FCKH8 Male Model Calendar and Shirts

5 million views, 
40,000 T-shirts
over $250,000 for queer youth suicide prevention and the fight for marriage equality!


This is even bigger than NOH8 !

 The latest F-word-filled viral video from FCKH8.com  

features a cross section of people, including a 5-year old child, drag queens and an old woman, Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta and YouTube sensation “Kelly” (known for her over 40-million-viewed video “Shoes”) using the forbidden four-letter word to take “Homo H8ers” to task.

The no-holds-barred clip shows people wearing purple and white T-shirts that read “FCKH8”, “Don’t B H8N on the Homos” and “STR8 AGAINST H8.”  The T-shirts are sold on the video’s website starting at $13 each, with $5 going directly to organizations offering vital counseling & suicide prevention programs. The website also sells bumper stickers, hoodies, wristbands and buttons to help spread its message. Which are all selling like crazy!

The website’s message and fundraising T-shirts have found support from some of Hollywoods biggest gay names with Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia deRossi snagging pins and stickers reading “Some Chicks Marry Chicks. Get Over It” and Glee’s Jane Lynch posing for photos to promote the fundraising T-shirt with the same slogan. Glam rocker Adam Lambert tweeted the video’s link to almost a million fans saying, “It’s for a good cause. Sometimes fire w/ fire is a great way to illustrate a point.”

The controversial but humorous video rails against anti-gay bigots at home, church and school with lines like, “You bully your kids, you bury your kids“, “Preaching FCKed up hate has a lot to do with the suicide rate”, and a little 4 year-old girl exclaiming, “If I grow up lesbo, do you want me to FCKing get gay bashed?”


STR8 Against H8″ 2011 Charity Calendar and Sexy Behind the Scenes Video Shows What It Looks Like When “STR8 Guys Take It Off So the Homos Can Get Their Rights On” .

What happens when the gay rights activists at FCKH8.com get their hands on a dozen or so straight dudes? The “STR8 AGAINST H8” 2011 Charity Calendar shows homo-friendly straight guys stripped down and oiled up looking picture-perfect sexy for a good cause. The FCKH8.com website sells the 13-month charity calendars online and also features a 4 minute behind the scenes video featurette  that captures all the sexy shenanigans that happened during the photo shoot. The hot and humorous “making of” video features athletic, good-looking half-nude straight models in compromising positions and pushes the line with straight men’s “junk” needing to be blurred out.

“These guys are more than just good-looking, they are helping out a good cause,” says director Luke Montgomery. “Who hasn’t wanted to get their hands on some hot straight boys walking around in just their underwear and jockstraps? We loved every minute of it and it shows in the calendar’s sexy photos.”




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