Jack Mackenroth Calendar Signing Nov 16

Designer, athlete and
HIV/AIDS activist and educator Jack Mackenroth has had the priveledge of
shooting with some of the best photographers in the business. He has taken the best of the best images and crated a 15-month calendar , and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity!

taking part in the project include Adam Bouska, Rick Day, Carsten
Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus
Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox
and Preston Cros.

have amassed such an amazing collection of images that I wanted to put
out a calendar that will help to combat the silence and stigma
associated with being HIV-positive,” says Mackenroth. He adds, “If I can
raise money for HIV/AIDS research, it’s even better.”

month of the 15 month calendar will
feature a different photographer with a very different style. It’s gorgeous!   Jack will be signing calendars  Nov. 16  at  Boxers NYC. 7-10pm.


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