Macys Amazing Fourth of July Fireworks

W O W !
That had to be the MOST AMAZING  FIREWORKS  display I have ever seen!

Budget cuts have forced some communities  around the country to pull the plug on the pyrotechnics, but the gigantic Macy’s fireworks show  continued on Manhattan’s West Side, where it moved in 2009 after eight years on the East River. And that move has brought with it a change in fortune for businesses, too.

In the city that’s home to the $1,000 umbrella and the $175 cheeseburger, tickets have been sold at $1,450 a pair for one sweet spot to see the fireworks that are free for anyone standing on a nearby street corner or at a window.

Hudson Terrace, a rooftop bar near the river, sold 250 tickets to watch the fireworks at prices from $150 to $1,450 a couple.

It is estimated  4,000,000-5,000,000  watched  the display live  in NYC!

The fireworks show will relocate to the Statue of Liberty next year in honor of Lady Liberty’s 125th anniversary and will move around after that.

I have read that they used 36,000 shells (what most of us call fireworks) and was the largest display in America, exploding 1000 fireworks per minute.  I have also read estimates the display could have cost $500,000. 
Other estimates I read ran  $5 – 7 MILLION.
I don’t know.  Anyone  know  ??

Best Gay New York


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