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Occupy The Disco New York OXD

(OXD), a New York City based movement, was  created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tadeu Magalhães.


It was through music and nightlife that gay people in New York City,
for decades, changed concepts, gained supporters, and helped others be
happy with who they are all over the world. Our music re-shaped the mainstream, pushed boundaries, united our community, and made room for the future.

Mainstream music has now adopted much of our sound. Nightclub
promoters and DJs are pushed to only give us that which is familiar,
that which is safe. As such, many members of our community have lost the
ability to question, to experience the unknown. We must uphold our
legacy as cultural leaders in society and continue to evolve.

Our goal is simple: to re-unite the gay community in NYC through
music. To create rich and fun experiences. To dance. To feel free. To
move beyond what’s familiar. To reclaim our role as tastemakers. We want
to go further than what we already know and be surprised with new,
exciting music. And we will work to bring this back.

This is our call: Occupy The Disco.

There are now parties happening in NY which you can find on their blog –

PLUS , WATCH THE VIDEO by Grammy award-winning producer and DJ David Morales  with former Moloko chanteuse and Irish disco diva, Róisín Murphy. Morales is
famous for his days DJing at Paradise Garage, Stereo and Ministry of
Sound, as well as his remixes of pop songs.

 Creating a veritable “dream team” of sorts, Murphy’s vocals smoothly complement Morales’ robust production. The song’s lyrics (and video)
elicit images of times past; mourning the end of many different “golden
eras”, while leaving it open to the listener to interpret which era is
in question. While we think the original is great, we prefer this remix
as Morales finishes it off with his signature disco beat. 

released on iTunes – and soon a  new CD!



David Drake – My Tawny Valentine

David Drake is  playwright, stage director, actor and author. He is  probably best known as the author and original performer of The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, for which he received a Village Voice Obie Award, a 1994 Drama-Logue Award for “Outstanding Solo Performance.” – But he has done so many things over the span of his career.  – That sexy vision of him, up onstage, shirtless with a leather jacket,  is burned in mind forever!

Now, David, as his alter ego “Tawny Heatherton,” is bringing his new show, “My Tawny Valentine”
to NYC’s Laurie Beechman Theatre. This show marks the unheralded return
of Tawny Heatherton, a lovably eccentric showbiz survivor and “one hit
wonder” of the disco zeitgeist of the early 1980s. Tawny brings her
singular blonde-swept brand of sunny, funny optimism while recalling
stories of wandering the globe performing her disco “hit,” her
headline-grabbing turn as the unwitting “Pyro Girl of Long Island,” her
short-lived stint as a “Hee-Haw Honey,” and reuniting with her long-lost
aunt Joey Heatherton at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino.


“My Tawny Valentine” plays Feb 17, 24, & March 2 at 7:30pm at the Laurie Beechman Theater (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue).

Tickets are $20 plus a $15 food/drink minimum and can be purchased by calling 212-352-3101 or visit

Our dear friend Adam, from the popular site, Call Me Adam,  caught up with David and interviewed him this week!

Read all about David and the new show!

More  at  David Drake Productions

Share Networking at SoHo Grand Jan 25th


SOHO Grand

310 West Broadway

– 9:00PM

Join dot429 for 429INSPIRED
dot429s signature speaker series.

Cocktails. Conversation & Cause.

Join us as we welcome Brad Carpenter, Producer of Nurse Jackie and

Sex and the City as he tells us what inspires him.

Hosted by Brian Balthazar, Kelvin Chen, Mike Sullivan, Steven Birkeland,
Norbert Beatty, James Norton, Phil Putnam, and Elliot Tomaeno

These monthly installments have successfully brought together pioneering
professionals and inspiring individuals for an evening of cocktails and

Hosted Blue Angel Vodka bar.

$25 in advance | $35 at the door.  RSVP  ONLINE  

Proceeds to benefit Newfest



XL Nightclub at The OUT Hotel – Is Bigger Better?

It’s been a long time since there was a lot of buzz about a nightclub opening!

Blair and Beto Sutter join forces with Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio
to bring you New York’s first new gay nightclub in nearly 20 years – XL
Nightclub, Lounge & Cabaret.

512 West 42nd Street, at the OUT NYC Hotel/Resort. 
 OPEN   4pm – 4am!   7 days a week!

XL is situated within THE OUT NYC Urban Resort, an electrifying new
project occupying 70,000 square feet in Hells Kitchen. In addition to
XL, the complex features a 105-room “straightfriendly” boutique hotel, a
glass enclosed atrium & wet zone, a gym & wellness center, lush
outdoor courtyard gardens, a 24/7 café & restaurant and a
business/conference center.

Lots of big things are in the works for  XL.  Thursdays Nightlife personalities

SUSANNE BARSTCH AND KENNY KENNY PRESENT “42nd” –  an ongoing party, Thursdays, beginning Feb. 2nd. Also watch for the return of the Classic Sunday Tea Dance with top Tea Dance DJ’s

Grand Openings are  planned for  XL is   Jan. 27-28th –
and you will need to be a “member” if you want an invite.
 Join them on Facebook for more details.


NEXT Magazine Interviews Michael Cavnaugh of  and
are websites for 
HIV Experience Resources Organization  (HERO) – a non-for-profit company
operating in New York State.  It features Entertainment News and On The
Town updates.

It’s also dedicated to helping people getting around, get
through and get over the system that hinders timely assistance for the
newly diagnosed & people living with HIV/AIDS. And it’s dedicated to
entertaining you, and keeping your spirits up where they should
be. HERO is 100 % Volunteer based.

Web series host Michael Cavnaugh really loves chorus boys and the world of entertainment. The
47-year-old creator of,  promotes HIV/AIDS
awareness through interviews with Broadway and entertainment celebrities. He  picks one chorus
boy each month to feature on his site, someone who has donated their time and energy into helping the AIDS crisis.

NEXT Magazine turn the tables on Michael this week with a little Q&A


Craig Pomranz Talks the New York Cabaret Scene with Channel13

CRAIG POMRANZ was recently asked to write an OP-ED piece on Cabaret, for Metro Focus / Channel 13. …

The word “cabaret” conjures up images ranging from smoke-filled rooms
(remember smoke?) to lap dances. We may have lost the smoke, but
cabaret is back in a big way in New York.

In a world where music is everywhere, on your iPod, cell phone and in
TV shows like “American Idol” and “Glee,” the unsung venues are the
cabaret rooms. These rooms include long-standing uptown music rooms
like Café Carlyle and the Algonquin Hotel’s Oak Room and less highfalutin venues like the Metropolitan Room on West 22nd Street, which offers a roster of both famous names and newcomers, as well as Don’t Tell Mama on West 46th Street and the Laurie Beechman Theater on West 42nd Street.

The artists who play at Joe’s Pub and the City Winery
meet the growing demand for live music in a more intimate space.
Burlesque seems to have been adopted by the 20-something set with rooms
like The Triad and Duane Park Café
(great food by one of my favorite chefs, Richard Overholt). A number of
other venues in the East Village/Lower East Side and Brooklyn,
including The Box and Galapagos (respectively) offer a diverse calendar of acts.

In these rooms performers strive for the chance to communicate with
an audience. Nothing’s needed except the singer, the song, a musician or
two, and the give and take of the audience. It’s the rare opportunity
to express yourself with lyrics that mean something and music that
shapes those lyrics indelibly. You can explore a vast treasury of great
songs and can take a familiar pop song and give it new life and meaning.
It is the job of a singer to convey the story behind the music. I can’t
tell you how many times someone has come up after a show to say they
had never really heard the lyrics to a pop song until I had sung it. 

As I took to the stage there was a dubious silence, but once I began singing, I started hearing, ‘you tell ‘em, baby.’

Part of the fun of cabaret is how audiences differ so much depending on the location and venue.

I was the first white male to sing at Sweetwater’s, an R&B club
in New York. It was fun because I got to work with the house band who
had toured with Aretha Franklin. As I took to the stage there was a
dubious silence, but once I began singing, I started hearing, “you tell
‘em, baby,” and “sing it child!” It took me a minute to get used to this
participatory crowd, where you would sing and they would answer you
right back — but I loved it!

In London, the audiences seem like very serious students, silent
throughout the song and until the pianist has played his very last note
and then politely applauding;  afterwards they tell you how moved they
were. In Los Angeles, they sigh audibly and want to stay after the show
to discuss in detail every song you chose and where you found it. In New
York, they heckle (good-naturedly!) and, if they like it, applaud
enthusiastically even before the song is over. It’s all wonderful. And
you never know who you’re going to meet…

Early on, I had gotten a lot of attention from some record labels,
and I was working at a club called Mickey’s with famed singers Karen Akers and Cissy Houston.
Bob Feiden of Arista Records asked me to stay for Cissy’s show to get
my take on her daughter, whom Cissy was introducing in the act. Into the
spotlight stepped this pretty teenager with minimal makeup wearing a
sheath dress. Barely moving, she sang a very pure version of Barry
Manilow’s “All the Time.” Her beauty and simplicity were amazing. It
was, of course, Whitney Houston.

Craig Pomranz in the recording studio.

Photo courtesy of Craig Pomranz.

So many people think they can sing, and do, that it’s important that
the world of cabaret offers them a venue, especially in New York.

don’t have to have a beautiful voice.  Some of the greats had little
range but were all soul. Frank Sinatra says he learned it all from Mabel Mercer, who often talked her way through a song. Insiders hail Fred Astaire
as a great singer, and some of the finest songs were written for him
(“The Way You Look Tonight” for example). He had a small voice but
exquisite rhythm, timing and a reserved emotional quality that could be

What prepares you to be a singer? Life!

What art form is more
immediate, able to change from night to night according to musical
fashion or even the headlines? In a world full of noise and clatter,
people yearn for the kind of intimacy a small music room provides. Like
all live performance, you never know what you’re going to get…But it’s
oh so worth the visit. So go out and support live music, be it a
cabaret, a piano bar or any other venue. Let yourself be transported,
and have a cocktail while you’re at it. Cabaret is a key part of New
York’s culture.

Craig Pomranz
is an actor, singer, dancer, recording artist and song stylist who
sings internationally. His new show in New York is “Love and the Clock”
at The Metropolitan Room.


Jack Mackenroth Calendar Signing Nov 16

Designer, athlete and
HIV/AIDS activist and educator Jack Mackenroth has had the priveledge of
shooting with some of the best photographers in the business. He has taken the best of the best images and crated a 15-month calendar , and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity!

taking part in the project include Adam Bouska, Rick Day, Carsten
Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus
Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox
and Preston Cros.

have amassed such an amazing collection of images that I wanted to put
out a calendar that will help to combat the silence and stigma
associated with being HIV-positive,” says Mackenroth. He adds, “If I can
raise money for HIV/AIDS research, it’s even better.”

month of the 15 month calendar will
feature a different photographer with a very different style. It’s gorgeous!   Jack will be signing calendars  Nov. 16  at  Boxers NYC. 7-10pm.


Mario Godiva Green and His Kangoo’s in Times Square

  Mario Godiva Green is a Fitness Expert who started in the fitness industry at 18 and has over 11 years of experience.  Originally from Chicago, he now teaches group fitness classes in New York City, privately trains, travels and teaches master classes and holds trainings, as well as makes media and event appearances all over the country. – I used to see him jumping around Chicago with his Kangoo’s and people thought he was crazy! He has elevated Kangoo to a whole new level now!

Kangoos are running and rebound sport shoes that have quickly become the latest fitness trend in the US. He was the first person to ever launch Kangoo classes in the US and in NYC. 

 He and his Kangoo Demonstration made the Today Show’s “Wildest Moments of 2010” segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Green has also been featured in many news articles and segments around the country as well as all over the world.

Mario Godiva Green and his Kangoo Nation


RENT’s Sean Michael Murray
chats with the super handsome and talented star of Rent at New World Stages.

Sean Michael Murray!

He talks about his Broadway debut in American Idiot, his quirks, stupid human tricks and some great messages about living your life to the fulllest.

Please check it out. is a website for (HERO) HIV Experience Resources Organization – a non-for-profit company operating in New York State.  It features Entertainment News and On The Town updates. It’s also dedicated to helping people getting around, get through and get over the system that hinders timely assistance for the newly diagnosed & people living with HIV/AIDS. And it’s dedicated to entertaining you, and keeping your spirits up where they should be. HERO is 100 % Volunteer based.


New Yorks Broadway FLEA MARKET & AUCTION Sept. 25

Sunday, September 25, 10 am – 7 pm
Times Square & West 44th Street, NYC

Broadway dreams can come true as you find showbiz treasures, meet the stars and bid on once-in-a-lifetime items and experiences at the 25th Annual Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction.

Make your plans now to spend Sunday, September 25 with Broadway Cares and thousands of other theatre fans in Times Square and along West 44th Street for those one-of-a-kind keepsakes. This not-to-be-missed event for any serious Broadway theatergoer is free and open to the public and has been called one of the “Best Once-a-Year Markets” in New York City.

From photos with your favorite Broadway star to buying that lost cast recording, signed show posters and Playbills, rare costume sketches or special gift for a theatre-lover you can’t find anywhere – this year’s Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction promises to offer something for everyone.

Autograph Table & Photo Booth | Grand Auction Pre-Bids

New for 2011 are special “flash auctions” which feature instant experiences with Broadway stars live on the Grand Auction stage, including:
• Spamalot karaoke with Tony Award-nominated Spamalot star Christopher Sieber
• An on-the-spot appearance in the hit Web series “Side by Side by Susan Blackwell
• A coaching session with Chicago star Kara DioGuardi, former American Idol judge and head judge on Bravo’s Platinum Hit
• Your favorites tunes sung especially for you by Rent star Anthony Rapp and Wicked star Julia Murney
• Your outgoing voice mail message recorded in the voice of the diva of your choice by singer and comedian Christine Pedi, known for her spot-on impersonations.

It’s a flea market like no other!

 Among the shows signed up for tables are The Addams Family, Anything Goes, The Book of Mormon, Follies, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Lion King, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, The Phantom of the Opera, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Rock of Ages, Sister Act, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Wicked and Cirque Du Soleil’s Zarkana, as well as Actors’ Equity Association, The Actors Fund, Broadway Impact, The Broadway League, Givenik, Paper Mill Playhouse, Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox and United Scenic Artists.

You also can place early bids now on dozens of unique theater items and experiences that will be offered throughout the day in the silent auction and in the day’s exciting finale, the live auction. Online pre-bidding ends at 12 pm ET on Saturday, September 24.

For the first time ever, the Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction will encompass all of 44th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, and will stretch across Broadway into Times Square, filling the wide pedestrian plaza between 43rd and 44th Streets..

“We look forward to turning this year’s construction challenge into a golden, sun-drenched opportunity to expand into Times Square’s wonderful pedestrian plazas,” BC/EFA executive director Tom Viola said. “Filling Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets, there will be booths overflowing with theatrical memorabilia and at the end of the afternoon the Grand Auction. I hope you will take the few steps across Seventh Avenue with us, as you enjoy the high energy and activity that every year stretches down 44th Street to Eighth Avenue. Whatever the terrain, the best of Broadway shows up for the Broadway Flea Market. I hope you will too!”

Dozens of tables from Broadway’s most popular shows will set up shop for what Time Out New York calls one of the “Best Once-a-Year Markets” in New York City. Fans can buy that lost cast recording, signed show posters and Playbills, rare costume sketches, props and special gifts theatre-lovers can’t find anywhere else.

Silent auction lots offered every half-hour will give way to the live Grand Auction at the end of the day featuring a collection of unique items and experiences that will offer something for everyone.

One of the most popular sites at Broadway’s “one-day sale” is the Celebrity Autograph Table at which your favorite stars from Broadway and Off-Broadway sign autographs and pose for photos in exchange for donations to BC/EFA.

Some of the celebrities this year willing to sign autographs for a $25 donation – or pose for a photo for $10 – are Adam Godley, Nick Adams, Patina Miller, Sutton Foster, Tony Sheldon, Rory O’Malley, Alice Ripley, Annaleigh Ashford, Josh Gad, Joyce DeWitt, Nikki M. James, Patrick Page, Victoria Clark, Roger Rees, Adam Pascal, Montego Glover, Beth Leavel and Charles Busch. (All appearances subject to change.)

Last year, some of the big prizes at the grand auction included a chance to appear in “Wicked” that sold for a whopping $16,500 and a tank top worn by Daniel Craig in “A Steady Rain” and signed by Craig and co-star Hugh Jackman that fetched $6,500.

The auction and market, which cost about $60,000 to produce, plus three other Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS events – the Easter Bonnet Competition, Gypsy of the Year and Broadway Bares – helped the group last year award some $10 million in grants to The Actors Fund and to more than 400 AIDS and family service organizations.

all kinds of cool things – like 


 Please check the website, Facebook and Twitter for an update on
 Sunday morning and throughout the day if clouds are gray.

See you there!



Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens Today!

 In summer of 2009,
made a splash onto the streets of NYC.

TODAY, BIG GAY ICE CREAM SHOP opens at 125  East 7th street!

The store’s opening festivities,  will take place from noon till 5 p.m., and will be “full of weirdness.” – says one of its owners!

Although he doesn’t want to publicize the details yet, we can say that if all goes according to plan, Saturday will indeed be delightfully weird.

VILLAGE VOICE got the scoop on the opening menu!  The opening menu will feature cucumber-lime rainbow paletas (paletas are new rage in desserts)  from La Newyorkina, treats from the Treats Truck, Danny Macaroons’ peanut butter cup, salted caramel, and plain macaroons, and three ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery: the Classic (vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip-walnut cookies), the Lovelet (cream cheese ice cream and red velvet whoopie pie), and the Rue McClanahan (bourbon ice cream with praline-pecan cookies).

Normal Hours of operation will be noon until 10 p.m. daily, and noon until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


The Gay Housewives Are Back…A List Season 2

Fasten Your seat belts….The A LIST  Season 2 premiers July 25th….

Logo’s gay housewives are back, and their decadent dramas are more outrageous and over the top than when we left them last season. Will Reichen and Rodiney make it this time? Will Austin make more enemies than friends? Will Ryan and his husband make a baby? The entire high-rolling, label-whoring, beach-house-hopping cast returns, with some new frenemies and besties, including fierce gal-pal Nyasha, added to the mix. Whether you love them, or love to hate them, the boys are bringin’ it, and NYC is getting guilty with pleasure all summer long!

And our media partner  Michael Cavnaugh at got up close and personal with some of the cast at the cast party this past week in New York.

Mike Ruiz Interiew 

famed celebrity photographer and video director and a passionate board member of several gay based charities, Mike is going global. In the midst of launching a t-shirt line (profits support Ali Forney Center)   and shooting a coffee table book.

Reichen Interview

Reichen moved to NYC last summer to take on Broadway. With the closing of his show, he only has about ten other careers to fall back on: actor, model, author, activist, Air Force pilot, jewelry designer and now, as the face of his own skincare line.

Derek and Rodiney Interview

Gay socialite / male model Derek and male model Rodiney.

Austins Interview

A favorite of the gossip pages during his storied modeling career and relationship with designer Marc Jacobs, Austin has now been joined in New York by his husband, Jake Lees. Austin’s latest modeling venture is to grace the pages of Playgirl.

Get more A list on LOGO


Nick Adams and Priscilla Launch Felicia Says….

is the HOTTEST ticket on Broadway! And of course, you know we adore Nick Adams, one of its stars!

They recently launched a new fun viral tool on their Facebook page where fans can see Felicia’s (played by Nick Adams) quote of the week and easily Retweet it to their friends.

Felicia always has something sassy to say, and the quotes are fun and entertaining.

Nick on Felicia….”it’s interesting cause anytime anybody ever said like, “Do you have a dream role?” That’s what I would say is that “I wanted to originate a role and in a new Broadway show.” I think it’s been the most like exciting and freeing experience because I’ve had the liberty to sort of just play in and bring a lot of like what I thought I wanted to bring the role of Felicia… and our creative team, our director really allowed me to kind of have my own spin on it and bring a different energy to this part and then in the West End Production and what they had in Australia.

As actors, what we wanna do is to really feel like we’re creating character and not mimicking somebody else’s performance or fitting like a specific mold of a different actor, so to get to like build this person from the ground up has been awesome to know that, for always and like theatrical history that would have been my role. It’s Pretty great!”


Priscilla is launching ‘Safe Ride’ bar nights:

Join us for a bar-hopping trip to New York’s most popular LGBT hotspots by seeing Priscilla and showing a valid ticket stub to the ruggedly handsome cowboy Wily Jack, who will be found in the lobby following select shows.

Saddle up for a fantastic ride full of prizes, giveaways, enjoying fine wine and all out fabulousness! Each rider will receive a boa or cowboy hat and will toast with a glass of Wily Jack wine at each of the 2-3 stops which include some of the most popular New York gay and LGBT friendly bars and restaurants.

The Wily Jack® party bus will first departed from the Palace Theatre  this past  Saturday and  now  will be offered following Wednesday night and Saturday matinees through August 31.

Guests must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Offer is limited to the first 35 people per show, so hustle up…don’t mosey…and meet the man in black, Wily Jack.

Safe Ride Bar Nights on Facebook

Buy Tickets to Priscilla

SEE ALSO  Nick Adams  VLOG at,
where he takes you behind the scenes of Priscilla.


New Yorks Best Wedding Planner Can Help You with your Gay Marriage Event!



Weddings are supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience.

You should be focusing on the love you have found and are going to be sharing forever.

You should be thinking about the bond you will be forming and the commitment you will be making.  It should be joyous and exciting.  And the planning of your wedding should be done with the same enthusiasm.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the endless details and decisions that will need to be made. Who will do your invitations?   Where will you find your tuxedos? What about the Cake?
Will there be food served?

AND THE BIG QUESTION….Where to have it? How big? How Small? What venue really expresses who you are as a couple?

And ALL OF THE PHONE CALLS to vendors gathering information and prices!!

This is just a small sampling of the many details that you have to think about. Small soiree?  or a big fancy affair?

Now take a deep breath! I have 2 words for you…Successful Affairs. Let them do the work for you – and the service is free. Yes, FREE!

We  educate clients from start to finish, and walk them through the process,” says owner Lisa Rice.”You will feel at ease and confident that your big day will be your best day!”

 “No matter what your budget is, our experience and resources will make your wedding a Successful Affair.

Successful Affairs specializes in locating the perfect venue for you.
Whether your needs require a hotel, club, restaurant, penthouse or a huge open loft space, or intimate elegant spaces,  I  guide clients through this ever changing city to the exciting options that New York has to offer!”
says Lisa.

When I started in the event planning industry in 1988 it was just blossoming, and to say the least…it has come a long way baby!  And there is most certainly something to be said about experience.  What  really is necessary for pulling off the perfect affair comes down to 5 things: motivation, common sense, organization, negotiation and a great out going personality.

All attributes that  I excel in! I have done the homework, so you don’t have to. My relationships with the many vendors will save you time and money – and best of all, my service is free to clients.”


 What better city than Manhattan to explore for your event?  “Each and every day I am out and about researching the newest and most exciting of venues,” explained Lisa.   “My portfolio includes the old traditional standards as well as the unusual and unique.

We will save clients  – Time, money and their sanity!

1.Time: Our photo portfolios of Manhattan hotels, clubs, restaurants, landmarks, and little-known private event locations are comprehensive. In less than an hour they will take a virtual tour of all locations which could work for your event. In one meeting they will view hundreds of venues without ever leaving their office — or mine.

2.Money: Successful Affairs brings clients to these venues on a continual basis, which gives us an advantage in our negotiations to meet their budget restrictions. Allowing Successful Affairs to represent clients in vendor negotiations gives them  a valuable edge.

3.Sanity: Clients  may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of details involved in planning their  upcoming event. 

Successful Affairs has organized thousands of events since 1988. We know all the secrets to making an event run smoothly.

After planning thousands of events, I am well connected and my reputation stands tall.  From our first meeting, new clients realize the knowledge and confidence I exude.  They  know immediately that they  made the right choice in contacting me, and any stress they might have felt prior to our meeting, just fades away!

When you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all you want to do is take in the view. There are spaces that can offer breathtaking skylines, unique perspectives and much more.

Sometimes you just need to be different, and New York certainly has it’s share of unique spaces. Make your event stand out and have people remember it. Our portfolio of properties I work with, can offer something for everyone – and every budget.

Let us help you have a  Successful Affair!”

Lisa Rice   212-684-6402  Find them on Facebook.


Ronnie Kroell and Taylor Proffitt Talk Gay Pride and New York City

are hard to find.
 But when it happens…you know. 

Whether it is a love relationship or a platonic friendship some connections feel deeper than others, like they have been there forever. Sometimes it is just as if you “click” and other times it is like you’ve known one another your entire lives.

As Pride month comes to an end, and with New York City on a high with gay marriage passing,  we caught up with supermodel, actor, singer Ronnie Kroell recently and talked about the LOVE of his LIFE, Taylor Proffitt.

“We first met at a bar in New York City.  A drag queen had brought him up on stage to tease him and kind of play with him – and I thought, gosh, this guy is gonna need a cocktail –  so I ordered him a drink and we chatted a bit afterwards, but I was sort of dating this guy at the time, so it was just a friendly drink and conversation.

MONTHS PASS, and our paths crossed on a dating site. But it didn’t click at first. It wasn’t until we went out to dinner, it all come together we remembered, we had already met. So  the Universe, for a 2nd time, was bringing us together, and now I was ready and open for a relationship. And actually,  in looking back, we realized we had connected on MySpace, even BEFORE the chance bar meeting! So three times, we were brought together by destiny.  And the rest is history!

We are both “soulful”. Sex is sex. Relationships are not easy and you need so much more than sex, to make it work. True love goes beyond sex. There’s a spiritual connection; an intellectual connection; a heart connection.

There always will be give and take.  There will always be compromise and I think many couples just give up when the smallest of problems arise. They just want to walk away. Communication and honesty is paramount. “

When did you realize you were gay?

“I was in sixth grade and I had a girlfriend and we used to hold hands a lot, and that was about it. Then  in  my sophomore year I had another girlfriend, and I just knew it wasn’t right, it didn’t feel right. Once when we kissed, she actually said to me – “Ronnie, I think you might be gay!” – I was scared. It was very hard for me accept. And the pressure of society “norms”…so it took a while for me to come to grips with all of that. It took a while for me to get comfortable in my own new skin.

I embrace it now! And I am so excited about everything going on and our visibility with It Gets Better, the Trevor Project, HRC…Google Chrome is going to feature It Gets Better! This is an amazing and exciting time! New York just passed Gay Marriage!!

When I was 16 my mom caught  me kissing a boy, out behind the house! My mom started crying and we started to argue…then my Grandmother came out and said, “Charlene, you’ve got to just love him for who he is. Otherwise I am going to clock you with my cane!”

It all boils down to fear. Fear of the unknown. And in that moment, my mom felt fear.  And here is my grandmother, who was like – SO WHAT? LET’S JUST LOVE HIM! 

And it took time…there was lots of dialogue and communication and eventually you reach acceptance. Now my mom and I share everything. We’re best friends!  And we are SO CLOSE. I am so lucky.

Taylors parents are amazing also. It’s really been a blessing.

And Taylor chimes in…”I am so thankful as well,  for my family and how accepting they are. They’ve really welcomed Ronnie with open arms, and I’m very lucky to have that.

I think of Ronnie Kroell as a very wise soul. In talking with him, he is wise beyond his years. At 28, he knows more and understands the world, more than some 40 or 50 year olds that  I know.  

I have friends of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors…I love to connect with people and I love learning from people.  I have learned many great life lessons from all of these people I have met.

I have learned you need to be open and aware as you go through life. And when you ask the Universe for something we’re not always ready to get that gift…AND the Universe does not always present us, exactly what we asked for.

 I have learned you can’t always be in control. Sometimes you have to let go and give into the Universe, and just let things happen. WALK…and don’t rush through life.

Back to Taylor!
I asked Taylor, what are some of their favorite things to do in New York…..

One of our favorite things to do in NYC is karaoke! We’ll go and rent a room with some friends or just by ourselves and sit drinking sake whilst singing to each other. Best places for that are Japas 55 (on 55th in between 8th and Bway) or if you’re on the East side Top Tunes (on 53rd in between 2nd and 1st).

Karaoke is good for night time fun, but  during the day time- picnic in Central Park in Sheep’s Meadow or a more recent gem I’ve found is watching the sunset behind the city along the water in BK at the East River Park.

Our go-to restaurant is hands down Merchants NY in Chelsea. We’ve eaten there countless times just to chill with friends downstairs next to the fireplace or sit on their patio in the front and have a few cocktails. The best thing on the menu is the Rigatoni Bolognese. We’re a little obsessed! It’s located on 17th and 7th ave (easy to remember!) and is open until all hours of the night.

Another great restaurant with a bit of a different vibe, is actually right across the street! Cafeteria is an awesome place that is a great place for brunch, but its also open 24 hours so its a pretty happening spot when the clubs and bars let out. They’ve got some amazing food (and green bloody marys?!) so I’d suggest to go and check it out.

Other than that, pretty simple things. The Highline park in Chelsea, the cloisters up in the heights, or getting to trek out to the Hamptons or Fire Island during the summer. 😉

One thing is for sure, you can never get bored here in New York!

Taylor first hit the performing arts scene when he was 4 years old, spending years traveling with the Anaheim Ballet Company performing The Nutcracker. With this inspiration and experience under his belt, he traveled to Englewood, Florida where he starred in productions such as CATS, Oklahoma!, Seussical, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. After graduating, he traveled back to the Golden Coast to attend the American Music and Dramatic Academy’s Los Angeles campus. There he performed in several Dance Workshops and a showcase directed by Tony Award Winner Jane Lanier.

After two years of hard work, he graduated and set his sights on the Big Apple- New York City. Since, he has worked with Alec Baldwin and Tony Wal
ton in EQUUS at the John Drew Theatre in East Hampton and has been actively involved in playwright workshops  at the Manhattan Theatre Source and The Player’s Club .

And Ronnie has been busy filming a new movie, an incredible new thriller called, “Into the Lion’s Den”, in production now. Produced by Dan Lantz and distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures, Into the Lion’s Den is a sure to keep you on the edge of your seat thriller!

Join Michael (Ronnie Kroell), Johnny (Jesse Archer), and Ted (TBD) as they embark upon a road trip from LA to NYC that will change their lives – forever. What starts out as a fun-loving and much needed adventure quickly takes a turn for the worse when the boys find themselves in an unfamiliar town and stumble – “Into the Lion’s Den”. Imagine “Deliverance” meets “Hostel” meets “Broken Hearts Club” as this moving story of friendship and self-discovery unfolds, boundaries are crossed, and the will to survive is the only ally that you have in the face of certain death.


 RONNIE KROELL official site

TAYLOR PROFFITT official site

Most Photos by Getty Images photographer Bryan Bedder.
The tuxedo picture is by Jeffrey Eason.
American Flag and Pride Parade –  personal archive on Ronnie and Taylor


Priscilla Wins a TONY and Nick Adams Goes Backstage

 BIG CONGRATULATIONS  to Priscilla‘s costume designers Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner, who  took home a Tony Award for BEST COSTUME DESIGN . “This has been an extraordinary experience. Twenty years ago, we made a tiny film in Australia, and won an Oscar for it. And now to hold a Tony in our hands is just ridiculous!”  said the designers. 

Nick Adams is back this week with a new episode of his Muscles and Mascara video blog, for  

In episode 13, he takes you  to a gay pride rally in NYC, plus backstage for the all the Tony Award excitement!  ( Did you see that performance with Martha Wash and the Priscilla cast, of “it’s Raining Men”??  WOW!  If you missed it, here it is on YouTube.)

Also in this newest episode, Nick talks about his 28th birthday and his Fellowship/Award from the  American Theater Hall of Fame  as a “breakthrough performance” for his  role  in Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Congratulations Nick!

Nick Adams blog
Nick Adams  Twitter
Nick Adams Facebook

Priscilla on Broadway


Doric Wilson and the Stonewall Riots Remembered

As we begin Gay Pride Month,
we wanted to take a moment to
 pay tribute to the late Doric Wilson.

Doric Wilson (February 24, 1939 – May 7, 2011) was an American playwright, director, producer, critic and gay rights activist.

Wilson was an early figure in New York’s Off-Off-Broadway scene and  was as big a champion of gay theatre as he was of gay rights. He   was a participant in the Stonewall Riots (1969) and became active in the early days of the New York Gay Liberation movement as a member of GAA (Gay Activist Alliance). He supported his theatrical endeavors by becoming a “star” bartender and manager of the post-Stonewall gay bar scene, opening such landmark institutions as The Spike, TY’s and Brothers & Sisters Cabaret.

In 2004, Wilson was named a Grand Marshal of the 35th Anniversary Pride Day Parade in New York City.

He was featured in the documentary American Experience: Stonewall Uprising (2010) by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner.


Adam Joseph Video Release Party June 7 at Industry

Music Video/Single Release Party at Industry Bar on June 7th in NYC.

“Chasing The Dream” Music Video/Single Release Party
with LIVE Performance by Adam Joseph!

Industry Bar- Hell’s Kitchen, NYC     355 W 52nd St, New York, NY      11pm      No Cover        21+


Nick Adams Raises $25,000 for the NYC Aids Walk

The AIDS WALK NYC took place this past Sunday and all the stars came out to support it!

Check out the super hot Matt Bomer from White Collar, The Cast of Modern Family, From The Event, Laura Innes, Michael Ruiz, Jack Mackenroth, Broadway Hunk, Nick Adams, and much more!

NICK ADAMS  was  Over $25,000  thanks to Nicks  fans and readers of this site!  Funds were still trickling in at press time!   YAY!!

“I am so overwhelmed by peoples generosity, ”  said  Nick.

Michael Cavnaugh from  did some great interviews!

Interview with MATT BOMER and NICK ADAMS
and there is a great piece of the Priscilla Cast  performing!



Casper Andreas Talks With Adaumbelles Quest

Recognized by OUT Magazine as one of the 100 most influential and newsworthy GLBT people, Casper Andreas is a man of many talents!

He’s a performer, director, writer, and producer. Born and raised in Sweden, Casper moved to NYC at the age of 20 with dreams of being on stage and big city glamour.

After sometime Casper decided to head West to Hollywood where he wrote several screenplays, studied directing, and took seminars in filmmaking at IFP/West, but eventually came back to New York where he continued to write, direct, and produce short films as well as his first feature, the multi-award winning film “Slutty Summer” (in which Casper also starred in along with fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Jesse Archer).

“I’ve always loved storytelling. As a kid I used to make up stories all the time, and for a long time I thought I was going to be a writer. Then I discovered acting. I moved to New York to attend acting school, and for many years I was pursuing acting in New York and Los Angeles. I found, however, that the career of an actor isn’t terribly rewarding in a creative way.” –  Casper tells  Adaumbelles Quest.

Other films include  “A Four Letter Word” (which he co-wrote with Jesse Archer).  “Between Love and Goodbye”, “Violet Tendencies ” (written by Jesse Archer and starred Jesse and Casper along with Mindy Cohn from “The Facts of Life”) is arriving on DVD May 24.

Going Down in LA LA Land” is currently making it’s rounds at various film festivals around the world, and greating rave reviews! – And stars the very sexy  Matthew Ludwinski!

Our buddy and New York blogger Adam Rothenberg of Adaumbelles Quest recently interviewed Casper about the business and his new project, LA LA LAND.

Casper Andreas talks with Adaumbelles Quest.

Check it out!