Jesse Archer Has Fire Island Web Series in the Works

Fire Island has long been established as New York’s “Gay Summer Wonderland” and in recent years has had an influx of international visitors keen to spend time in this truly unique resort, almost exclusively populated by gay men during the summer months.

What better place for a gay comedy series?!

A new comedy series from the creators of

A Four Letter Word & Violet Tendencies

Jesse Archer and Sean Hanley.

Fire Island Pines is where the sun meets the sand—free of hesitation, oppression, or explanation!  It’s the fantasy every gay man dreamed of as a child—The Island of Misfit Boys!

Check your inhibitions on the mainland and hop aboard the fairy ferry to a land where carefree men frolic in the skimpiest fashions as if the stuffy outside world didn’t exist.  Stroll exclusive boardwalks where the flip-flops are fierce and the only thing stronger than the golden Adonis-like men are the cocktails at Low Tea!

Take a peek into the lives of one summer house in Half-Share.  Sometimes debaucherous, usually randy, and always outrageous…  When you share a house on Fire Island with six gay men, anything can happen.  And often does!

We live in the Web 3.0 world, where anything is possible.


Video may have killed the radio star, but the internet is definitely reviving the careers of the TV star!  When Lisa Kudrow (Friends) was unable to get the roles she wanted, she decided to co-produce the original Internet comedy Web Therapy.  After three successful online seasons, Showtime was so impressed they bought it for their lineup.  Similarly, the TV hospital spoof Childrens Hospital (Rob Corddry—Hot Tub Time Machine), was launched as a web-series and just made its network premiere after being snapped up by the Cartoon Network. 

Today, content creators are easily able to distribute through many avenues: DVD (compilations in this case), Video On Demand, iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, and future revenue generating outlets of online streaming.  Apple has iTunes and Apple TV, Microsoft has built Windows Media Center into virtually every copy of Windows 7, Google TV is on the horizon, and all of Google’s increasingly popular Android phones come with the YouTube app pre-installed.

HALF SHARE is utilizing all of these tactics, in addition to taking advantage of new media technology (when it is released) to ensure that Half-Share becomes the kind of success detailed in the examples above. 

More details  soon! Check out Jesse’s  blog for more info~!

MEANWHILE  grab  Violet Tendencies
on DVD coming in May!

Written by Jesse Archer and Directed by Casper Andreas. 

At 40, Violet is the racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends, she always heads home alone. While her co-worker Riley struggles with his boyfriend Markus going baby-crazy, and her roommate Luke tackles monogo-mania, Violet’s romantic life is one big bellyflop.

Chasing love and lust at all costs, she may find them in the most unlikely of a straight boyfriend.

A film festival favorite and rated 4 out 5 by many! This is a must-see if you haven’t already.

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