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Gay Life Talks with Jonathan D. Lovitz

This week Michael Cavnaugh
Gay Life
turns his camera on JONATHAN D. LOVITZ – 
Broadway Hero of the  month.

Actor, singer and model Jonathan D. Lovitz  stands out in a crowd.  Jonathan has an extensive stage resume and is as down home as apple pie!

Jonathan is one of those actors who exudes positive energy that effects those around him. His smile, is without a doubt contagious.

You may have read his name earlier this month

gay man was excused from jury duty in New York last week because he said that discrimination against gays makes him a second-class citizen and therefore he couldn’t be impartial.

Jonathan wrote on his Facebook page, “I raised my hand and said, ‘Since I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can’t possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class citizen in the eyes of the justice system.’”

“And he got off the case!” reported Village Voice columnist Michael Musto. “And that’s how the new phenomenon of ‘jury duty blocking’ was born.”

Jonathan is also a part of Setup Squad premiering this month on Logo.

the scoop –  No-nonsense Renee Lee has the business solution for people who stink at dating: she hooks them up with professional “wing” women and men from her agency.

From the producers of “Pawn Stars,” “Setup Squad” is a docu-reality series where relationship misfits get saved from themselves by experts who coach them in ‘the art of the pickup.’ The “wing” women and men are snappy and sexy: two straight women, a lesbian, and a gay man (hunky Broadway star, Jonathan D. Lovitz) – all fierce and fun and full of opinions about their ineffectual clients.

They give clients a crash dating makeover, transforming them from ‘shabby & shy’ to ‘chic & confident’. Then they provide a real shot at love, breaking the ice for them in social settings. Then the real dramas unfold. Will they land the deal? Or get snubbed by their intended target? And what happens when one of the experts gets a little too cozy with their client? Find out in this highly charged reality series combining the most sizzling parts of dating shows with the most electric elements of workplace dramas.’

Jonathan says, “What started off as being the youngest kid in the family dying for attention had turned into an incredibly exciting life in theatre, film, and tv. 

After years wanting to be an engineer, astronaut, and diplomat I landed on the next logical career choice: actor and entertainer!


I’ve been so blessed (and so jetlagged) to have traveled to all 50 states as well as amazing destinations in North America and Europe performing in things as varied as big Broadway musicals to insane 24-hour commercial shoots. I feel like the luckiest man on Earth, and I hope it’s just the beginning!”

Jonathan has  worked consistently as a stage actor and dedicated countless hours to organizations such as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. His participation included the annual Broadway Flea Market and Broadway Bares. He was a special performer at the Broadway Bares: Classic event held to honor the best of the first 20 years of Broadway Bares, recreating Pan from 2007’s “Myth Behavior” and later danced with Vanessa Williams in the opening of Broadway Bares XX: Strip-Opoly. He also appears regularly at events throughout New York City for organizations including the Ali Forney Center and UCP of NYC.

Please check out Jonathan’s Interview with and his IT GETS BETTER VIDEO.

Gay Life has an amazing collection of inspiring videos on You Tube!


PBS to show Stonewall Uprising April 25th


I talked with two people recently under the age of 25, who had no clue!

When police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City on June 28, 1969, the street erupted into violent protests that lasted for the next six days. The Stonewall riots, as they came to be known, marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement in the United States and around the world.

DID YOU KNOW?   In the late 1960s, the American Psychiatric Association still classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, and gay men and lesbian women received almost universal moral condemnation from mainstream religions. The act of homosexual sex, even in private homes, was punishable by a light fine, 20 years in prison, or even a life sentence!!

New York City had the largest gay population in the United States. It was also the city that most aggressively upheld anti-sodomy laws. In the mid-1960s New York created police vice squads to raid gay bars and baths, and began using decoys to solicit and entrap gays. By 1966 over 100 men a week were arrested as a result of this effort. “It was a nightmare for the lesbian or gay man who was arrested and caught up in the juggernaut but it was also a nightmare for the lesbians or gay men who lived in the closet,” Yale Law School professor William Eskridge says in the film. “This produced an enormous amount of anger within the lesbian and gay community in New York City. Eventually something was bound to blow.”

STONEWALL UPRISING is a very important film we should all see!  PBS and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE is airing it on Monday, April 25th!  Check your local listings!  GET A SNEAK  PEAK  ONLINE.

Coming soon to DVD!


Lady Bunny and Charo on RuPauls Drag U

and  her  wigs! 

Are in Los Angeles this
week on the set of  RuPauls DRAG U Season 2.

Outfitter Wigs on Hollywood Boulevard saves the day! And my goodness, it looks as if Thairin is holding Lady Bunny’s ACTUAL HEAD in his hand!

I guess CHARO was a guest judge…and this is the wig(s) Lady Bunny wore at a recent taping of the show.

Go Girl!


The A-LIST Season 2 on Logo Casting NOW


And they are
taking applications  now.


Best Gay New


Gay Husbands of New York Reality Show Coming From Bravo?

From left: Mark Silver, Kenneth Gillett, Jordan Carlyle, and Joey Giuntoli.
Patrick McMullan

Meet the new Gay Husbands of New York.  Back in December, it was  “leaked” that Bravo’s front man, the flamboyant and fun Andy Cohen, was developing a show about gay socialites  to rival Logo’s show The A-List: New York. 

The goal is to find and feature a handful of men who are at the top of the gay social milieu here in New York. Sources are saying  the Bravo show have not  finalized its cast, but the network is allegedly working with Factory PR founder Mark Silver, book publicist Kenneth Gillett, hottie interior designer Jordan Carlyle  and hottie boyfriend Christopher Fawcett, fashion showroom owner Joey Giuntoli and Penguin designer Kristopher Haigh, who’s also the promoter of a popular gay night at The Park in Chelsea. –  I am told six men HAVE in fact  been signed on. But MUMM is the word….no one is admitting anything yet!

Andy Cohen recently Tweeted: “HEY EVERYBODY: Do you really think Bravo is doing a show called “From the Bottom to the Top”?!? We’re not.” –   However, word is in New York, there is still a buzz going around…..maybe they will do it with a different name perhaps? 

As soon as we hear something, you’ll be first to know!

Best Gay New


From New York City Taxi’s to TV…Pedro Andrade

I was in a cab with male model
hottie Pedro Andrade the other day.

Well…sort of.

That sexy Brazilian accent was romancing my ears… from the TV in the  cab.

For the last few years, the host of LXTV’s 1st Look New York , has been  covering all the hot things to see/do in Gotham.

But for this Rio de Janeiro–raised journalist-actor-model, the gig is a dream come true. “I auditioned about six times. It was callback after callback,” says the West Village resident. “But it was worth it. I never really found my passion until I started hosting.”

 Pedro was first discovered by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino and traveled the world modeling for the likes of Giorgio Armani before joining LXTV (NBC’s lifestyle network) in ’06. I think perhaps he gained the most national attention for dating  Lance Bass!

These days he is still juggling several tv shows and he is in talks with Gilt Groupe  for some kind of special  partnership and promotion! (Gilt Groupe provides invitation-only access to highly coveted products and experiences at insider prices. Each day, Gilt offers its members a curated selection of merchandise, including apparel, accessories and lifestyle items across the women’s, men’s and children’s categories. In addition, they provide the best in home decor and entertaining essentials, along with luxury travel packages and fantastic offers on local services and experiences. Most sales start at noon ET and last only 36 hours, making an exclusive shopping destination for luxury at up to 70% off.)

Can’t Wait!  More details soon.

Pedro on Twitter   

Pedro  on Facebook

Best Gay New


New Yorker Randy Rainbow Gets His break on American Idol!

You have  to love the whole Web 2.0 movement. When I grew up, and I am dating myself (gasp!) we didn’t have YouTube, Twitter or even the Internet! The world is an oyster now. Anyone can be their own PR agent and get seen by millions.

Justion Bieber is probably the biggest example.YouTuber discovered by Scooter Braun.  
Look at Waiter Rant !  Waiter blogger gets a 2 book deal and TV show!
Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter (P.S.)
Keep the Change: A Clueless Tipper’s Quest to Become the Guru of the Gratuity

Then there was the Twitter Sensation Justin – ShitMyDadSays .
Book deal   Sh*t My Dad Says and TV show.

Unless you have been under a rock the past year , New Yorker gay jew Randy Rainbow has become “the one to watch” over the past 6 months. He posted his breakout video, “Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson ,” in July, 2010. It received more than 60,000 views in one week. Since then his videos have become somewhat famous!

Subsequent videos include “Randy Rainbow Calls Lindsay Lohan,” “Randy Rainbow Calls Dr. Laura,” “The Morning After Chelsea’s Wedding,”  “Randy Rainbow Kicks It with Kanye West,” and “Randy Rainbow Spends Christmas with Mel Gibson.” Porn star  Brent Corrigan appeared as himself in “Randy Rainbow Makes a Sex Tape (w/Mel Gibson).” Randy’s cat, Mushi Rainbow, also plays a prominent role in his videos.

Now, he does American Idol ! This is the BEST video yet! This guy is so clever! And so funny!

Randy Rainbow is a blogger and quite the  Internet celebrity these days, and based in New York.  Rainbow created his blog, The Randy Rainbow Bloggity BLAHg-BLAHg , to document his theatrical experiences and “kvetch about my day-to-day as a single homo in the city.”

He has been called BRILLIANT, HILARIOUS,  SUPER FUNNY…his mother says he is the Perez Hilton of Broadway!


YouTube Channel


Find out what you have been missing!

Find out what you have been missing!

Best Gay New York


IN BETWEEN MEN Premiere Feb. 1st at Hudson Terrace

In Between Men
is a sexy, new dramedy  (on the web) about All- American guys who feel caught between two worlds, not truly knowing where they fit in.

In Between Men follows four friends in NYC who live “in between” a gay world, whose clichés they don’t relate to, and a straight world they don’t belong to.

They are successful, professional men not defined by their sexuality. Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, underscored by the pulse of New York City, In Between Men examines the relationships the men have between each other, their lovers, and the greater community.

Join us for an Exclusive Screening of the new web-series, “In Between Men”, LIVE performances of music from the soundtrack, and Supermodel Ronnie Kroell’s 28th Birthday.

Hosted by Randy Jones of The Village People and featuring DJ Justin Dawson, Tom McBride, Margot B, Netousha Monroe, Blue Hill, James Calvin, Travis Taylor, Adam Esparza, and more…

Tuesday February 1, 2011        7:00-11:00 PM

Hudson Terrace      621 W. 46th Street NYC       Btw: 11 & 12th Avenue

General Admission $20.00 online ($25.00 at the door)
VIP Admission $75 or Two for $100

Complimentary food prepared by Chef Bill Seleno of Albert Hall Tavern, drink specials, and a celebratory toast for all guests. VIP includes Gift Bag and special seating. Space is limited, so please reserve your tickets in advance online .  Proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center , for homeless LGBT youth.



LOGO is Casting to Find 3 Charismatic, Healthy, Fit, Active HIV+ Athletes

LOGO is casting to find
3 charismatic, healthy, fit, and active HIV+ athletes (amateurs
to professionals) from a variety of fields (soccer, dance, rugby, gymnastics, swimming, dodgeball, ice hockey, track & field, etc) to star in this PSA series.

Each of the spots will feature one of these athletes talking about the passion they have for their sport, and how living with HIV does not prevent them from pursuing what they love and maintaining their lifestyle.

The goal of this series is to show that HIV is still a disease but it is treatable. People can live full, active, and healthy lives by knowing their HIV status, staying in shape, eating well, and seeking proper medical treatment.

Pay is  $800 /Filming takes place in November

OCTOBER 20, 2010    to     logocasting @


• A healthy, active, and physically fit male living with HIV, (all ages & ethnicities)
• AND an athlete, amateur or professional. (You must be skilled in and passionate about your sport.)
• Living in NYC or within driving distance. (Due to budgetary constraints, we may not be able to use people living further away.)

E-mail three pictures of yourself, including one close-up of your face and one of you
participating in your sport along with answers to the following by October 20 to:
logocasting @

(Client will be reviewing submissions as they receive them so the sooner the better!)
• Legal Name, Birthdate & Town/City where you currently live
• Your SPORT and how many years you have been active in this sport.
• Any Awards/Trophies/Achievements in your sport/field.
• Teams/Groups/Organizations you are or have been involved with, if any.
• Would you be interested in participating if Logo produced a web series based on this
PSA? (All details to be negotiated and handled separately at a future date, TBD.)

Best Gay New York


New York Gay Couples Wanted for New Show on Oprah’s Network

Are you struggling with your sex life or relationship?

Dr. Laura Berman , a world-renowned Sex & Relationship Expert,
has a brand new show on OWN…and she’s here to help you!

Have you lost the spark in your relationship?

Is intimacy – or lack thereof –
a source of conflict between you and your partner?

Are you desperate to reconnect but don’t know where to turn, or don’t have the resources to get the information you need?

Chicago’s Dr. Laura Berman can help!!!

You’ve seen her segments on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Dr. Oz Show” and heard her great advice on “Oprah Radio” but now Dr. Berman has a brand new TV show, In The Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman, fully dedicated to helping couples achieve greater intimacy and connection, not to mention better sex!

Dr. Berman understands the juggling act you go through every day and the significance of keeping your sex life a top priority. If you’re struggling with your intimacy, want a better relationship and long for a more fulfilling sex life, Dr. Berman is here to shed some light. Let Dr. Berman show you how to get exactly what you want and need in the bedroom and beyond!

If you live in the NEW YORK CITY  area and you want Dr. Berman’s advice, contact us today ! Please be sure to include a description of your family and the issues you’re dealing with, along with a recent photo. Couples need not be married but must be committed to making a change and be willing to appear and discuss their private lives on Television, if selected.


Best Gay New York


Gay Life Does Robert Verdi and Dave August founder
Mike Cavnaugh
has been busy the last few  weeks! 

First he gets a candid chat with the hilarious star of Logo’s The Robert Verdi Show -Robert Verdi about his career, how he became a tv/fashion diva, and his work with charity. Check out the skinny on this amazing guy.  He talks about his love  for  jewelry design, and is a great conversationist. 


Next up
is hottie  DAVE  AUGUST!

 Dave shows off his lean muscled, hard physique and shamrock tattoo for underwear company DMK’s St Patrick’s Day shoot here.

As well as being super hot, Dave is a talented actor, currently appearing in New York’s off Broadway musical Naked Boys Singing.

Photographer Peter D Brown had fun creating these sexy shots with the charming green eyed Dave for DAMAGE.

Michael captured Dave  at Splash , as well as some other hotties, where they  recently were promoting the upcoming BROADWAY BARES show.   See some of the hottest boys of Broadway TAKE IT OFF!

Michael also got great interviews  with 

Annette Benning

Warren Beatty

Cheyenne Jackson
Peter Gallagher

Great celebrity videos from The Actors Fund Gala .  

Visit Gay Life   for  tons of great interviews PLUS lots of useful  HIV/AIDS information and resources that  give you quick links and information on getting assistance, free confidential testing and medical services regardless of your ability to pay.

The Best of Gay New York


New Gay Video Interviews at Gay Life

 Michael Cavanaugh and his helpers
over at  GAY LIFE
have been busy videotaping
 lots of cool stuff! 

Jesse Archer Covers The
Night Of A Thousand Gowns to Benefit
Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS!

Interview with Soap Star
Cameron Mathison!

PLUS, See the super hot boys strut their stuff on the runway at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares Fashion Show and Auction to benefit GBLT charities plus celebrity interviews!


Best Gay New York


The Gay Socialites Of New York – Casting Call

You may remember
back in October we broke the story about KEPT,
the fourthcoming reality  television show, and its casting call…..

As the show was cast and went through some developmental stages this year, it is ready to begin shooting in May!  The show has been cast  but they are STILL LOOKING  FOR 
ONE more fab couple …and an amazing SINGLE hottie that navigates the NYC gay social scene in search of his equally (or better) “other half”!!

BEST GAY NEW YORK  just got this official casting call today!

From the producers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and CEG Casting–We are pleased to announce “round 2” casting of our highly anticipated docu-series that chronicles the lives of a select group of fabulous gay guys who are A List and part of NYC’s social elite.

It will be a fun, entertaining and drama-filled peek into the lives of gay male couples and singles who are making it happen in NYC.

  • You go to all the right clubs, support all the right charities and organizations, live in the right neighborhood, vacation in all the right places.


  • You have worked hard for your place on the NYC Gay A-List and you have all the trappings that prove your success.


  • You dress and accessorize for the part.


  • Other gay guys either want to BE you…or want to BE WITH you!


  • You are in your 20-30’s.


  • You have a story to tell and a lot of great issues going on in your life.


Looking for:

Gay Power Couples – you have joined fabulous forces to create the ultimate partnership. You are hot and have the means to take care of yourself physically. You support each other in everything that you do. You navigate in amazing circles with other successful gay guys – both couples and singles. You are living the “good life” in the most fabulous city in the world – NYC.


Successful Gay Single Guys – you have the career, you have the looks, you have the GREAT apartment and you summer at all of the amazing summer gayborhoods!

The gym is your second home. Your weekends are made to socialize…you are out and about all week long too! You might enjoy being single … but ultimately might be looking for that power “other half” that is either AS successful as you – or more successful!


In short – we are looking for the cream of the crop in the NYC gay / social scene.
If that is you (or someone you know) we want to meet you!

Must live in the greater Manhattan area – or VERY close to the city.


Please email the following information to 
GaySocialitesNY   @


Full name(s):
Situation (single or couple):
Cell #:
Email address:

Photos are a must…we want to see everything about you!

We will then send you an application and set up a time for you to meet the casting director.


Best Gay New York