Rosie Leaves Chicago for New York City

A report on the Huffington Post
cites an “insider” who says Ms. O’Donnell was not happy about commuting
from her New York home to tape the show at Oprah Winfrey’s former Near
West Side studio.  (WTF?   She just bough a condo  in Chicago!)

She’s also found it more difficult to persuade guests
to travel to Chicago that it would be to book them on a New York-based
show, the source said. –  well of course. Dah.

The news came on the same day that reports said Ms. O’Donnell had found a buyer for her Lakeview home six months after she bought it. It had been listed on the market for just a day.

O’Donnell bought the Chicago property as she began taping “The Rosie
Show,” which took over Harpo Studios after Ms. Winfrey ceased production
on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” to focus on her OWN network.

“The Rosie Show” has undergone changes since its debut. Ms. O’Donnell recently cut staff and stopped filming before a studio audience.

REALITY is the show has had poor ratings and yes, there are more stars  in NYC to pull from and they don’t have to pay for airfare to Chicago!


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