New Yorks Best Wedding Planner Can Help You with your Gay Marriage Event!



Weddings are supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience.

You should be focusing on the love you have found and are going to be sharing forever.

You should be thinking about the bond you will be forming and the commitment you will be making.  It should be joyous and exciting.  And the planning of your wedding should be done with the same enthusiasm.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the endless details and decisions that will need to be made. Who will do your invitations?   Where will you find your tuxedos? What about the Cake?
Will there be food served?

AND THE BIG QUESTION….Where to have it? How big? How Small? What venue really expresses who you are as a couple?

And ALL OF THE PHONE CALLS to vendors gathering information and prices!!

This is just a small sampling of the many details that you have to think about. Small soiree?  or a big fancy affair?

Now take a deep breath! I have 2 words for you…Successful Affairs. Let them do the work for you – and the service is free. Yes, FREE!

We  educate clients from start to finish, and walk them through the process,” says owner Lisa Rice.”You will feel at ease and confident that your big day will be your best day!”

 “No matter what your budget is, our experience and resources will make your wedding a Successful Affair.

Successful Affairs specializes in locating the perfect venue for you.
Whether your needs require a hotel, club, restaurant, penthouse or a huge open loft space, or intimate elegant spaces,  I  guide clients through this ever changing city to the exciting options that New York has to offer!”
says Lisa.

When I started in the event planning industry in 1988 it was just blossoming, and to say the least…it has come a long way baby!  And there is most certainly something to be said about experience.  What  really is necessary for pulling off the perfect affair comes down to 5 things: motivation, common sense, organization, negotiation and a great out going personality.

All attributes that  I excel in! I have done the homework, so you don’t have to. My relationships with the many vendors will save you time and money – and best of all, my service is free to clients.”


 What better city than Manhattan to explore for your event?  “Each and every day I am out and about researching the newest and most exciting of venues,” explained Lisa.   “My portfolio includes the old traditional standards as well as the unusual and unique.

We will save clients  – Time, money and their sanity!

1.Time: Our photo portfolios of Manhattan hotels, clubs, restaurants, landmarks, and little-known private event locations are comprehensive. In less than an hour they will take a virtual tour of all locations which could work for your event. In one meeting they will view hundreds of venues without ever leaving their office — or mine.

2.Money: Successful Affairs brings clients to these venues on a continual basis, which gives us an advantage in our negotiations to meet their budget restrictions. Allowing Successful Affairs to represent clients in vendor negotiations gives them  a valuable edge.

3.Sanity: Clients  may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of details involved in planning their  upcoming event. 

Successful Affairs has organized thousands of events since 1988. We know all the secrets to making an event run smoothly.

After planning thousands of events, I am well connected and my reputation stands tall.  From our first meeting, new clients realize the knowledge and confidence I exude.  They  know immediately that they  made the right choice in contacting me, and any stress they might have felt prior to our meeting, just fades away!

When you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all you want to do is take in the view. There are spaces that can offer breathtaking skylines, unique perspectives and much more.

Sometimes you just need to be different, and New York certainly has it’s share of unique spaces. Make your event stand out and have people remember it. Our portfolio of properties I work with, can offer something for everyone – and every budget.

Let us help you have a  Successful Affair!”

Lisa Rice   212-684-6402  Find them on Facebook.


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