. And it is a politics of liberation that shaped her career and informed her vision for the world. Vaid’s vision and passion for defending and promoting civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community led to a lifetime of changemaking.

Her time at The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, in which she held multiple positions for over ten years, notably Media Director, then Executive Director, saw her bring all aspects of queer life and struggle into the public eye. While at the Task Force, she co-founded the annual Creating Change conference, now in its 33rd year.

In 1995, after resigning from her position at the Task Force three years prior, she published her first book, Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation, in which she criticized the idea of “mainstreaming” what was and is, in fact, a civil rights movement. Rather than tolerance, she argued, the objective for the movement should be fundamental, actionable change. It was not an immediately popular notion, as media representation for queer people was just beginning to take shape, though it was, for her, of great moral importance. In 1996 Virtual Equality won the Stonewall Book Award.

In her position as President of the Vaid Group, Vaid advised, mentored, and supported the LGBTQ+ movement.

In 2012, Urvashi Vaid launched LPAC, the first lesbian Super PAC, and it has since invested millions of dollars in candidates who are committed to social justice through legislation.

Prior to that, Vaid held positions on the boards at the Ford Foundation, The Arcus Foundation (where she served as Executive Director from 2005 to 2010), and the Gill Foundation.

She was a leader in the development of the currently on-going National LGBTQ women’s community survey.

Vaid was the aunt of activist and performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon. She is survived by Alok Vaid-Menon as well as her longtime partner, political humorist Kate Clinton.

The National LGBTQ Task Force advances full freedom, justice and equality for LGBTQ people. We are building a future where everyone can be free to be their entire selves in every aspect of their lives. Today, despite all the progress we’ve made to end discrimination, millions of LGBTQ people face barriers in every aspect of their lives: in housing, employment, healthcare, retirement, and basic human rights.


Rise and Resist and ACT UP at Pride


The organization that produces New York City’s pride parade, rally, and related events has agreed to allow groups eager to confront the Republican Party’s control of the federal government near the front of the June 25 pride parade.

“I’m extremely proud of the people who came out to raise their voices about this, and I think it’s emblematic of the people who are going to show up proudly on June 25,” said Ken Kidd, who was the lead organizer of the effort to get the resistance groups at the front of the parade.

Following a March 28 meeting with Heritage of Pride (HOP), Kidd told Gay City News that the traditional first contingent, the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club of New York City, will lead the parade, as they have since 1986, followed by the parade’s grand marshals, who have not yet been announced, the HOP float, and then the resistance groups.

After pushback a week ago, June pride parade organizers say protesters can march up front

The groups who wanted in to the parade at the front include Rise + Resist, ACT UP, United Thru Action, and Gays Against Guns. These groups have held recent protests in New York City and they attended the protests in Washington, DC, on January 20 when Donald Trump was inaugurated and the Women’s March on Washington on January 21. The resistance groups expect to be joined by other organizations on June 25.

Members of these groups first approached HOP roughly a month ago and eventually met resistance themselves from HOP. At a March 13 HOP general meeting, staff and volunteers did not say yes or no to the request, but signaled a willingness to talk. But at a March 21 meeting of HOP’s parade committee, the organization was clearly pushing back.

“Our current march route is at capacity,” said Sue Doster, who heads strategic planning for HOP, at the March 21 meeting. “You can’t add a half million people to that march and keep it safe for everyone.”


Louis Falcone’s lawsuit against the NYPD

Gay Staten Island Man To Sue Four NYPD Officers Over Homophobic Beating/ Hate Crime in front of victim’s 66 year old mother.

  • On June 19, 2015, 4 NYPD officers arrived at the Staten Island home of 31 year old Louis Falcone. Mr. Falcone and his brother got into a verbal disagreement and the police showed up about an hour later after Mr. Falcone’s brother had left and all had calmed down.
  • 1 of the 4 police officers entered plaintiff’s home, dragged him outside and then all four police officers forced plaintiff to the ground and beat him.
  • While the beating was taking place the police officers were calling him a “fag” and a “faggot”. Mr. Falcone is openly homosexual. The police officers stomped on plaintiff’s head and on his ankle causing him multiple fractures which required surgery. Mr. Falcone’s face was forced into the mud and he was unable to breathe. When Mr. Falcone was finally able to lift his head from the mud and spit out the mud that had gotten in his mouth one police officer said to the others that they needed to watch out because he was spitting up blood and that “all faggots have AIDS so I’m sure this one does too.” The vicious beating took place in front of the victim’s distraught 66 year old mother.
  • The police officers also threatened to kill Mr. Falcone’s dog “Looch” who was crying at the sight of his owner being beaten.
  • After the beating was over, Mr. Falcone was handcuffed on his front lawn. While in cuffs an ambulance came (Mr. Falcone does not know who called the ambulance) and the cuffs were removed. Mr. Falcone was treated in the emergency room and required two surgeries. Mr. Falcone was never arrested by these police officers for anything and he was never taken to the precinct for any reason whatsoever. The incident was caught on camera by a neighbor across the street.



Ian Reisner Admits Poor Judgment

Ian Reisner,

one of the two gay hoteliers facing boycott calls for hosting an event for Senator Ted Cruz, who is adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage, apologized to the gay community for showing “poor judgment.”

Mr. Reisner put the apology on Facebook, where a page calling for a boycott of his properties, the gay-friendly Out NYC hotel and his Fire Island Pines holdings, had gotten more than 8,200 “likes” by Sunday evening.

“I am shaken to my bones by the emails, texts, postings and phone calls of the past few days. I made a terrible mistake,” wrote Mr. Reisner.

Will people forgive him?

more at New York Times


Empire State Pride Agenda LGBT Equality & Justice Day

WHO:Empire State Pride Agenda with:
New York State Legislators

Prominent community members
Rally speakers and issue expert workshop instructors

Hundreds of LGBT New Yorkers and allies from across New York State


What:                          Rally at Equality & Justice Day, the largest statewide annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy day

Where:                        West Capitol Park (backup in case of rain is Convention Center)   Albany, NY

When:    Tuesday, April 28, 2015         1 – 2 p.m. Rally



  • Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer
  • Daniella Carter: Rising star and trans activist who was featured in the MTV & Logo TV documentary “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word;” guested on MSNBC’s “Out There on Shift;” initiated a project to bring visibility to trans youth issues; collaborated with Miss Universe and others to share their experiences in overcoming homelessness; and was recently listed as a 2015 Trans100 honoree;
  • Angelica Clarke: the Executive Director at the Albany Social Justice Center, working to build movements that center the experiences of Black and Brown women, trans, genderqueer and gender non-conforming individuals;
  • Q and Francisca Montaña: a mom and her 9-year-old trans son who live in Brooklyn, and who are both fierce advocates for our community;
  • Jane Shurka: mother of conversion therapy survivor Mathew from Long Island, who is now a strong supporter of her proud, gay son and advocate to end conversion therapy in New York and across the country;
  • Reverend Dee Lowman: a progressive United Methodist clergyperson who has turned her efforts towards supporting and influencing the rights and respect of trans people and
  • Aileen Roman: a 34-year-old mom who navigated New York State’s arcane laws around parenting and surrogacy and will share her story about how she overcome challenges to build her family

Pride Agenda Justice Day


BOYCOTT Out Hotel and Fire Island Pines Project


Gay men  using Gay Money  to Fund  ANTI  GAY Politics!

  • Boycott Fire Island Pines Establishments (Pavilion, Low Tea, High Tea, Botel, Botel Barracks, Pool Deck, Harbor Club, Blue Whale, Cultured Elephant), Out NYC Hotel, and XL Nightclub after owners hold reception for Senator Ted Cruz.


    Whether the issue is marriage or protection from discrimination, Sen. Ted Cruz has consistently opposed equality for LGBT Americans. And he’s gone even further, attacking fellow Republicans for marching in pride parades, and using his opposition to marriage to win his first Senate campaign.

    imagine an America where gays forever stay second class citizens


    Marriage: Ted Cruz led the charge to deny Texas couples marriage equality. In the Senate, he has supported a constitutional amendment that would prevent the federal government from recognizing marriage equality.
    Discrimination: Cruz has consistently opposed granting protections to LGBT Americans. Cruz has opposed both local ordinances in Texas that would protect LGBT Americans, and ENDA’s explicit federal workplace protections.

    Conversion Therapy: Cruz has refused to speak out against “conversion therapy” that coerces minors into “treatment” that can lead to depression and suicide.

    Harmful Rhetoric: Cruz has no problem about using equality as a wedge issue against fellow Republicans – he’s attacked Republicans for appearing in pride parades and suggested that he believes being gay is a “choice.” He even bragged about intervening in a case to stop a civil union.

    Significant Findings on Marriage Equality

    Says marriage is between “one man and one woman”

    Pledged to introduce Federal Constitutional Amendment opposing marriage equality

    Introduced The State Marriage Defense Act (twice) which would cede definition of marriage to states for federal purposes

    Opposed Proposition 8 ruling

    Ran for Senate based on his opposition to marriage equality

    Bragged about intervening to prevent recognition of civil union

    Said people can “vote with their feet” if they don’t like living in a state without marriage equality.


Will Gays Support Chick Fil A in New York?

Does a companies belief, for better  of  for worse,  have any influence on your spending??

For some people, they don’t care. For other people, it’s a big deal.


Chick-fil-A plans to open its first New York franchise this summer, with more locations to come as the once controversial fast-food chain makes good on its urban expansion plan.

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A found itself embroiled in controversy a few years ago after an executive made comments construed as anti-gay. Now the restaurant, known for a conservative heritage, has announced plans to open its first franchise restaurant in New York this summer as part of a major push into big liberal cities.

The Atlanta-based privately owned restaurant operator will open a 5,000-square store on Avenue of the Americas at 37th Street, a five-minute walk from the Empire State Building and about half a mile north of Manhattan’s Chelsea district, an area with a high concentration of gays.

Such a venture might have been unthinkable in 2012, when then-Chief Operating Officer and current CEO Dan Cathy, the son of the company’s deeply religious father, told a Christian news organization that Chick-fil-A supported “the biblical definition of the family unit” and later saying that marriage equality was “inviting God’s judgment” on the United States.

Later that year, activists staged same-sex kiss-ins at some of Chick-fil-A’s 1,600 restaurants around the country in protest.

In a move to step away from the controversy, Cathy said he would  leave the discussion of marriage equality to “the politicians” with his eye on the bigger prize for Chick-fil-A: big city markets. “The next big thing is urbanization,” Cathy, told USA Today last year.

Will you buy Chick Fil A ??


Gay vs. Straight in West Village

What is going on in the West Village?

Gay people made that neighborhood what it is, now the non gay people want us out!

From Towelroad  A restaurant in the  West Village, has begun selling a passive-aggressively flavored, “straight” ice cream seemingly in response to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop just down the street. What makes Gallo Nero’s ice cream straighter than other ice creams is unclear, but the patrons of the restaurant are certain of Gallo Nero’s homophobia.

“They have their own way, we have our own way,” a manager who asked to remain anonymous told the Gothamist when asked whether Gallo Nero’s straight ice cream was a social statement. “What’s the issue? We can call our ice cream whatever we want.”

Gallo Nero, a NYC restaurant down the street from the West Village’s well-known Big Gay Ice Cream shop, has removed a sign from its window advertising ‘Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream’ after it was brought to the neighborhood’s and the internet’s attention.

AMNY reports that the manager at Gallo Nero, which had responded earlier this week to the controversy with the statement “No statement. We are letting New York City speak on our behalf,” is now speaking on the restaurant’s behalf.

Says the manager now: “No, no, no more straight ice cream here. It doesn’t work in the West Village. Gay and proud.”


SEVERAL DAYS AGO….On Sunday, September 13th the gay rights group “Night Life Activist,” in association with Boots and Saddle Bar, held a rally to oppose what they call a “gross display of bigotry” from community members that showed up to a CB 2’s hearing on Tuesday, September 9th.

Gay and drag bar Boots and Saddle is being forced to move after 40 years in the same neighborhood due to a rent hike. They are looking to stay within the same neighborhood, which is also home of the gay rights movement: The West Village.

During the hearing for the liquor license transfer for the historical bar, community members voiced their opinions by saying “What about the children walking by,” in reference to exposing children to drag performers. Other remarks included: “We would really like to see you find a home, but we believe this is not the place,” as well as, “I could not think of a worse application for this enclave”. – Why the Hell did you move into a gay neighborhood?  Oh that’s right, we made it fabulous and now you want us out!

At the rally, speakers included Bill Madison: writer and activist. Madison stated, “If it was not for the thousands of gay men who passed away in the 80’s from the AIDS epidemic, you would not have a vacant apartment to create your ‘enclave.'” Frostie Flakes, the drag queen, activist, coordinator, and speaker of the rally demanded through her megaphone, “Being told it’s not okay for a child to see a drag queen is the kind of hate that leads to high suicide and hate crime rates. You’re basically saying it’s not okay to be yourself. We’re here today to send the message that hate and bigotry toward the community that started your enclave will NOT be tolerated!”Onlooker Joseph Guman stated, “The entire city of New York is a grid of streets. Except when you get to The Village. It becomes a tangled web of paths that allow different communities and neighborhoods to come together. Why is there not enough room for you AND our LGBT community?”

After the rally all participants marched around The Village and, specifically, right by the place the desired location for Boots and Saddle Bar, chanting “We were here first,” and “1,2,3,4, bigotry has to hit the door” In response to the very words of the community member, they chanted, “Who’s enclave?! Our enclave!”


David Mixner OH HELL NO! October 27th


LGBT and civil rights activist, author, storyteller, and Towleroad contributor David Mixner will debut a new one-night only one-man show on October 27 at 7 pm at New World Stages in New York City to benefit The Point Foundation, an organization which assists LGBTQ students in achieving their academic and leadership potential.

Mixner’s new show, Oh Hell No!, will take as its starting point “personal and public details of his headline-grabbing and history-shaping life” and be accompanied musically by Chris Bolan, Megan Osterhaus, and Tim Jerome.

Event chairs for the evening include Alan Cumming, Robert Desiderio, Herb Hamsher, Judith Light, Ken Mehlman, Rob Smith, Jonathan Stoller, Jorge Valencia, and Edie Windsor. For information on tickets, including Premium Seating with special access to the post-performance VIP reception at Glass House Tavern, please contact Drew Rhodes at (212) 512-5785 or

Photo by Nigel Barker.


Gay New York and Chick Fil A

I will NEVER  eat at Chick Fil A!

But some gay people will eat there, even though a portion of every dollar spent, goes to fighting to the gay community.

One gay boy from New York says, ““But I personally don’t think my money or my going there is me saying I hate gays as well. I don’t think about it like that $7 is going to some foundation to stop gay marriage. For me, it’s just food.”

Chick-fil-A has always displayed its Christian roots with pride, closing its doors every Sunday in observance of the biblical day of rest. But Cathy’s comments — such as “I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about” — brought intense scrutiny to the firm’s history of supporting and donating millions to anti-gay groups, including the Family Research Council and the now-defunct Exodus International, which supported conversion therapy.

But despite the company’s controversial beliefs, some gay New Yorkers are salivating over the chance to get their hands on that iconic chicken sandwich — a savory, juicy fillet with crisp dill pickles on a buttered bun.

Read More at NY POST



Mayor of New York Plans to Skip This Years St Patricks Day Parade

Gotta Love This!  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he won’t be marching in the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

De Blasio says he won’t partake in the parade along Fifth Avenue because of organizers’ refusal to allow participants to carry gay-pride signs.

“I will be participating in a number of other events to honor the Irish heritage of this city and the contributions of Irish-Americans, but I simply disagree with the organizers of that parade in their exclusion of some individuals in this city,” he said, according CBS New York.

Organizers say gay people are welcome to march, but they say signs celebrating being gay would detract from the parade’s focus on honoring Irish heritage. So you can be gay and march – but you can’t celebrate being gay and Irish. Only Irish.


New Yorks MISTER CHASE has a Message for LGBT Russia

MISTER CHASE is an EDM, rocktronic performer based in NY. He has a pulsing
party vibe, mixed with chill sugary pop tones and rock star edge. His
shows are super high energy, an extremely entertaining. He is a visual
performer, backed up by a troupe of sexy, talented dancers, appropriate
for any festival, casino, club, venue or event. Having toured US, UK and
Canada, his show turns every audience member into a believer. MISTER
CHASE is currently recording his second EP which is set to release later
this year.

FOR NOW – he has a message for the gay people of Russia…YOU ARE WONDERFUL!


Best Gay New Supports QUINN

Friday September 6th, 2013   7pm
Congressman Sean Patrick
Maloney, Senators Brad Hoylman, Tom Duane, Assembly Members Deborah
Glick, Danny O’Donnell, Matthew Titone, Council Members Rosie Mendez,
and Jimmy Van Bramer

invite you to a


Friday, September 6th, 7:00-8:00pm
Location: Christopher Park at 7th Avenue and Christopher Street (across from the historic Stonewall Inn)

with Nick Adams, Durell Arthur, Gilbert Baker, Titus Burgess, Gilbert
Baker, Eliza Byard, Bruce Cohen, Kevin Graves, Judy Gold, Cheyenne
Jackson, David Mixner, Rory O’Malley, Neil Lowe, Richard E. Pelzer II,
Billy Porter, Anthony Rapp, Omar Sharif, Jr., Pastor Joseph Tolton,
Ulysses Williams, Evan Wolfson and Chely Wright

RSVP NOW at or 



It’s Unanimous! The New York Times, the Daily News, New York
Post and  all say Christine Quinn is the Democratic Choice for Mayor!


New York Restaurants Dump Russian Vodka in the Streets

Gay rights activists in New York City dumped vodka onto the streets on Wednesday to protest new laws in Russia targeting homosexuals, as a growing number of gay bar owners across the United States vowed to stop pouring Russian vodka. “Boycotts are set for a reason. We’re trying to
influence change, and maybe change what’s happening in Russia,” said Chuck Hyde, general manager of Sidetrack, the largest gay bar in Chicago, which stopped carrying Stolichnaya vodka about a week ago.
TODAY A group of restaurant owners plan to dump Russian-made vodka into the
streets to protest new laws in Russia banning gay “propaganda.”

The protest is organized by the United Restaurant and Tavern Owners
Association, which represents 3,000 hotels, nightclubs, bars and
restaurants. more at NY Daily News


Marriage Equality Rally Sunday March 24th, 2013

Next week,  the Supreme Court will hold historic hearings on
DOMA and Proposition 8.
These cases – which
challenge the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
and California’s Proposition 8 – are fundamentally about whether LGBT
Americans can enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone

March 24, 25,  26 and 27, there will be rallies happening around the US.

 In New York, there is a march this weekend, on Sunday March 24 starting at 1 pm:

On Sunday, March 24, marriage equality
supporters will march from the historic Stonewall Inn to Washington
Square Park
to express support and solidarity with those who fight for
marriage equality across the country, and especially before the Supreme
Court. At Washington Square Park, supporters will rally for freedom for
everyone—including our gay and lesbian family members, friends,
co-workers, and neighbors. The rally will feature flag dancers, singers,
and speeches.

Marriage Equality USA, GLAAD, Gay Men’s
Health Crisis, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats of
New York City, Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens, Democratic
Leadership for the 21st Century, Equality Beyond Gender, New York State
Democrats, NYC for Action, Dignity New York, Chelsea/West Village for
Change,The Bronx LGBTQ Center, Heritage Of Pride, Henrietta Hudson,The
LGBT Community Center, Manhattan Young Democrats, LAMBDA Legal, Brooklyn
Community Pride Center, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn,
Greater NYC for change, Shelter of Peace, Congregation Beit Simchat
Torah, Camp Highlight, Democracy for New York City, NYU Law Democrats,
Democracy for America, Empire State Pride Agenda, The Queens Pride
Center, The Anti-Violence Project, AM 1600 WWRL, Imperial Court of New
York, Montclair State University LGBT Center, Middle Collegiate Church,
JQY, The Global Gender and Sexuality Project at The New School and The
Stonewall Inn are together for this one.

from Stonewall to Washington Square Park to Strike down DOMA and send a
message to the Supreme Court that all marriages are equal!!
Inter Faith Rally   5pm.  57 Bethune Street, the courtyard (West Village)
This is the second night
of Passover. We hope that the early hour it is being held will allow
anyone attending a seder the ability to do both.
 Congregation Beit Simchat Torah

Christine Quinn…A Gay Mayer for New York City?

 A Lesbian Mayor?  Long seen as a leading contender, City Council Speaker Christine
formally launched Sunday what she hopes will be a history-making
mayoral bid.

A veteran of city politics, Quinn would be a groundbreaking mayor
across two personal dimensions: She would be the first female and first
openly gay mayor to lead the nation’s largest city.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, 37 percent of Democratic voters favor Quinn, meaning she’s closing in on the coveted 40 percent mark needed to avoid a run-off primary.

In other good news for Quinn, 78 percent of New York City voters are
either “comfortable” or “enthusiastic” about the prospect of an openly
gay New York City mayor.

In fact, more New Yorkers are in favor of a gay mayor than they are
with a business executive running the city. Only 57 percent of New
Yorkers in the poll said they were “comfortable” or “enthusiastic” about
the prospect of another Bloomberg-like candidate. 


David Mixners Equality Vigil in New Yorks Time Square March 24th

IN case you have been under a rock in recent years, author, political strategist, civil rights activist and public affairs  adviser David Mixner blogs on his passions: progressive politics,
foreign policy, LGBT rights and wildlife advocacy.

Yesterday he said, “The week of March 24 will be a historic week for the LGBT community,
family and friends. For two days on that week, the United States
Supreme Court is hearing arguments on both the DOMA and Proposition 8
cases. Rarely has a time called for dignified reflections and ‘giving
witness’ to the moment.

Not acknowledging the importance of those hearings in our lives is
unacceptable. All over America at sunset either on Sunday March 24 or
Monday, March 25 there will be vigils, visits to Congressional offices
and editorial boards, LGBT couples seeking marriage licenses and even
some getting arrested.

Show up and be counted somewhere in America. Just do it.

On Sunday evening (March 24) at 7:00PM, I will be taking a candle to Times Square – the window to the world and standing silently for one hour to give witness.
I will be standing behind the half price ticket booth. There will be
no speeches (although music is always welcomed) and no anger.

Have zero idea if it will be just me standing alone with my candle or just me and a few friends.

However, I am inviting you to come and stand with me to give witness
to the nation and the world how important that week will be for LGBT
American obtaining freedom and equality.

If the spirit moves you and you in New York City come on down to
Times Square with your candle, your determination to fully equal and
spend an hour with me.

Much love and peace.”

See YOU on March 24th at 7pm in TIMES SQUARE!


Will Hillary run for Mayor of NY? Or President of US?

Many have wondered whether retiring U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton might consider another stab at the presidency in 2016, but a published report Monday said Mayor Michael Bloomberg was hoping she might run for another office even sooner.

Citing “a phone call confirmed by three people,” the New York Times reported
Bloomberg encouraged Clinton to enter the 2013 mayoral race. The
article revealed few other details about the call, calling it “shrouded
in mystery.”

People briefed on the call told the New York Times that Clinton
responded in no uncertain terms that she is not interested in the
mayor’s office, and will not be running.

The secretary of State has said she will step down as the nation’s top diplomat in January. In an interview in October, she said that she hoped to find time to herself after leaving the Washington spotlight. 


ACT UP commemorates 25th Anniversary April 25 with Wall Street protest



To Be Joined by Occupy Wall Street For an End to Financial Crimes
Against People with AIDS and the 99%

To commemorate its 25th anniversary,
the AIDS activist group ACT UP will return to its roots and stage a massive demonstration and march on Wall Street — on Wednesday, April 25 — starting at 11 am at City Hall and ending on Wall Street. Hundreds of protestors are expected to converge for a daylong siege in Lower Manhattan.

ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) will be joined by Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the organization making history this year and last with its public encampments and series of protests against the global
financial community. The groups are joining forces to pump up the volume on a growing nationwide outcry for a “Financial Speculation Tax” (Fi.S.T.) on Wall Street.

The groups are calling on local, state, and federal legislators to “give Wall Street the FiST,” which is needed to fill AIDS funding gaps and — once and for all — provide universal healthcare in the US. It’s time for effective healthcare to be made available to everyone — to the 99%, not just the 1%.

The Fi.S.T. does not target individual investors, and would not affect regular bank transactions. Instead, it would place a small tax — a mere fraction of one percent — on speculative trading by Wall Street investment banks, hedge funds and other large financial institutions.

HIV treatment saves lives — by preventing new infections and keeping those already infected from reaching end-stage AIDS. However, only 44% of people in need worldwide have access to the treatment they need.

More than 8 million people do not. In the United States today, 3,840 people who qualify for federal assistance to pay for HIV treatment are on waiting lists — or in other words, are at risk of dying from AIDS.

“The AIDS crisis is not over,” says veteran ACT UP New York member Ann Northrop. “But, we know it could be,” she adds. AIDS treatment — when combined with simple prevention interventions — is the key to breaking the back of the epidemic worldwide. In addition to saving lives, early HIV/AIDS treatment reduces the risk of transmission of HIV by 96%. And so, with sufficient funding for treatment and prevention, we can turn the tide on AIDS. Globally, HIV/AIDS has claimed over 30 million lives.

Both ACT UP and OWS suggest the revenue from a Financial Speculation Tax would be significant — potentially in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The revenue from this tax should be used to fund the end of the AIDS pandemic, i.e. to fill in US budget gaps in the fight against HIV/AIDS at home and abroad. It should be used to provide treatment, services and prevention to thousands of Americans and millions around the world. The groups also say the tax could help pay for universal healthcare in the US.

“We are organizing this historic united front to bring our message to governments and to Wall Street financiers who are sitting on the key to ending the AIDS epidemic,” according to Eric Sawyer, a founding member of ACT UP New York.

 “There is no excuse. We have the know-how to end AIDS. It is lack of funding and political will that keeps us
from reaching universal access to HIV treatment worldwide.”

Additional organizations are expected to join the demonstration in New
York City, including Housing Works, Health GAP, National Nurses
United, OWS Healthcare for the 99% Working Group, Visual AIDS, MIX
NYC, Le Petit Versailles, Queerocracy, Queering OWS and others.

For more info visit or @actupny on Twitter.


Shame on YOU, HRC – Honoring Goldman Sachs, Really??

As the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Human Rights
Campaign represents a force of more than one million members and
supporters nationwide — all committed to making HRC’s vision a reality.

HRC is NOT  a  non profit – and in recent years, I believe, their dinners are all about who throws them the most money. For  lobbying. Allegedly.

Now, with this announcement of HRC honoring Goldman Sachs, this publisher, WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT  HRC.

Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street, a caucus of the NYC based Occupy
Wall Street movement, announced today that it will protest a Human
Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala honoring Goldman Sachs on Saturday February
4, 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria.

In contrast to the $650 a plate Gala, the Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus will
host a “Guerrilla Potluck” on the sidewalk outside of the prestigious
hotel at 50th Street & Park Avenue from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Queer Caucus:  1.  Condemns HRC for honoring Goldman Sachs, 2.
 Calls upon HRC to adopt a strategy of Full Equality by 2014, and 3.
 Demands that HRC create a transparent process that includes the

1.  The Queer Caucus condemns HRC’s decision to honor Goldman Sachs in a
time of financial collapse caused by their own unethical business practices
and greed,
and deplores the use of our cause and suffering for
corporate public relations.    HRC honoring Goldman Sachs at this time
reveals all one needs to know about the corporate LGBT lobby, and its
disconnect from the 99% and the LGBT people it purports to represent.

2.  The Queer Caucus calls upon HRC to embrace the grassroots demand for
Full Federal Equality by 2014 – the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil
Rights Act.

After 60 years of struggle, there is still not a single federal
non-discrimination law protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination.
 More incredibly, HRC, the corporate entity that controls our strategy,
is not even seeking equal protection for our community.

To address this, the Queer Caucus calls on HRC to take The Pledge for
Full LGBT Equality to seek and secure full non-discrimination
protections based on sexual orientation and gender identify for all

The right to be protected from discrimination secures a core liberty
interest.  And it is the duty of government to protect LGBT Americans
from the harm caused by discrimination as a matter of public welfare,
law and conscience, as it has for decades for all other oppressed

As HRC restrains the demand for equality, discrimination takes its
insidious toll on LGBT Americans who suffer vast psychological harm
rejected by their families and society, driven to suicide at 5 times the
heterosexual norm by tormenting, minority stress afflictions, and lost

A whopping 40% of homeless youth identity as LGBT, 66% of Transgender
people have been fired or not hired for a job, 60% of our youth are
taunted and feel unsafe at school, and LGBT people are 6x more likely to
have multiple mental stress disorders due to societal discrimination.

“Homo/transphobia in America is a public health and economic emergency
for our community” said Michael Tikile, an occupier and Duke University
graduate. “We are not safe in school, work or housing. How are we
supposed to live, pursue happiness or achieve economic equality?”

3.  The Queer Caucus also demand that HRC open the process with transparency and grassroots inclusion.

Currently, HRC operates under a closed, hierarchical system, controlled
by a financial elite, insulated from grassroots input.   Likewise, in
Congress, Democrat House members Barney Frank, Jared Polis and Tammy
Baldwin, keep the grassroots out of the conversation, protecting the DNC
strategy from movement agitation and impact.

With this structure in place, queer occupiers know that only a handful
of privileged voices are setting the national queer agenda and strategy,
defining what “LGBT equality” means and who our friends are.

For example, HRC’s key sponsors includes a long list of big businesses
that contributed to recent economic and environmental distress,
including Citi Bank, Bank of America, Chevron, BP, Shell, Morgan
Stanley, MetLife, Deloitte, Lexus, Prudential, and Ernst & Young.

“With all of these companies, you’d expect the power to be on our side!
 But instead, our community is simply a tool and pawn in the political
system” said Tanya Walker, an original occupier and tireless transgender

Simply put, the Queer Caucus demands equal non-discrimination
protections under the 1964 Civil Rights Act because equality is the only
true antidote to LGBT abuse  – like it has proven to be for race, sex,
national origin, religion, age and disability – long protected from
discrimination by law.

“Equality and non-discrimination are universal values that define basic
human dignity” said Todd (Tif) Fernandez, a human rights lawyer and
grassroots activist.  “It is our civic duty as Americans to protect and
respect the LGBT community immediately.”

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