Joe Oppedisano and His Masculine Male Images in Photography

His men are classic strong  figures,
masculine and confident.

They force the viewer to sit up, take notice of their command and sexual allure that has no shame or remorse.

 You know what photographer I am talking about, right?  New York’s Joe Oppedisano.

The details of his images are sometimes immediately noticeable, sometimes, you must look again and again to see the tiniest piece of information that was missed in the first several glances, but they are the details that pull the photograph together, and bring the world of Joe Oppedisano’s photography 360 degrees. These are the defining characteristics that have earned him the comparisons to Caravaggio, Tom of Finland, and more recently named him the most obvious heir to Robert Mapplethorpe, as well as his body of work to date, the face of his generation.

 Joe  first studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a short stint as stripper ! he worked as a fashion editor for W, Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue and others. Only in America, RIGHT?!

At the age of 30 he decided to never again dress up like a model and taught himself photography.
He lives and works in New York City.

Joe   and  JO Uncensored




and Knockout! on DVD.

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