Broadway Hottie Jonathan D. Lovitiz talks with Gay Life

HOTTIE Actor, singer, and dancer Jonathan D. Lovitz joins  Michael Cavnaugh this month in the continuing Hottie of the Month series at . founder Michael Cavnaugh chats with the triple threat very talented Actor and Model. Jonathan talks about his “virgin”  Broadway Bares experience , which has led to a career in modeling. He talks about  his life, his interests and all things New York. 

They say his smile shines all the way to  the back row, in every performance. This may be the hottest and nicest   Sci-fi  “geek” you will ever see! –  “I  LOVED  Star Trek 4 – when they rescue the whales!”

He is currently shooting a pilot for LOGO – let’s hope that hottie will come to TV screens soon.

And he claims he is a closet junk food junkie!
With  that body?  Hmmmmm.

WATCH  THE  Jonathan D. Lovitz VIDEO

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