Pam Ann Final New York Shows Just Added For Joes Pub



Glitzy airline hostess comedian Pam Ann is returning to the Big Apple and is bringing her popular stand-up show to Joe’s Pub 12/27 thru 12/31.
Pam is very well known within the airline industry. Her targeted audience is usually pilots, flight attendants, travel agents and of course loyal fans who have been following her career. 

Pam Ann is the comic creation of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. An emerging icon in pop culture, she portrays the air hostess Pam Ann, a mixture of comedy, camp and glamour and a pun on the legendary airline Pan Am.

Performances tend to emphasis on the vulgarities of air travel including the identifying quirks of various airlines around the world mixed with a generous dose of ribald humor and double entendre.

Pam Ann at Joes Pub TICKETS

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