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YUASA Leisurewear Underwear and Swimwear for Men

YUASA [ you-wa-sa ] is a leisurewear brand for men who have found their own microclimate of cool. Dedicated to showcasing the versatility and timelessness of NYC style where they originated, YUASA keeps it minimal so their wearer can take center stage.


We recently tried a couple of different  styles and LOVED  THE  FIT and quality! Styles are developed over a 12-month process involving fittings on several body types to ensure a perfect fit. I especially like the Advanced Sport Trunk’s custom stretch fabric. “From rise and grind to sport and unwind, the Advanced Sport Trunk supports a dynamic lifestyle, keeping you secure in all conditions. ”


YUASA is the vision of Michael Yuasa, and started as a response to the lack of well designed men’s leisure wear in the market. Michael grew up in a suburban Japanese-American household which influenced the brands minimal design and values of simplicity and form over excess.

“Our mission at YUASA is to create a line of products that will remind people to take it easy and regain a leisurely attitude towards life. YUASA encourages people to take the time to enjoy life and not get swept up by the busyness of the day-to-day. And inspire an excitement and curiosity to see everything the world has to offer.

We released our first products in September 2012 in 6 colors. Utilizing a breathable cotton poplin, we’ve made sure that every boxer is engineered for the perfect fit and feel. Since the initial launch, we have introduced a new color and are working on offering new materials and expanding the line to include new products.”


Yuasas are the perfect length, shape, width, depth for layering under  pants.  “It’s for functioning in an urban city,” says Michael Yuasa, who along with James Nemastil, runs Yuasa Studios. “Biking, doing yoga, running around.” Yuasa’s line, available in several tasteful shades, is minimalism working at its best.


They also have some great swimwear, currently  ON SALE!! I love prints  and  LOVE   their Pink Jellies Swim Shorts, which were an ALI FORNAY CENTER fundraiser collaboration.

“Our special collection, the fish pattern swim shorts, is made with 90% polyester and 10% elastane with full mesh lining. 

Each year YUASA Menswear creates a collaboration with an LGBTQ artist to raise money for a charity that makes a positive impact within our community. YUASA worked with acclaimed fashion illustrator Richard Haines to create custom prints inspired by summer in the city. The print collaboration includes divers in black and white and a colorful beach print of oversized sea creatures.

The Ali Forney Center was chosen as charity of choice because of their dedication to support at risk LGBTQ youth in NYC with housing, counseling and job skills training.”

For superior quality with unique flair, check out YUASA Studios.

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Robert Graham Shoes Fall Apart – from Century 21

I love Robert Graham clothes! I have numerous shirts, and always get so many compliments!


(FYI – Robert Graham represents the American Eclectic lifestyle brand-where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine. As a true design house since 2001, we’ve been inspiring fashion by developing unique garment-making techniques and complex textile patterns. Our creative seasonal collections encompass: men’s sportswear, premium denim, footwear, outerwear, loungewear, accessories, and women’s sportswear. With eye-catching mixed fabrics, one-of-a-kind trims and stunning embroideries, Robert Graham embodies luxury at its finest. Each product is unique, character-filled and distinctly Robert Graham–with “knowledge, wisdom, truth” embedded in each garment. CHEERS TO LIVING LIFE COLORFULLY!)

I had never seen Robert Graham shoes before. In late June 2019, I was in NYC at Century 21, and they had some of these colorful summery shoes marked down to $100. How could I refuse! Very eye-catching! Very comfortable. They looked worth $100. I would never pay the $200+ asking price.

I work for a luxury retailer in Chicago. I thought these would be a great addition to my black wardrobe. I keep my dress shoes in my locker at work and they never touch pavement. Only the marble floors of the store.

EVERYONE loved these shoes! So many compliments! I did not wear them right away. However, once I did start wearing them, after about 10-12 days of use, I noticed the “image” started cracking. It’s almost like a film is stretched over the leather perhaps? The leather seems fine, but the print is cracking.

See below….

(On the last big photo, the flash hit the shoe – sorry – but you get the idea)

When I looked  online,  EVERYONE  has these shoes  discounted  to about $100. Maybe  RG  knew were defective? or they just did not sell?   I emailed  Robert  Graham  US, and they said  very little  about the shoe, no explanation, except that I should return it to the point of purchase.  Which was in New York City.  I live in Chicago.

I called Century 21, they will not take anything back if it has been worn. For manufacturer problems, they said contact Robert Graham!

RG  said, “unfortunately we cannot issue an exchange since the item was purchased from a third party retailer. Merchandise purchased from other retailers, department stores or specialty stores must be returned or exchanged to the store from which it was originally purchased, and is subject to the return policy of the originating retailer.”   And  RG  offered  me a  $25  gift card! Nothing on their site  is  $25!

Basically  RG  does not stand behind the items they manufacture. Why wouldn’t they take it back?  It has nothing  to do with the store – the item is defective!


I see on some websites,  (Neiman Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom, etc)  the shoes  are listed  as  Printed Leather  “Driver”.  Also  sometimes listed as Print Moccasins. To my eye, it is not really  “printed  leather”.  As  I said,  it appears  to be a film stretched  over or  onto  the leather. The leather is not cracking – just the image/film.

I do not have my original box – I am not sure how the shoes  were described.  But,  – definition of driving shoes – Though driving shoes can be worn for an evening out on the town, but if that evening consists  an extended walk around the city, consider an alternative. This shoe is ultimately made for hanging out, short walks, and of course, driving. They can wear down more quickly since they’re not made for strenuous use. – I wish I had known that. I am on my feet 8 hours a day, on marble.  Looking at them, the rubber pieces on the sole make them look  durable.  So I assumed  I could wear them  at work. Indoors.

Driving shoes are basically  like slippers.  Light wear.

Either way,   I wore  my shoes 80-90 hours  and the damage started.  You might wear them a few hours  here or there,  but you can not stop the damage. Driving shoes  or not.  The movement of your foot will eventually  crack  the image.

So buyer beware.

I  bought some permanent  felt tip markers this week and may just color them!


Get Your Hairline Back with SMP

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is the modern way to combat male hair loss. Also known as a ‘hairline tattoo’ – the treatment involves applying natural pigments to the epidermal level of the scalp. This makes it easy to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. As a non-surgical treatment it is tailor made to suit your exact requirements. They treat each hairline differently based on the extent of your hair loss.

Skalp® are the leading practitioners of this groundbreaking SMP treatment. Their micropigmentation NYC clinic has helped thousands of men to recover their confidence. All their practitioners are fully qualified in applying scalp microgpigmentation treatments. Read on below to discover more about this amazing hair loss solution.

How much does it cost?

Scalp micropigmentation is the most cost effective hair loss solution due its longevity. The price is very much dependent on the amount of treatment required. On average SMP costs range from $1500 to $4000 for standard male pattern baldness. The higher end of that scale recreates the full hairline, side profiles, top of the head and blending to cover for future hair loss.

Spending $4,000 on a hair transplant would only cover a tiny fraction of the same area. Scalp micropigmentation is not only cheaper way to deal with hair loss. It is also a permanent solution while transplants do not provide that same guarantee.

Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

This is a non-surgical procedure and completely safe. Receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment causes no harm to your skin or your health.

Skalp USA® adhere to the standards set out by the local hygiene regulatory bodies. Only sterile medical gloves are used during the procedure. All single-use needles used are immediately disposed of into sharps containers.

Skalp USA® practitioners have all gone through an advanced in-house scalp micropigmentation training program. They have also all undergone the procedure themselves. This means they can provide first-hand experience about the experience. They also carry full practitioners insurance to provide extra peace of mind.

How long does it last?

There are two options available for scalp micro pigmentation. You can opt for semi-permanent or permanent.

A semi-permanent treatment allows you to try out the service before committing long-term. However, when it starts to fade it can leave the treatment looking patchy or unnatural.  

Skalp USA® in NYC provide only permanent solutions as it is more cost effective. This means you will not have to return for regular top-ups and treatments. It also reduces the amount of time you have to take out of your work. This also cuts down on travel time and accommodation costs you may have to incur.

Still unsure? Then try their free virtual hairline mock-up service

Changing your appearance takes trust in how it will look, especially when it comes to your hair. Before you commit to SMP treatment you can try their free virtual hairline. This free mock-up will show how your hairline will look after the application of the solution. You remain in control of the hairline shape, height, density and colour. Their professional team will then produce a professional photo realistic image. Take your time to take in and come to a decision that suits you best.

To find out more contact their scalp micropigmentation clinic in NYC by dialing 855-752-5787.

 You can also arrange a free consultation with Skalp USA® online here.


Rebuild Collagen From Within – Peptides

I used to work in advanced skincare at  Neiman Marcus in Chicago. I was there for three years.  Seemed like every  other month, some new  product would  come out, claiming to be revolutionary! Well it makes  sense; Skin care is  a $121 BILLION industry  globally,  and  an $11 BILLION   industry  in the US. And it shows no signs of slowing down.  People care about their skin and companies spend  millions  in research and development, searching for the “fountain of youth”. Or at least products the slow down the aging process.

Skin care awareness and consciousness are some of the driving forces behind the booming industry, says Kathleen Zacrep, MarketRe­search.​com.

Although older consumers are still key to marketing efforts, younger consumers are becoming more aware of the value in taking care of their skin, notes Zacrep. (read more about the markets and trends here.)

I was at a party recently and someone was talking about collagen supplements. “Injestibles”  vs  topicals. I guess they have been around for a few years, but I had not heard of them. It’s  all about healing and repairing from the inside.

While collagen supplements have long existed in specialty vitamin stores, in the past  couple years they’ve expanded to drug and grocery stores and are proliferating rapidly. The promise of all these pills, powders, and drinks is enough to get anyone’s attention and sounds too futuristic to be real: You can swallow a pill and turn back the clock, not just by plumping fine lines for a few hours or days, but by causing your own body to rebuild its collagen from within.

It is backed with clinical research. Research seems to indicate that there’s something real to those claims. In a large double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in early 2014, women took 2.5 g of a particular hydrolyzed collagen peptide  once a day; after 8 weeks, researchers measured a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around the women’s eyes.

I am all about  turning back time!

After doing my own research, I found this company, Vital Proteins.

They say, “Vital Proteins helps people feel better and live fuller lives through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health, fitness and natural beauty. We do that by providing nourishing collagen and promoting our production of collagen – an essential nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.

We know that while our bodies’ collagen production slows as we age, our need for it only grows as our bodies become less efficient and we maintain a vibrant life. And Vital Proteins believes that if you want to, you can make the most out of every moment you’re given – that your body shouldn’t be a limitation, but a catalyst.”

QUALITY – “Our products are natural sources of essential proteins, sourced from pasture-raised cows in Brazil and New Zealand and wild-caught fish in Hawaii. Why go so many extra miles for these sources? Because there’s nothing more important than one’s health, and we believe the body needs and deserves high-quality building blocks for life’s adventures.

So I decided to give it a try. Not only is it supposed to be good for your skin, but helps your hairs, nails, bones and digestive system.

The company arranged for me to try a   30 day kit. It included  2 pills; Beef liver capsules and Beauty Boost Capsules.  A box of Collagen peptide powder –  that I made a drink with.   And Collagen Creamer  to add to morning coffee. It was a 30 day supply but I did miss a few days.  So it lasted about  40  days.  I can honestly  say,  and I was not paid to say this, I thought my skin had improved and looked better, it had a bit of a  “glow”, my hair felt thicker, and my digestive tract felt like it had improved. (I am 53, by the way).

And you don’t have to take my word for it – this company  has been featured in many prominent articles.

I strongly encourage you to check these products out!  – we give it  5  pink crowns!


Best Scalp Hairline Tattoo in New York!


Hair loss is a difficult subject to broach for many people. It is a topic that can cause embarrassment and social awkwardness, creating undue pressure and stress. Hair loss is as old as mankind itself but still far too many people are left to deal with this unfair stigma in silence.

While the scientific search for a permanent cure for baldness continues, recent advances in medical technology has seen an exciting new treatment become available that was never before possible. This simple technique has changed the lives of thousands of men and women in both the UK and America.

The Skalp™ Micropigmentation solution has revolutionised the hair restoration industry, offering people the chance to regain their hairline and, just as importantly, their confidence. This breakthrough procedure avoids the need to undergo invasive surgery and its adaptability allows it to be applied to men, no matter their age, colour or stage of hair-loss.

Skalp™ lead the way in breaking down outdated taboos and fears associated with hair loss. You may have read about their amazing technique in Men’s Health, or seen their exclusive features on ITV and Channel 4’s Bodyshockers in the UK.

What makes their micropigmentation treatment so effective is the ability to offer such consistent coverage. A front, side or rear hairline can be simulated to give the look of a full head of hair. It can also be used to complement a recent hair transplant operation, or help to camouflage any scarring, alopecia or birthmarks.

How it works couldn’t be easier. Using a micro needle application, Skalp’s fully qualified and highly skilled practitioners are able to create a permanent medical hairline tattoo, which in most cases only takes 2-3 sessions to complete. In order to create the most realistic finish to match the existing texture of your hair follicles, 3-4 pigment shades are used to ensure the best accuracy possible.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you are in the early or latter stages of hair loss because the Skalp™ Micropigmentation treatment can perfectly restore a full or partial hairline.

There are six stages involved, with each one carefully implemented to guarantee you get the most out of the application. Skalp offer a free consultation as the first step so you can find out everything you need about the process, while their staff talk through the best options available to you. If you decide to proceed, you will then see an invaluable and free virtual hairline mock-up of how it will look once finished.

The treatment process itself is spread across 2-3 sessions, with each one lasting up to 4 hours, depending on the depth of micropigmentation required. Once perfection has been reached the service doesn’t stop there. Their aftercare support provides detailed advice to help customers keep their scalp in the best condition.

With clinics located in the UK and US in New York, Skalp™ is an accessible procedure open to a vast majority of the country. Rather than just take my word for it, get in touch and discover how it can change your life.


For more information call Toll-free 1-855-752-5787 or email


Limo Service – Where ever You Are

A-List/Midwest Limousine Service.

They will find the perfect vehicle for that special occasion. A-List/Midwest Limousine Service has put together special VIP packages for you. Book your personal, premium limousine in over 500 locations worldwide, irrespective of whether you need a limousine in New York, but also Chicago,California, or overseas.

As well as a first-class, customized service, you and your guests will be provided with an experienced and reliable chauffeur for use around the clock. This chauffeur service is able to reliably coordinate a schedule or route change even if at the last minute, thus saving time, and bringing you, the customer, to your destination punctually.

In renting a limousine from us, you open up a world of possibilities. Our special event service will safely transport you and your business partners in luxurious mini-vans and coaches to trade shows, conventions and festivals. For special occasions like weddings or gala dinners, your luxury stretch limousine wedding car is ready for you from the same category. Of course the excellent chauffeur service is also provided to you by the A-List/Midwest Limousine Service.


Outstanding vehicles from Lincoln MKT, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Chrysler offer the desired luxury you deserve as a business traveler or celebrity. The A-List/Midwest Limousine Service allows you to experience an uncomplicated but sophisticated way of renting a limousine across the globe – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Reservation Phone: 800-729-5110


Big Gay Ice Cream on CNN Money

We have followed him since the day he had one truck on streets on New York!

Today, 2 stores in New York  and one in Los Angeles!

“I thought about being a butcher or an exterminator — just something crazy,” DOUG QUINT said. Then he saw a posting for an available ice cream truck, and New York’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was born. He and his partner, Bryan Petroff, spent the summer turning out a more colorful version of Mister Softee — with far better ingredients.  WATCH  THE VIDEO  ABOVE!


Gay Cowboys Spotted in New York Bedrooms

What if…
Gunsmoke met Tom of Finland!

If your mother comes to visit, these may not be  the sheets for her…

Vice Merchants, a rebelliously luxe bedding company, has released “Cowpokes,”
a full line of sheets, pillowcases and throws aimed at gay men.

from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, 400 thread count, fine Sateen bedding
fabric, “Cowpokes” features a ranch scene of playfully undressed men
engaging in acts of whimsical outdoor fun and farm work, while
frolicking in the buff! Illustrated by K. Commodore, cows, horses and
tractors further set the scene as hot men work hard and play hard in the

They are very high quality and soft, as me and my man, rolled around in the hay, on them this past weekend!

enthusiastic to expand our brand to cater to the gay community,” Jake
Katz, president of Vice Merchants said. “’Cowpokes’ is a design unlike
any other that allows gay men to spice up their bedroom in a subtle, yet
enticing and playful manner. With these sheets, every night can feel
like a sweaty day with the boys on the ranch.”

Merchants is a company that believes your bedding should be as sexy and
as much fun as bedtime activities. The company specializes in fine
bedding that brings edgy, richly hued graphics created by illustrators.

worked with Brooklyn-based artist K. Commodore has an M.A. degree from
the Rhode Island School of Design, to create these fun sheets. Her work
is known for its insightful and witty look at human sexuality, and has
been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the United States and

When asked, What was the motivation behind the fun farm setting???

Katie Commodoresaid,” We all got together to brainstorm the next
pattern and decided to go with a traditional toile. My art has always
been about usurping traditional mediums or styles and using them as a
vehicle for portraying sexuality. So the idea of taking a traditional
toile and using fun homoerotic imagery made perfect sense! Traditional
toile, which first became fashionable in the 16th century, has images of
pastoral scenes; what’s more pastoral than cowboys and farm hands???

says that some  other scenarios considered as well, “Oh Yes! Some of
which we will make in the future! But there are only so many drawings I
can work on at once!”

“Cowpokes” is available in all sheet sizes
with prices ranging from $99 for a Twin Long Sheet set to $235 for a
King Sheet set. The print is also available in duvet and sham sets, bed
skirts, and throw pillows. A complete nine-piece bedding set can be purchased in Full for $399; Queen for $439; King (and California King) for $499.

You  won’t find these at Macy’s but you can order them now, discreetly online. And they will be shipped in a plain brown box. VIce Merchants.


Last Minute Gifts at Broadway Cares

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS sets the stage for another season of on-line gift-giving with our latest A Catalog of Giving. The curtain goes up on a new ensemble of unique and original merchandise that is sure to garner applause from Broadway and theatre fans everywhere. 

By now you must know that A Catalog of Giving is not just for the holidays anymore. You can continue to order our one-of-a-kind merchandise all year long by visiting our online store at each month for new featured items and great savings.
 Where else can you find a wide array of red ribbon items alongside theatre-lovers gifts, including our signature Broadway Cares Collection and Broadway Legends holiday ornaments series? 
Our latest snow globe is designed by Tony Award®-nominated designer Anna Louizos with a colorful starburst announcing your favorite show logos. We are also excited to introduce new additions to the Broadway Cares Classic Collection, which feature logos from classic shows that have played on Broadway over the past 12 years.
Gifts from $10!

New York Cities Best Holiday Windows Display


One of my favorite things… Holiday window displays in New York City!
And Bergdorf Goodman ALWAYS delivers! Dubbed The BG Follies of 2012, the windows
were inspired by entertainments such as the Ziegfeld Follies, Vaudeville
revues and Busby Berkeley’s Hollywood musicals of the 1930s.  They’re a
miniature revival of classic Art Deco style, touching upon the fantasy
shows of the time — the solo act, the duo, group performance, novelty
act (starring daredevil dogs) and more.
DAVID HOEY discusses the Windows online. 

The BG Follies continue beyond Fifth Avenue, featuring a panoply of
Acts on 57th and 58th Street, as well as at the Men’s Store.  This year
we invite you to Instagram our Holiday Windows with the tag #BGWindows to win a Holiday Windows Prop or print from The Coveteur’s behind-the-scenes trip through our teams’ studios and staging areas.  Our windows will be on display through January 3, and we cannot wait to see how you capture them.

Learn more about our #BGWindows Instagram Contest
Go Behind-the-Scenes with The Coveteur 

Lord & Taylor has been celebrating the holiday season by decorating their windows for passersby since 1938. Lord & Taylor’s has the most old-fashioned of the holiday windows unveiled this week—appropriate, since they’re commemorating 75 years of December displays. While Bloomingdale’s and Barneys went with non-denominational pop culture themes, Lord & Taylor’s windows are all about Christmas traditions
around the world. They follow Santa Claus as he visits Central Park, a
swanky party (do note the miniature Champagne bottles), and a
lantern-festooned bridge in Asia.

On  Madison Avenue,   Barneys New York’s holiday windows are a must-see. Every year they are hip and stylish, with a nice dose of humor. Some may call Disney World the Happiest Place On Earth.
But around these parts, Barneys New York is just about our happiest
place ever. So why not call it even and join the two together?

Thanks to a few marketing geniuses, Disney and Barneys have come
together and finally unveiled their “Electric Holiday” campaign,
complete with cartoon ads and gorgeous window displays.


Photograph: Nadia Chaudhury

Bloomingdale’s holiday windows 2012: Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Holiday? Well, they are fanciful. Bloomingdale’s is getting acrobatic this holiday season, with window
displays that depict scenes from Cirque du Soleil’s new cinematic
offering, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away.

displays are inspired by the story of the little girl behind the famous
newspaper column “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause”.

This year’s Holiday Windows at Saks
were inspired by the delicate, intricate and fascinating art of the
snowflake. But that’s not all! The brilliant lighting projection
masterminded by the prolific Terron Schaefer, Saks Chief Creative
Office, hosts a dazzling array of animated figure skaters, gorgeous red
ribbons and of course, the famous Saks Yet (he who created the snow!)
onto the venerable Fifth Avenue façade. Watch the 2 minute video!


Royal Asscher LGBT Night of Diamonds and Champagne March 29

Diamonds and Champagne (and Vodka!) event.

THURSDAY    March 29, 2012.

Royal Asscher of America

           10 West 46th Street, Suite 1005

Spring is in the air is so is gay marriage, right?

During the event, view  diamond collections  and sip on  a drink (or two;).

As a
company, Royal Asscher has been an advocate for many important causes and they embrace the gay community and show their  support for gay rights and
especially gay marriage, which is  the theme of this  event



Bergdorf Goodmans UNLEASHED Holiday Dog Video

To me, Bergdorf Goodman is one of the greatest stores – with the greatest holiday windows in New York City.
Last year they gave us a sneak peak behind the scenes look at how their amazing windows come to life.

This year, they have created a wonderful little video with a cast of dogs!  UNLEASHED.

The Holiday Windows are up, lights are
hanging on Fifth Avenue, and there’s a line at the airport — it must be
time for our holiday video.  “Unleashed” is here and it’s ready to
rumble around the internet.  BG has always been a dog-friendly store but
for “Unleashed” we got downright intimate.  Dogs had free run through
the store (the filming took place at 5am) and as you’ll see, they took
full advantage.

We were very happy to work with the Humane Society of New York,
which has been helping animals in need since 1904.  We hope you enjoy
it — and we want to see photos of your dogs for an upcoming project, so
start planning your portraits.

Now it’s time to meet Salty and the rest of the pack.  WATCH  NOW


Holiday Shopping and Champagne at Holiday Train Show at Botanical Garden

Holiday Train Show Celebrates
20th Year at The New York Botanical Garden

Natural materials such as bark, twigs, stems, fruits, seeds, and pine cones, are used to create more than 140 scaled iconic buildings, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Radio City Music Hall, and the original Yankee Stadium.

A critically acclaimed and always eagerly anticipated tradition, the Holiday Train Show presents an enchanted New York,
surrounded by the glow of twinkling lights in America’s premier glasshouse, the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

Shopping and Champagne

Thursdays, December 1, 8, & 15, 6–8 p.m.

a night out and an evening viewing of the Holiday Train Show–and do
your holiday shopping, too!

Sip a complimentary champagne cocktail and
get expert advice from Shop in the Gardenstaff who will help you find
just the right gifts. Your ticket includes a voucher for $20 off a
purchase of $100 

Not just for family outings, the Holiday Train Show offers grown-ups a chance to toast the town after dark with cocktails, shopping, and the twinkling glow of the season.

Handcrafted ornaments, shimmering votives, colorful textiles and
warm, spiced aromatics—at Shop in the Garden, this season is all about

Whether you’re looking for modern elegance or a touch of
whimsy, you’ll find the perfect accents to fill your home with the

Stop by for Shopping and Champagne
during the first three Thursdays of December and have a walk through
the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory’s stunning holiday display—a New York in
miniature, with garden gauge trains threading their way over a
quarter-mile of track laid between more than 140 city landmarks, each a
handmade marvel.

Non-Member $30/Member $20 (Adults 21 and over)
Advance tickets recommended

The Botanical Garden is
easy to get to by public transportation or car!


Michael Alago Booksigning March 19th

New Yorker Michael Alago
left the music business in the summer of 2003 to concentrate on another lifelong passion—photography.

Working initially with a Polaroid camera, Michael embarked on a series of stark male portraits—a series that continues to this day. 

While these images of friends, models and bodybuilders feature the muscular physique, tattoos, and attitude that define this particular male subset, they also bear Alago’s distinctive stamp of irreverent heat. A collection of his work entitled Rough Gods was published in 2005.

His new book coffee-table book, Brutal Truth: Muscular, Tough Machos , just came out!

Michael will do a book signing at Rainbows and Triangles  on 8th ave next Saturday March 19th from 2pm to the date..come on by to say hello and get your book autographed!

Alago has exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Montreal, and Toronto, and continues to photograph rough gods wherever he may find them. Are you a rough god? Who knows, you could end up in his next book!

If you fit the bill, Michael invites you to contact him through his website Rough Gods.

Best Gay New


FCKH8 Male Model Calendar and Shirts

5 million views, 
40,000 T-shirts
over $250,000 for queer youth suicide prevention and the fight for marriage equality!


This is even bigger than NOH8 !

 The latest F-word-filled viral video from  

features a cross section of people, including a 5-year old child, drag queens and an old woman, Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta and YouTube sensation “Kelly” (known for her over 40-million-viewed video “Shoes”) using the forbidden four-letter word to take “Homo H8ers” to task.

The no-holds-barred clip shows people wearing purple and white T-shirts that read “FCKH8”, “Don’t B H8N on the Homos” and “STR8 AGAINST H8.”  The T-shirts are sold on the video’s website starting at $13 each, with $5 going directly to organizations offering vital counseling & suicide prevention programs. The website also sells bumper stickers, hoodies, wristbands and buttons to help spread its message. Which are all selling like crazy!

The website’s message and fundraising T-shirts have found support from some of Hollywoods biggest gay names with Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia deRossi snagging pins and stickers reading “Some Chicks Marry Chicks. Get Over It” and Glee’s Jane Lynch posing for photos to promote the fundraising T-shirt with the same slogan. Glam rocker Adam Lambert tweeted the video’s link to almost a million fans saying, “It’s for a good cause. Sometimes fire w/ fire is a great way to illustrate a point.”

The controversial but humorous video rails against anti-gay bigots at home, church and school with lines like, “You bully your kids, you bury your kids“, “Preaching FCKed up hate has a lot to do with the suicide rate”, and a little 4 year-old girl exclaiming, “If I grow up lesbo, do you want me to FCKing get gay bashed?”


STR8 Against H8″ 2011 Charity Calendar and Sexy Behind the Scenes Video Shows What It Looks Like When “STR8 Guys Take It Off So the Homos Can Get Their Rights On” .

What happens when the gay rights activists at get their hands on a dozen or so straight dudes? The “STR8 AGAINST H8” 2011 Charity Calendar shows homo-friendly straight guys stripped down and oiled up looking picture-perfect sexy for a good cause. The website sells the 13-month charity calendars online and also features a 4 minute behind the scenes video featurette  that captures all the sexy shenanigans that happened during the photo shoot. The hot and humorous “making of” video features athletic, good-looking half-nude straight models in compromising positions and pushes the line with straight men’s “junk” needing to be blurred out.

“These guys are more than just good-looking, they are helping out a good cause,” says director Luke Montgomery. “Who hasn’t wanted to get their hands on some hot straight boys walking around in just their underwear and jockstraps? We loved every minute of it and it shows in the calendar’s sexy photos.”




Voted Best Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine in New York City

I recently discovered the wonderful effects of Hot Stone Therapy!

Hot stone therapy is a thoroughly nurturing treatment, using hot basalt stones to massage – the conjunction of heat and massage has a powerful sedative and calming effect on the body. The heat of the stones is carried down into the deeper layers of the body resulting in a release of tension in the muscles and connective tissue. Increased circulation results in the removal of toxins from the system and increases the flow of lymph throughout the body.

Basalt Rock is formed when a volcano erupts and hot lava spills out over the edge to cool and form rock. Over many hundreds of years the rock (basalt) is exposed to wind, rain, heat, cold and the natural progression of the moons and the changes of the seasons. The stones we use for the therapy are found in rivers where they have been tumbled to their wonderful smooth and rounded shape.

So many of us neglect our personal health and wellness.  Today’s society focuses strongly on outer beauty. While trying to live up to those standards, we often neglect our inner wellness.  We are all unique individuals with different body compositions requiring specific techniques to help boost your wellness and inner beauty. We need to make time for ourselves and Rest, Replenish, and FEEL GREAT doing it!

Dr. Jenny Liu is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and master practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has over 30 years of experience in acupuncture in the field of Chinese internal medicine. Aside from her practice at Grace Health Center , Dr. Liu also devoted her time in the field of research and published many articles on acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr. Liu specializes in acupuncture for pain management (headache, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, abdominal pain,) asthma, allergies, sciatica, stroke, numbness, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes, poor digestion, ovary cyst, infertility, insomnia, stress, fatigue, depression. So while I was there, I spoke to Dr. Liu about this back pain I have been experiencing.

Dozens of thin metal pins inserted into the skin will send chills up just about any first-timer’s spine. But in reality, it’s nothing really.  It does not hurt and most people feel the positive effects almost immediately. Where the sterile acupuncture needle has been inserted, you may experience a slight numbness, tingling, or dull ache. Sometimes people experience a sensation of energy spreading and moving around the needle. Acupuncture helps reopen “clogged”  channels in order for the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is an all-natural, drug-free therapy, yielding no side effects. There is also no danger of infection from acupuncture needles, because they are sterile, used once and then discarded.

The number of treatments will vary from person to person. Many people experience
Immediate relief; others may take months to achieve result. Chronic conditions usually take longer to treat than acute ones.

It’s all about BALANCE.

Grace Health Center is  a new alternative medical center dedicated to a state of wellness.  Alternative  treatments are available to ease all kinds of pains and discomforts. Get the best treatments and enhance peace of mind and restore balance to your body.

Grace Health Center provides an experienced and knowledgeable team. Doctor Lui, plus a Chinese Herbalist and massage and physical therapists. Chinese bodywork  and traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back to 2,500DB Medicine, help restore “Qi” (energy), which  is the essence of life. When “Qi” flows freely in a person’s body the person is in good health. Massatherapy has long been a method for curing diseases, being practiced and developed by the Chinese in their struggle against diseases. Massotherapy can have specific effects on some common diseases and multiple diseases, it has always been very popular in a lot of countries.

Stop by and see the experts at Grace Health – and tell them you read about it on! and get 10% OFF all services!

Grace Health Center    204 E. 60 ST. , 2/ FL.   TEL : 212-355-4068

Acupuncture & Rehab Center      81 ELIZABETH ST. SUITE # 303    TEL : 212-219-8987

Best Gay New



Does Fire Island Make Me Look Fat?

 Limited editiion FIRE ISLAND T-shirts!

Artistic director and creative writer  
Jeff  Greenspan  made these for fun.  

Heavily populated by gym-manicured gay men, Fire Island probably has a total of 2% body fat. So the shirts, DOE’S THIS ISLAND MAKE ME LOOK FAT?  are very funny!

“I made these shirts to sell there on my own, I made them just for fun, not to become rich. They are American Apparel and $20. I printed a couple dozen, and just have a few left. If anyone is interested in grabbing one, contact me thru Facebook  – I’d deliver them to the buyers in Fire Island myself.”

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Macys Amazing Fourth of July Fireworks

W O W !
That had to be the MOST AMAZING  FIREWORKS  display I have ever seen!

Budget cuts have forced some communities  around the country to pull the plug on the pyrotechnics, but the gigantic Macy’s fireworks show  continued on Manhattan’s West Side, where it moved in 2009 after eight years on the East River. And that move has brought with it a change in fortune for businesses, too.

In the city that’s home to the $1,000 umbrella and the $175 cheeseburger, tickets have been sold at $1,450 a pair for one sweet spot to see the fireworks that are free for anyone standing on a nearby street corner or at a window.

Hudson Terrace, a rooftop bar near the river, sold 250 tickets to watch the fireworks at prices from $150 to $1,450 a couple.

It is estimated  4,000,000-5,000,000  watched  the display live  in NYC!

The fireworks show will relocate to the Statue of Liberty next year in honor of Lady Liberty’s 125th anniversary and will move around after that.

I have read that they used 36,000 shells (what most of us call fireworks) and was the largest display in America, exploding 1000 fireworks per minute.  I have also read estimates the display could have cost $500,000. 
Other estimates I read ran  $5 – 7 MILLION.
I don’t know.  Anyone  know  ??

Best Gay New York


Gay New York 2nd Annual Rainbow Book Fair Saturday March 27th

This weekend  will be  2nd Annual  RAINBOW    BOOK     FAIR
held at The Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies (CLAGS) at CUNY,
The City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue,
on the concourse level of the beautiful old B. Altman Building
at 34th Street in Manhattan.

This is the largest LGBT book event in America, and it is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Be a part of the most exciting lgbt book event in the U.S. Join authors, poets, publishers, university presses, and the entire reading and writing community in this diverse spectacular of words, images, and talent. With over 8,000 square feet of exhibitions, events, mingling, and meeting authors and readers like yourself.

Combining author readings, poetry performance, academic panels on the past and future of lgbt literature and publishing, specialized events for genre readers and writers, and something for all of our community, the 2nd Annual Rainbow Book Fair will put the snap and sparkle back into book reading. Meet hundreds of authors and publishers and thousands of readers from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.



From Barcelona, Spain to New York City – The Hottest Gay Swimsuits and Underwear this Side of Chelsea!

Gay Beach Season
is just weeks away!

and if you want something NO ONE ELSE has yet, this hot new line from Barcelona is what you need! 


Previously only available in Spain, it is spreading worldwide this year, but still in limited quantities.

Now going into its fourth  year of production they will be unveiling the 2010  underwear collection this fall in the US. I just got back from Barcelona and bought a couple of the swimsuits from the 2009 collection – VERY HOT! Clean lines, fresh styles, bold color combinations and amazing fit!

This swimwear and underwear for men, is honestly some of the hottest styles we have seen with PERFECT construction and craftsmanship. Made in Barcelona, “ES tries to be unique, different and fresh in a market that is fast and more brands are joining this fast market every day. Made in Barcelona with the best fabrics that we can get from the EU market but still we can be competitive with any other brand out there on quality, price,design and delivery.”


Their designs have a wonderful cut to them, accenting your body perfectly!  I purchased some of  their men’s underwear and men’s swimwear, and they fit comfortable and like a glove!  Many of the swimsuits  features the “Pack Up” system which can easily be removed if aren’t in the mood for extra padding however is perfect for giving you that perfect “beach bulge” if you want it! It does not make your package look HUGE or anything. But it just accentuates your own package nicely and provides a wonderful  smooth fit.

One of the great things about ES Collection Swimwear is the high quality of craftsmanship.  With extras like the metal grommet holes and the plastic tips on the drawstring you’ll never have to “fish” out the drawstring. They also use high quality zippers, rubber logos, and just overall high quality finishing.

Word of advice for  Americans – As for sizing, I would suggest, if ordering from the US, order 1 size larger than usual. Both my partner and I are 32-33″ waist, and would normally buy  Medium – but  their Large fits perfect.  I always find European clothes run smaller than most US brands are labeled.

And who doesn’t love a  SALE!  Each collection features “X” number of pieces in so many sizes. Each year when the new collection is launched, anything that did not sell from the previous collection, is marked down! So when you visit their website ES COLLECTION, make sure you check out the SALE OUTLET.

MUST SEE – VIDEO of the NEWEST ES STYLES and all of their HOT models!

If you are visiting Barcelona, stop by their main store and see the entire collection on display.
Consell de Cent, 218  and right around the corner is ES4U, the outlet store at Casanova, 56!

They also have a shop at 35007 Las Palmas de G.C., Carnary Islands and soon will  have stores in Bilbao, Valencia, and Madrid!
And of course, you can order worldwide via their ES COLLECTION site!

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