NEXT Magazine Interviews Michael Cavnaugh of  and
are websites for 
HIV Experience Resources Organization  (HERO) – a non-for-profit company
operating in New York State.  It features Entertainment News and On The
Town updates.

It’s also dedicated to helping people getting around, get
through and get over the system that hinders timely assistance for the
newly diagnosed & people living with HIV/AIDS. And it’s dedicated to
entertaining you, and keeping your spirits up where they should
be. HERO is 100 % Volunteer based.

Web series host Michael Cavnaugh really loves chorus boys and the world of entertainment. The
47-year-old creator of,  promotes HIV/AIDS
awareness through interviews with Broadway and entertainment celebrities. He  picks one chorus
boy each month to feature on his site, someone who has donated their time and energy into helping the AIDS crisis.

NEXT Magazine turn the tables on Michael this week with a little Q&A


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