Janice Dickinson vs. MIMI IMFURST – America’s Next TOP!


Where else can you go and hang out with hot go-go boys at 4am? 
have Sbarro  at  5am?  Pick up a tranny at 6am? 
This city has it all! And creative beyond creative!

 OK – so we don’t usaully plug bar nights. I am so OVER  $5  pitchers,  free  well,  blah, blah, BLAH! But, when something fun and fabulous comes along, we just have to share in the FUN!  


Are you a TOP? Are you looking for a top?

OVER THE COURSE OF 8 WEEKS/ on Wednesdays,  DTOX & Mimi Imfurst 
will search NYC for AMERICA’S NEXT TOP TOP!

THE WEEKLY CONTEST will feature 4 rounds  including:
Question/Answer, Best Fake Orgasm, Sexy Strip-Off, & More!

The games will be silly and sexy- EVERYONE is encouraged  to enter- Bottoms too!!!!!!


EACH WEEK a new “TOP” will be chosen. The winner will receive a 50.00 CASH,
FREE BOOZE, A BIG PRIZE PACKAGE  and a secured chance to win $1,000.00!!!!!


Only 8 “tops”  will advance to the finals!  
Winners from the 8 weeks will be invited back to
compete for the BIG PRIZE:  $1,000 IN ACTUAL CASH!!!! 
Plus: a photoshoot with WilsonModels.com, a spread in NEXT magazine and VIP LUXURY PRIZE PACKAGE!!!!


Celebrity Guest Judges Chip Duckett (SpinCycle NYC) TJ the DJ, Victoria Venom and a special weekly guest judge
will score the contestants based on their performance.

HELLO?!?  Why were’nt  we  invited to judge??

The contestants will be also be judged by the audience!
Every time a customer buys a drink- they’ll get an official  ballot!  So bring your friends!  
The more they drink- the more votes you can get- and one step further you’ll be to $1,000
in cold hard cash!!!!!!

Start Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 1:00am
Location: DTOX     31 Second Avenue, Between 1st and 2nd      New York City

For more information –  contact    mimiimfurst  @   gmail.com

Best of Gay New York


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