Adam Lambert Shows up at SPLASH BAR SBNY While in New York for The View


You gotta love Adam Lambert and his  PR/Media machine! But poor  Kris Allen, who we adore, and was the crowned American Idol winner last season, just can’t keep up with Adam and his antics.

Adam, who was runner-up, has been in the media eye consistently the last few months. Hob nobbing with celebrities, popping into  hot spots and WeHo clubs, those outrageous anticsat the AMA, and this week stopping by Splash Bar SBNY. 

Michael Musto reports they were making the rounds: “‘He was getting crazy attention,’ reports my friend, who observed and overheard Adam and his group and decided they seemed to be going on to the cruise bar Barracuda!”

A guest at Broadway World gushes:  “What I thought was just going to be a regular night at Musical Mondays at SPLASH Bar turned-out to be pretty exciting. Around 9:30pm, none-other-than Adam Lambert himself comes strolling in! With about 3 friends, he moved to the back of the bar into a booth. And… a million cell phones immediately whipped out texting friends and updating their Twitter/Facebook statuses. I got the balls to walk over and say hi (thanks to a great friend who pulled me into the booth). He is much skinnier than I thought he would be. Glam black make-up. Black crow hair coiffed to high-heaven. Black fingertip-less gloves, black shirt and pants, long dangly chain around his neck…. (Love child of Liza and Joanne Worley?!) BUT SOOOO SWEET IN PERSON!

I introduced myself and friend as members of the NYC Gay Mens Chorus (we were flyering the tables). Told him I was there when he got accepted at his San Francisco audition (laughed that he went skipping down the street). Then asked him why he was in-town. He is taping THE VIEW tomorrow but was sad that Whoopi wasnt going to be there. I told him to slap Elizabeth for us. He joked that he was going to be really condescending and call her Lizzie during the interview. Soooo sweet and surprisingly receptive to fans saying hello. He left around 10:15pm, hugging/kissing fans on the way out.”

Lambert was in town for THE VIEW. After taking heat from Adam Lambert’s fans and gay advocates for a week, ABC  extended an olive branch of sorts to the “American Idol” runner-up who made headlines with his provocative AMA  performance.

ABC had canceled Lambert’s scheduled appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and stopped considering him for “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” which drew thousands of complaints from viewers and gay advocates who believed the network was retaliating against him because he is gay.

Adam is also on Bab Walters – 10 Most Fascinating People tonight, Dec. 9th. And then on So You Think You Dance, next Wednesday, 16th.  –  Kris Allen is on So You Think You Can Dance  tonight.

The AMA was probably the best thing that ever happened to Adam!

Best of Gay New York


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