Nick Adams and Priscilla Launch Felicia Says….

is the HOTTEST ticket on Broadway! And of course, you know we adore Nick Adams, one of its stars!

They recently launched a new fun viral tool on their Facebook page where fans can see Felicia’s (played by Nick Adams) quote of the week and easily Retweet it to their friends.

Felicia always has something sassy to say, and the quotes are fun and entertaining.

Nick on Felicia….”it’s interesting cause anytime anybody ever said like, “Do you have a dream role?” That’s what I would say is that “I wanted to originate a role and in a new Broadway show.” I think it’s been the most like exciting and freeing experience because I’ve had the liberty to sort of just play in and bring a lot of like what I thought I wanted to bring the role of Felicia… and our creative team, our director really allowed me to kind of have my own spin on it and bring a different energy to this part and then in the West End Production and what they had in Australia.

As actors, what we wanna do is to really feel like we’re creating character and not mimicking somebody else’s performance or fitting like a specific mold of a different actor, so to get to like build this person from the ground up has been awesome to know that, for always and like theatrical history that would have been my role. It’s Pretty great!”


Priscilla is launching ‘Safe Ride’ bar nights:

Join us for a bar-hopping trip to New York’s most popular LGBT hotspots by seeing Priscilla and showing a valid ticket stub to the ruggedly handsome cowboy Wily Jack, who will be found in the lobby following select shows.

Saddle up for a fantastic ride full of prizes, giveaways, enjoying fine wine and all out fabulousness! Each rider will receive a boa or cowboy hat and will toast with a glass of Wily Jack wine at each of the 2-3 stops which include some of the most popular New York gay and LGBT friendly bars and restaurants.

The Wily Jack® party bus will first departed from the Palace Theatre  this past  Saturday and  now  will be offered following Wednesday night and Saturday matinees through August 31.

Guests must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Offer is limited to the first 35 people per show, so hustle up…don’t mosey…and meet the man in black, Wily Jack.

Safe Ride Bar Nights on Facebook

Buy Tickets to Priscilla

SEE ALSO  Nick Adams  VLOG at,
where he takes you behind the scenes of Priscilla.


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