Casper Andreas Talks With Adaumbelles Quest

Recognized by OUT Magazine as one of the 100 most influential and newsworthy GLBT people, Casper Andreas is a man of many talents!

He’s a performer, director, writer, and producer. Born and raised in Sweden, Casper moved to NYC at the age of 20 with dreams of being on stage and big city glamour.

After sometime Casper decided to head West to Hollywood where he wrote several screenplays, studied directing, and took seminars in filmmaking at IFP/West, but eventually came back to New York where he continued to write, direct, and produce short films as well as his first feature, the multi-award winning film “Slutty Summer” (in which Casper also starred in along with fellow “Adaumbelle’s Quest” participant Jesse Archer).

“I’ve always loved storytelling. As a kid I used to make up stories all the time, and for a long time I thought I was going to be a writer. Then I discovered acting. I moved to New York to attend acting school, and for many years I was pursuing acting in New York and Los Angeles. I found, however, that the career of an actor isn’t terribly rewarding in a creative way.” –  Casper tells  Adaumbelles Quest.

Other films include  “A Four Letter Word” (which he co-wrote with Jesse Archer).  “Between Love and Goodbye”, “Violet Tendencies ” (written by Jesse Archer and starred Jesse and Casper along with Mindy Cohn from “The Facts of Life”) is arriving on DVD May 24.

Going Down in LA LA Land” is currently making it’s rounds at various film festivals around the world, and greating rave reviews! – And stars the very sexy  Matthew Ludwinski!

Our buddy and New York blogger Adam Rothenberg of Adaumbelles Quest recently interviewed Casper about the business and his new project, LA LA LAND.

Casper Andreas talks with Adaumbelles Quest.

Check it out!


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