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Jesse Archer Has Fire Island Web Series in the Works

Fire Island has long been established as New York’s “Gay Summer Wonderland” and in recent years has had an influx of international visitors keen to spend time in this truly unique resort, almost exclusively populated by gay men during the summer months.

What better place for a gay comedy series?!

A new comedy series from the creators of

A Four Letter Word & Violet Tendencies

Jesse Archer and Sean Hanley.

Fire Island Pines is where the sun meets the sand—free of hesitation, oppression, or explanation!  It’s the fantasy every gay man dreamed of as a child—The Island of Misfit Boys!

Check your inhibitions on the mainland and hop aboard the fairy ferry to a land where carefree men frolic in the skimpiest fashions as if the stuffy outside world didn’t exist.  Stroll exclusive boardwalks where the flip-flops are fierce and the only thing stronger than the golden Adonis-like men are the cocktails at Low Tea!

Take a peek into the lives of one summer house in Half-Share.  Sometimes debaucherous, usually randy, and always outrageous…  When you share a house on Fire Island with six gay men, anything can happen.  And often does!

We live in the Web 3.0 world, where anything is possible.


Video may have killed the radio star, but the internet is definitely reviving the careers of the TV star!  When Lisa Kudrow (Friends) was unable to get the roles she wanted, she decided to co-produce the original Internet comedy Web Therapy.  After three successful online seasons, Showtime was so impressed they bought it for their lineup.  Similarly, the TV hospital spoof Childrens Hospital (Rob Corddry—Hot Tub Time Machine), was launched as a web-series and just made its network premiere after being snapped up by the Cartoon Network. 

Today, content creators are easily able to distribute through many avenues: DVD (compilations in this case), Video On Demand, iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, and future revenue generating outlets of online streaming.  Apple has iTunes and Apple TV, Microsoft has built Windows Media Center into virtually every copy of Windows 7, Google TV is on the horizon, and all of Google’s increasingly popular Android phones come with the YouTube app pre-installed.

HALF SHARE is utilizing all of these tactics, in addition to taking advantage of new media technology (when it is released) to ensure that Half-Share becomes the kind of success detailed in the examples above. 

More details  soon! Check out Jesse’s  blog for more info~!

MEANWHILE  grab  Violet Tendencies
on DVD coming in May!

Written by Jesse Archer and Directed by Casper Andreas. 

At 40, Violet is the racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends, she always heads home alone. While her co-worker Riley struggles with his boyfriend Markus going baby-crazy, and her roommate Luke tackles monogo-mania, Violet’s romantic life is one big bellyflop.

Chasing love and lust at all costs, she may find them in the most unlikely of a straight boyfriend.

A film festival favorite and rated 4 out 5 by many! This is a must-see if you haven’t already.

Best Gay New


Gay Life does Michael Cusumano, Jeffrey Cares, Broadway Boys Bare and MORE

The boys over at Gay Life are going to have to start a television show pretty soon!  They were everywhere the last 2 weeks covering events!

Broadway Hero- Mikey Cusumano from Chicago, talks about his role in the show as well as being the youngest person ever to be a dancer with ABT.

Then they were at the   Jeffrey Cares Fashion show  – watch the Hightlight video of the hot guys from  Fashion show with some stunning male models.

More gorgeous men get naked  with Broadway Bares Solo Strip– the hottest guys on Broadway Strip for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS- highlights.

Amazing Celebrity Videos from The Point Foundation Honors–

Point Foundation Executive Director Jorge Velencia, White Collar star, Marsha Thomason, Broadway Star Mentego Glover and Grammy Winner, Matchbox20,  Rob Smith

Plus  Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, Super Model, Iman, Sam Champion.

Also chats with  Judith Light (who is in Lombardi), Sandra Bernhard, and Real Housewife Teresa Guidice

WOW!  What an awesome organization.

Please support this awesome site as well!


Joe Oppedisano and His Masculine Male Images in Photography

His men are classic strong  figures,
masculine and confident.

They force the viewer to sit up, take notice of their command and sexual allure that has no shame or remorse.

 You know what photographer I am talking about, right?  New York’s Joe Oppedisano.

The details of his images are sometimes immediately noticeable, sometimes, you must look again and again to see the tiniest piece of information that was missed in the first several glances, but they are the details that pull the photograph together, and bring the world of Joe Oppedisano’s photography 360 degrees. These are the defining characteristics that have earned him the comparisons to Caravaggio, Tom of Finland, and more recently named him the most obvious heir to Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as his body of work to date, the face of his generation.

 Joe  first studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a short stint as stripper ! he worked as a fashion editor for W, Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue and others. Only in America, RIGHT?!

At the age of 30 he decided to never again dress up like a model and taught himself photography.
He lives and works in New York City.

Joe   and  JO Uncensored




and Knockout! on DVD.

Best Gay New


Michael Alago Booksigning March 19th

New Yorker Michael Alago
left the music business in the summer of 2003 to concentrate on another lifelong passion—photography.

Working initially with a Polaroid camera, Michael embarked on a series of stark male portraits—a series that continues to this day. 

While these images of friends, models and bodybuilders feature the muscular physique, tattoos, and attitude that define this particular male subset, they also bear Alago’s distinctive stamp of irreverent heat. A collection of his work entitled Rough Gods was published in 2005.

His new book coffee-table book, Brutal Truth: Muscular, Tough Machos , just came out!

Michael will do a book signing at Rainbows and Triangles  on 8th ave next Saturday March 19th from 2pm to the date..come on by to say hello and get your book autographed!

Alago has exhibited in New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Montreal, and Toronto, and continues to photograph rough gods wherever he may find them. Are you a rough god? Who knows, you could end up in his next book!

If you fit the bill, Michael invites you to contact him through his website Rough Gods.

Best Gay New


Matt Anctil from La Cage is Broadway Hero of the Month

Is that a martini shaker in your hand….

or are you just happy to see us, Matt?

The  adorable Matt Anctil
From La Cage on Broadway 
 has so much to say about bullying, his time in high school, the broadway beauty pageant and all the great things he does for charity.

Of course, Michael Cavnaugh,
 from GAY LIFE
caught up with him for an interview. 

Check out  GAY LIFE  and
Matts video on YouTube.

AND, you can catch him in
La Cage  RIGHT NOW with Harvey Fierstein!


Reed Kelly is this Months Broadway Hottie Hero of the Month


For most of the world  REED KELLY  became a household name for dating Clay Aiken.
But for New York he is one as one of Broadway’s darlings.
Five years with  WICKED,  dancing naked for Broadway Bares
and currently in the Addams Family. 

Michael Cavnaugh, from  caught up with this adorable self-proclaimed
 “geek” for a personal on camer interview.
Stop by and check it out !

Best Gay New York


Broadway Hottie Jonathan D. Lovitiz talks with Gay Life

HOTTIE Actor, singer, and dancer Jonathan D. Lovitz joins  Michael Cavnaugh this month in the continuing Hottie of the Month series at . founder Michael Cavnaugh chats with the triple threat very talented Actor and Model. Jonathan talks about his “virgin”  Broadway Bares experience , which has led to a career in modeling. He talks about  his life, his interests and all things New York. 

They say his smile shines all the way to  the back row, in every performance. This may be the hottest and nicest   Sci-fi  “geek” you will ever see! –  “I  LOVED  Star Trek 4 – when they rescue the whales!”

He is currently shooting a pilot for LOGO – let’s hope that hottie will come to TV screens soon.

And he claims he is a closet junk food junkie!
With  that body?  Hmmmmm.

WATCH  THE  Jonathan D. Lovitz VIDEO

Best Gay New York


New Gay Video Interviews at Gay Life

 Michael Cavanaugh and his helpers
over at  GAY LIFE
have been busy videotaping
 lots of cool stuff! 

Jesse Archer Covers The
Night Of A Thousand Gowns to Benefit
Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS!

Interview with Soap Star
Cameron Mathison!

PLUS, See the super hot boys strut their stuff on the runway at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares Fashion Show and Auction to benefit GBLT charities plus celebrity interviews!


Best Gay New York


Monday Nights in Brooklyn – Pizza and Go-Go Boys Shake it Up!



A match made in heaven! 

It’s called Fondle and it happens every Monday night at South Brooklyn Pizza in Carroll Gardens. It’s a neighborhood scene with local boys, dance anthems and a drink special. Dancing boys take to the floor at 11.

The Monday night Go Go Pizza Party launched quietly in February by Bastard Life Editor and noted LGBT enthusiast Neal Boulton.  Now police are investigating, of course.

The Brooklyn Paper reports:

Police say they will investigate a Carroll Gardens pizzeria that features scantily clad male go-go dancers once a week.

The weekly “Fondle” party, which started in February  didn’t get mentioned beyond the listings section of most newspapers. But on Sunday, the New York Times wrote about the gay-themed bacchanal, creating not only a maelstrom for the pizzeria, but renewing debate over whether tight-knit Carroll Gardens was truly welcoming to newcomers.


First, the maelstrom:


“That [Times article] was the first I heard of [Fondle] night,” Captain Kenneth Corey of the 76th Precinct, which covers Carroll Gardens, told members of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association on Monday night. “We’re going to determine the legality of it. If they’re outside of it, then we’re going to take action.”

A police source told The Brooklyn Paper that authorities would examine whether South Brooklyn Pizza violated cabaret license regulations.

The looming police threat evidently arose after the Times story revealed that a key detail about the “Fondle” party: it includes go-go dancers.

The article suggested that strippers are incompatible with the Old Gray Lady’s understanding of Carroll Gardens as an insular, old Italian neighborhood. The neighborhood, of course, is changing, and many of the newer residents don’t mind a gay go-go night.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Omarr Stewart, who lives in the neighborhood. “I like to think of myself as a progressive.”

Others shared that liberal idea.

“To each his own,” said Michael Rosario, who works next door to the restaurant.

Come for the pizza, stay for the sauce!

451 Court Street/4th Place –  F train to Carroll St

8pm-close /  11pm GO-GO dancers
Drink Specials

451 Court Street, 11231

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