David Mixners Equality Vigil in New Yorks Time Square March 24th

IN case you have been under a rock in recent years, author, political strategist, civil rights activist and public affairs  adviser David Mixner blogs on his passions: progressive politics,
foreign policy, LGBT rights and wildlife advocacy.

Yesterday he said, “The week of March 24 will be a historic week for the LGBT community,
family and friends. For two days on that week, the United States
Supreme Court is hearing arguments on both the DOMA and Proposition 8
cases. Rarely has a time called for dignified reflections and ‘giving
witness’ to the moment.

Not acknowledging the importance of those hearings in our lives is
unacceptable. All over America at sunset either on Sunday March 24 or
Monday, March 25 there will be vigils, visits to Congressional offices
and editorial boards, LGBT couples seeking marriage licenses and even
some getting arrested.

Show up and be counted somewhere in America. Just do it.

On Sunday evening (March 24) at 7:00PM, I will be taking a candle to Times Square – the window to the world and standing silently for one hour to give witness.
I will be standing behind the half price ticket booth. There will be
no speeches (although music is always welcomed) and no anger.

Have zero idea if it will be just me standing alone with my candle or just me and a few friends.

However, I am inviting you to come and stand with me to give witness
to the nation and the world how important that week will be for LGBT
American obtaining freedom and equality.

If the spirit moves you and you in New York City come on down to
Times Square with your candle, your determination to fully equal and
spend an hour with me.

Much love and peace.”

See YOU on March 24th at 7pm in TIMES SQUARE!


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