ZEE BDR and His Blue Flower Project

Someone wrote us recently and asked if we knew what was up with that guy and the blue flower spotted all over  Manhattan and this past summer on  Fire  Island??

Of course darlings, that’s  ZEE  BDR.

Although we have never met personally,  we met through blogging about 2 years  ago. He runs a funny blog and the whole thing with the blue flower started kind of a joke, and now has become  his  trademark!

Bdr moved to New York City eight years ago and since then everyday has been an adventure for him. He sees himself as a “regular gay guy who loves to have fun.” However, Bdr is famous for walking the streets of Fire Island Pines with his digital camera and blue flower in gear. He asks cute, gay men to take a quick picture with his blue flower in their hair and they never turn down his offer. Bdr has become sort of  a Facebook sensation as everyone is quick to notice when he adds new photos to his famous “blue flower album.”Bdr also writes a blog where he shares  funny, quirky stories about his personal life,  his trials, tribulation, romance and drama.

Many of the best idea’s that take off, start out as a joke. And Bdr’s  flower project  was the same story.   “Honestly it started as a joke. I was in Fire Island. My friends wanted to go to a drag show. I had bought the blue flower from a store in case I wanted to use it at the show as a funny accessory. I had a hair pin and it has a clip underneath. I put the blue flower on my head before we went to the show. While we were walking everyone started looking at me and smiling. They were telling me how pretty I looked. My friends wanted to try the blue flower on and I started taking their pictures. At the drag show, all the boys asked me to try it on. After the show we went to Low Tea which is a place for all gay boys to have drinks in the late afternoon in Pines. People went crazy and wanted to try and have their pictures taken. There was literally a line for the blue flower. In two hours, I took over 150 pictures. The process was hilarious and really worth it to watch.”

What does the blue flower actually symbolize? “To tell the truth, the blue flower makes everyone happy. I met so many people through the blue flower… I think the blue flower symbolizes happiness. You don’t need to have expensive things to be happy. One little pretty flower can make you very happy and laugh. It can make your day.” Even with these tough ecomonomic times, Bdr still finds a way to make everyone around him happy. – It’s all about having fun.  It’s a  conversation starter. Don’t you just hate going out and seeing a room full of gay guys stand and pose, and many of them won’t even return a smile?! Smile, for God’s sake. Be friendly and drop your attitude. Life is too short!

Bdr does not know where this project may take him in the future. “Honestly, I don’t know where this project will go. It is amazingly growing. I did blue flower pictures only in Fire Island. I haven’t even tried in Manhattan yet. So far I have over 400 pictures.
Some people suggested creating a glossy coffee table book. Some others said I should do a blue flower calendar. One blue flower boy a day! I don’t know yet what will happen with my project. I’m just happy everyone loves it. When I walk around Pines, even if I don’t have a blue flower on my head, everyone still notices me. Even if nothing happens in the end, 30 years from now I can look back and say, “Wow! I was the original blue flower boy. I rocked!!”

It’s  funny how little things like these  can sometimes really take off. Remember the  FREE HUGS guy?  That concept has now circled  the world. 

The blue flower photos add to the honesty of Bdr’s blogs. “My blogs name is Z reveals. Through pictures and stories, I’m revealing myself and my life. But you need to know that all the stories are based on true stories, but sometimes to make them funnier, I change some details. ..
I’m writing stories to make my reader laugh, while revealing myself. After I reveal my life, I like to see people’s reactions. I get so many emails from all over the world every day. Some of them are very interesting. Through emails, I become friends with many of them and eventually my readers are turning into my friends because they know so much about me. That’s my most favorite part of blogging. The other favorite part of blogging is that I can get creative the way I want…It is a very great outlook for my creativity.”

Some of Bdr’s favorite blogs include:

My HOT trainer Adolvis” which is about Bdr’s hot trainer who made him mad, “To the guy who molested me in the subway this morning” and
All I’m saying, Brazilians have nuts” which is about the time Bdr and his friend got a Brazilian wax.

Bdr states, “There are so many postings I love because there are things I could tell on my blog that nobody could tell freely. It feels so good having this courage and freedom….The persona I created on my blog has as a sharp tongue and no limits to making people laugh.”


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Photos  by  Zee  Bdr

(portions of this article are from  Kevin Casteel and The Examiner)

The  Best  of  Gay  New  York


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