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NYC Pride 2018

NYC  Pride  2018  is almost here!   The 49th Year!

SO MANY things  going on  for  10 days  of  Pride.


Exploring The World Of Barbecue 
NYC Pride & God’s Love We Deliver are excited to bring New York a taste of down home cooking! This first of its kind experience will take attendees on a epicurean journey exploring Barbecue.  June 21
Defiantly Different, Defiantly Us

To capture the essence of our 2018 theme, “Defiantly Different,” NYC Pride partnered with photographer Danielle Levitt to showcase the diverse beauty of NYC’s LGBTQIA+ community.

Join us in celebrating our Defiantly Different community June 14-24. Learn more

We all celebrate Pride in different ways, which is why NYC Pride offers something for everyone during NYC Pride Week. Click through the event listings here for an in-depth look at each unique event we have planned for this year.


Queer + SOBER Gay Pride Weekend Returns to New York

Year after year, Pride weekend in New York is the epicenter of gay culture. Itʼs usually centered on a weekend of debauchery, and drugs…until now. Queer & Sober offers something unique to the gay community. Pride – with a twist!

New York City is a great town, we all realize this. However, for many in the sober community, – particularly for “newbies” just starting out – New York City can be daunting, overwhelming, and lonely, especially when trying to find new and interesting social
outlets that arenʼt tinged with memories of their former ways.
Queer & Sober was willed into reality to provide a safe and entertaining experience for members of the LGBTQ sober community through high-quality events that feel like the real thing. An attendee says “Itʼs so much fun, I had to double check that all of us dancing weʼre actually sober!” Q&S has done some great parties before like New Yearʼs Eve and Halloween, but Pride weekend always takes center stage.

Though Q&S is very vocal about the fact that they are not AA or any of he “Aʼs” but that many people from 12 step group flock to their events. “The ones that come are the ones that still like to have a good time.” Sayʼs one of itʼs organizers. The organization is known for hosting exceptional events that take people to a different place of total joy, it captures their imagination and hopes to inspire others to live life, still have fun, and be happy, joyous, and free. 

Having fun in sobriety! What a concept. Q&S does one thing and does it really well. They enhance oneʼs experience as a sober person. What used to be the standard, lackluster, poorly attended, second rate, “high school” dance in a cafeteria, is now a real party that feels like the nightclub has finally been brought to the sober peeps. Itʼs been said that one of the greatest threats to staying sober is boredom. This is particularly true for newcomers – many of whom lack a basis or reference for enjoyment without the aid of mind-altering substances.  
One of the creators of Q&S says, “What we are seeing trending now is that people these days are deciding to get sober younger. Harder drugs like Meth are bringing them in by the masses. We have to do our part to keep them interested, engaged, and most of all entertained during Pride.  Otherwise, they think sobriety is dull and eventually leave. We want them to stick with sobriety and not only survive, but thrive.”
This all evolved from a desire among four friends to throw an experimental sober Pride Party in 2010 with a theme of The Wild West. Facebook was just taking off so everyone that everyone knew was invited. Sexy Go Go boys were hired, a  DJ was flown in from Miami;   The organizers thought, “Well, letʼs see if 100 people come…” In the end, 700 people showed up and danced the night away – all of them sober.

That experiment – formed out of ambition and a desire to provide fellows with a safe and exciting Gay Pride – confirmed that something like that was not only needed – but wanted.

Over the years, Q&S keeps reinventing Pride weekend. Their annual themes have ranged from Superheroes to Love. This year, the theme is Circus so itʼs really over the top. The Big Top if you will!        Get more details  at  Queer + Sober.