Justin Utley at the Stonewall this Week! Thursday January 14th

When you think of Country music, no gay icons come to mind. Country music remains one of the music industry’s largest and most profitable genres, yet is arguably still as self-contained as ever. But behind the Tim McGraws, Carrie Underwoods and Keith Urbans, there’s a Justin Utley, a boy with a guitar and a dream of becoming one of the genre’s brightest stars—who also happens to be gay.

He tells NEXT MAGAZINE,  “My music comes before my sexual preference,” he demurs, before listing the various gay-related foundations his album proceeds support including HRC and The Empire State Pride Agenda. “I’m sending my message to anyone who can apply it to their situation.” And, as an ex-Mormon from Utah who spent the first part of his life as a spiritual ascetic and the second discovering himself and his sexuality, his message is clearly one of identity and continuously evolving self-awareness—a message not so foreign to the gay ear.

Catch him  live  this week

The Stonewall on Thursday January 14th   at 9pm
53 Christopher Street

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