Broadway Darling NICK ADAMS Boycotts the Anti Gay Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge

Broadway’s hottest gay-list celebrity, Nick Adams, took to Twitter and Facebook this past weekend after he and his boyfriend were turned away from Manhattan’s Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge by a bouncer who said their white shirts were a violation of the bar’s dress code. In other words, because Adams was gay.

After moving out of line, Adams then watched as the bouncer allowed a group of straight guys in white t-shirts enter the bar. Adams was furious but decided to Tweet rather than cause a scene. His loyal fans and followers then retweeted and voiced their complaints to the mostly hetero bar whose PR manager, in turn, emailed Adams the following ‘apology’:

“I feel terrible about this impression/misconception and want to do everything I can to rectify the situation as soon as possible,” Kristi Paris said. “May I please invite you and your friends in as my guests for lunch/dinner and drinks on us? I’d love to meet you and your friends and have the chance to personally apologize for any negativity you experienced here.”

(The email, of course, made no mention of the guys in white t-shirts who were allowed into the club.)

Nick  replied… Kristi- I do appreciate that you sought me out after receiving complaints from my friends, fans, and supporters regarding the other night at Turtle Bay. 
I completely understand that you have a policy regarding capacity and dresscode. My posts via Twitter, facebook, and my blog comment on how your bouncer made me feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. I watched him let a group of gentlemen into the bar, one of whom had an identical shirt to mine. 

I do have to inform you that some messages posted on my blog by your general manager truly negate any goodwill you attempted in your deflection.

I will not attempt to become a patron of Turtle Bay, nor do I plan to mention it any further. Perhaps now your establishment and staff will be hyper aware of these situations and hopefully others in the gay community of New York will avoid an uncomfortable situation like I experienced.     


Adams appreciates the bars attempt to reconcile the matter but says, bottom line, “I was discriminated against. I will not give my business to Turtle Bay and I urge you to do the same. This womans attempt to brush this aside as a misunderstanding is disingenuous at best if not hurtful and offensive to myself and the gay community of New York City.

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