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Bianca Del Rio Insults Hebro!

WATCH  Bianca  del Rio Do Jew!


Purchase reduced $20 tickets to   Hebro Pride event with an open wine and beer bar!






Bianca  is teaming up with director Matt Kugelman for a comedy:

Hurricane Bianca is a feature-length comedy about a New York teacher who moves to a small town in Texas, gets fired for being gay, and returns disguised as a mean “lady” to get revenge on the people who were nasty to him! It’s Tootsie meets Revenge of the Nerds, or Mrs. Doubtfire for the Jackass generation! Topical, touching and really funny, it’s one person’s journey to find himself while pretending to be someone else.


Lady Bunny Clown Syndrome Opens This Week at New Yorks La Escuelita

“Clown Syndrome” opens on Tuesday April 29nd and runs for five consecutive Tuesdays through May 27.

The price is as cheap as her humor—$19.95 with a recession-friendly 1 drink minimum.

La Escuelita is at 301 West 39th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.



Clowns Syndrome is co-written by Bunny and the bitter and hysterical Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum. For tickets, head here.

Bunny is interviewed this week  by Huffington Posts Noah Michelsen.  Bunny discusses her show, politics and the whole she mail backlash.

Look, being trans is a very difficult journey and it is very hard to understand. I’m really the wrong one to ask about the terms because I didn’t like it it when the Gay Center started calling itself the Gay and Lesbian Center because that is grammatically incorrect. Gay means you like the same sex and lesbian means you like the same sex. It’s like saying “Fruits and apples” or “bitches and Bianca Del Rio.”

Then at one point they were saying the sign was like Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Two-Spirits and I’m just like — listen! Why don’t we come together? And stop trying to divide us because, like I said, those people who are going to bash you in a dark ally are probably going to bash me and a gay man or woman who is not in drag. So I don’t understand the divisiveness and I certainly don’t understand the hatred towards RuPaul.


Here’s my other thing: you’re going to get offended in life! If you decide to come out of the closet, there’s a lot of people that hate gays! If you decide to transition into a woman, there’s a lot of people who hate trans people. That comes with the territory! You’re going to get offended. GLAAD has included on its list of taboo words the term “gender bender.” David Bowie was a gender bender! There’s no derogatory term in there! I don’t think anyone’s ever bashed a drag queen or a trans person and said “You fucking gender bender!” You know? The thing with RuPaul and the “she-mail” controversy really riled me up because first of all, there are people who would bash your head in a dark ally if you’re gay, drag or trans. Are you going to focus on some silly game on a reality show?

There are well-funded organizations who seek to deny gay and trans people equal opportunities and housing. Are those your real enemies? Or is it someone doing a “shemale versus female” thing? I just really feel like it’s kind of crazy to attack RuPaul and it just seems like word police. I looked at some graphic the other day called the “Transgender Umbrella” and it included everything — drag queen, transvestite, transgender pre-op, post-op, two spirit, berdache, questioning — and I fall under that umbrella. So if I want to use the word “tranny,” which I’ve always seen as an affectionate abbreviation for someone who is a transvestite or transsexual, that is my right.


Wise words!  We LOVE  LADY BUNNY!  Could you see Hillary  and Bunny  running the White House?

Read more of her great interview HERE at Huff Post

For more information on Lady Bunny, visit her official website here.


Lady Bunny CLOWNS SYNDROME! opens April 22nd at La Escuelita

“I am thrilled to announce my new 1 & 1/2 woman show:” CLOWNS SYNDROME!

It opens Tuesday April 22nd at

La Escuelita, New York City!

6 shows only–every Tuesday from 4/22-5/27. Special thanks to Mathu Andersen for the wonderful photo, Steve Lafreniere for the gawgeous graphics and my evil stepmother Beryl Mendelbaum for collaborating on some twisted new material for me! TIX ON SALE NOW!

For tickets/more info: — at Enyclub.


My Gay Roommate Moves to New York

My Gay Roommate (MGR)  is a rather new comedy web series (about 18 months old) that explores the relationship between two college roommates – one who is very gay, and one who is straight. It follows their experiences, altercations, and the slightly absurd situations they find themselves in as first time college students — everything from losing their virginities to cleanliness and everything in between.  Season 1 was released in November 2012.

Season 3 has just started and episode one finds Nick in New York, looking for a new roommate.

MGR is about us. We (Austin Bening and Noam Ash) were roommates all four years of college. After we graduated we moved to New York, and the show came with us, ” explains co-creater Noam Ash.  “We built a new team – we have a new writer on board, Samuel Korda, and a new cast and crew. Things have been going swimmingly, it’s been a ton of fun – lots of funny, sexy and interesting twists coming this season!”

Noam told us, “I am a full time actor, singer and writer.  I’m auditioning, performing, filming and writing. Earlier this year I starred in the world premier of “Chemistry”, a two-person play by Jacob Marx Rice directed by Joshua W. Kelley.”

“We have been overwhelmed by the response  MGR  has gotten.  At the one year mark we reached our first 1,000,000 hits, and at the current pace we will hit 2,000,000 at our one and a half year anniversary. So we’re having steady and substantial growth, which is awesome. Our subscriber base is constantly growing with new people discovering the show every day.  It’s pretty awesome!”

What’s next is Season 3?  And the road ahead in New York?

“Who knows!” says Noam. ” I’m auditioning, performing… Anything could happen! There are still plenty of #MGRs to be written and filmed.  One dream would be to have the show picked up by a network and developed for television. That would be pretty fucking cool. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a sitcom and a Broadway show.  Hopefully more than one of each :).  And before I die I WILL sing a duet with Idina Menzel.  🙂 “

and he added, “stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed!”







A Christmas Eve Jewbilee December 24th!

A Christmas Eve Jewbilee

Tuesday, December 24
Doors at 9pm


Stage 48

605 West 48th Street
(between 11/12 Ave)
$15 online (until 12/23)
$20 at door 

Bottle service and
out-of-town group sales:


Headshots and Breakdowns Comedy Web Series

  What happens when a gay twentysomething hits New York to follow his dream of becoming an actor? Reality sets in!

From outrageous roommates to disastrous dates, from insane parental admonitions to catastrophic auditions, Olive Garden waiter-turned-actor
John Graham gets a true taste of the Big Apple…in all its scurvy glory. 
Season One of HEADSHOTS & BREAKDOWNS will be comprised of six episodes, each less than five minutes long. The first installment has just
debuted, with new ones premiering every two weeks (schedule below).
The comedy stars John Graham as…himself. Looking like the great-great-grandson of silent film star Buster Keaton, John’s expressions of 
exasperation, humiliation and desperation are nothing short of a delight. 
He might offer directors the best comic reaction shot since Bea Arthur fired her withering glances around the Golden Girls Miami abode.
John’s joined by a hysterically funny cast including actor/comedian Jimmy
Palumbo (30 Rock, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and downtown diva 
Angela di Carlo (The Mad World of Miss Hathaway).
Director/Co-Creator Dave Snyder is currently VP of Development at Jigsaw
Productions, which won four Emmy Awards this year. His narrative short 
film debut, yeah no definitely, stars Vincent Piazza (Lucky Luciano on 
Boardwalk Empire) and his second narrative short, Play Name, received 
Honorable Mention for the 2011 Iris Prize, the most prestigious award 
given to an LGBT short.
YouTube         Website         Facebook

MILDRED FIERCE! Varla Jean Merman and Boston’s Acclaimed Gold Dust Orphans in NYC

musical romp that tells the story of a single mother, alone and
afraid. And
the men in her life? A shiftless ex-husband, a shady realtor, a cold-hearted playboy.
But by baking her way to the top, Mildred soon has it all! The world is her oyster,
and the city, her cracker. Save for one little thing…
she’s got a daughter who
makes Adolph Hitler look like Anne Frank!


Watch all the glorious melodrama of
“Mildred Pierce” explode all over the stage as The Gold Dust Orphans
bring you their brand new musical parody sprinkled with
splashy songs, tap
dancing pies, bawdy “Waitress” lingo and more surprises than you can
shake a rolling pin at!


Sent through The Gold Dust Orphans’ glitter
filled parody machine, the cast of MILDRED
features Varla Jean Merman as “Mildred” and Orphan favorites Ryan
Landry, Penny Champayne, Olive Another, Liza Lott and Delta Miles.


MOUTHWATERING costumes are by Scott Martino,
TERRIFIC sets by Amelia Gossett, SUPERIOR direction by James P. Byrne and STUNNING
soundscapes by Roger Moore.


The production, written by Ryan Landry will
have it’s official opening on Saturday, October 12
th at 10:30PM and
run until
October 27Performances of MILDRED FIERCE are on Saturdays & Sundays in October. Saturdays
at 8:30 & 10:30PM and Sundays at 3:30PM. Enjoy Pre – Show Cocktails in The William
Barnacle Tavern, next door to the Theater 80 Lobby.



Varla Jean Merman starred in the new musical Lucky Guy opposite Leslie
Jordan in NY at the Little Schubert in spring 2011 prompting The New York Times
to rave, “If Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman had stood in front of the right
pair of funhouse mirrors, they might have resembled Ms. Merman and Mr. Jordan
in stature as well as comedic talent”. 
She guest starred on Ugly Betty in the final season of the show and was
also featured on Bravo’s Project Runway Season 5 as the winning model for the
show’s drag challenge. She has filled cabarets and concert halls across the
world including the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, the New York Public
Theater, London’s Soho Theatre and LA’s Renberg Theatre. She wrote and starred
in the short Improve Your History with Varla Jean: Stonewall, for the launch of
the MTV’s television network Logo and was also seen in their One Night Standup:
Dragtastic special.

Theater 80 St. Marks is located at 80
St. Marks Place (Btw 1st and 2nd Aves). 


My Big Gay Italian Funeral BOYS NIGHT DEAL September 22

in present-day Staten Island, MY BIG GAY ITALIAN FUNERAL (the sequel to
MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING) shows all the zany and over the top family
members that show up at a funeral home when there’s a death in the
family. Relatives are reunited after years of not seeing each other,
bringing along with them all the baggage that makes for a once in a
lifetime gathering. With an incredible ensemble of 17 comedic actors,
this hilarious take on one of life’s worst moments will make you LAUGH
so hard you will cry!

Boys Night Package is only $44.50 (reg $69.50) and includes a discounted ticket to the 7pm performance and a free drink at the post-show cast party at B. Smiths (320 W 46 St, just steps away from the theatre) where you can meet cast members from the show! 

TO ORDER: Go to or call 212-947-8844 and use code BNOGF44


Jackie Beat Returns to New York – These Hips Are Made For Walking

 Acclaimed Drag Star Returns to Times Square

August 31 & September 1 at 
The Laurie Beechman Theater

“Amazingly witty, sarcastic, and bitchy… Ms. Beat’s wickedly morose humor has split the sides of many unsuspecting spectators, performing your favorite tunes in her own twisted way.” — Village Voice

“A triple-shot barrage of twisted songs, barbed social commentary, and all-around bad taste.” — Staten Island Advance

“Hostile, lewd, and riotously funny.” — Time Out

JACKIE BEAT, everyone’s favorite big and bawdy, bold and ballsy,
in-your-face funny “lady” returns to Times Square with her latest solo
comedy. For two nights only, the self-professed bastard child of
“Weird” Al Yankovic and Bette Midler will premiere JACKIE BEAT: THESE
HIPS ARE MADE FOR WORKING at The Laurie Beechman Theater (inside West
Bank Cafe at 407 West 42nd Street — at Ninth Avenue, accessible from
the  A,C,E,N,R,V,F,1,2,3 trains at 42nd Street).

 Performances are
Saturday, August 31 & Sunday, September 1 with shows at 7:30pm & 10pm.
Tickets are $22 plus a $15 food/drink minimum. To purchase tickets,
call 212-352-3101 or visit A full bar and waiter
service is available throughout the performance.

After a widely publicized double hip replacement in April, America’s
most treasured drag star JACKIE BEAT is back and more bitter than
bionic drag star shares stories about her surgery and recovery while
serving up her internationally acclaimed song parodies. With little to
do but lay around and recover, the show will feature 100% new
material. You have been warned!


The Center SUMMER CAMP Events


summer, the Center is sending you back to CAMP with our annual Summer
“Camp” Festival. But not the kind of icky outdoor camp with tents and
mosquitoes – instead, we’re serving up drag queens and NO WIRE HANGERS!
Jump start your summer with fun, games and a celebration of the elusive
queer aesthetic known simply as “camp.”

FOURPLAY – Thursday, May 9; 7:30 p.m.
Giving John Waters a run for his sleazy money, Kyle Henry’s raucous
independent film, Fourplay presents a quartet of sex tales in four
American cities. Henry and Paul Soileau (Christeene) host.

Once appearing alongside Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis, the legendary
Andy Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn will read from her biography and
screen her 1973 short film Broken Goddess.

DRAG BINGO WITH HEDDA LETTUCE – Tuesday, May 21; 7 p.m. Drag bingo returns to the Center for one night only with kooky prizes, double entendre and a cash jackpot. Time to get lucky!

Wall-to-wall shag carpeting, evil Lava Lamp goo and glittery spacesuits
that fall off at a moment’s notice? Forget Jane Fonda…we’ve got the
mod-tastic Brini Maxwell to help us through this camp classic.

MATCH GAME LIVE – Thursday, June 13; 7:30 p.m.
A live stage version of the campiest, kitschiest game show in history —
The “Match Game”! Match Frank DeCaro, Jackie Hoffman and other celebs
for prizes. Get ready to laugh your _BLANK_ off!



Queen of Queens Comedy with Adam Sank May 12

The Queens of Queens
Sunday, May 12 at 8:00PM
Laughing Devil Comedy Club

queens play a game of “Mother, May I?” at this month’s installment of
the Long Island City LGBT comedy show — and Mom’s not having it. In the
headline spot will be straight-but sassy Michelle Buteau,(pictured)  a 2013
nominee at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards for her hilarious hosting on Vh-1’s
“Best Week Ever.” Ms. B has also appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium
Blend” and at colleges and comedy clubs all over the U.S. 

Also springing onto the stage will be Chris Doucette (The Advocate’s “Best of LGBT Comedy” and winner of Chicago’s Snubfest Comedy Festival), Sheba Mason, who takes after her famous father, Jackie, Jami Smith (Women in Comedy Festival, Comedy Editor and “Gaysayer” Tweeter for The Advocate Magazine) and Tarik Daniels (Gaylarious in Washington DC). 

As always, host Adam Sank (NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” Sirius-XM OutQ) keeps the show moving gaily forward.

$15 + 2-Item Minimum. For tickets and information, visit

Laughing Devil Comedy Club | 4738 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City (Queens)
Subway: 7 Train to Vernon-Jackson


Michael Urie Plays Barbra Streisand in Buyer and Cellar

Alex More has a story to tell.  A
struggling actor in L.A., Alex takes a job working in the Malibu
basement of  beloved megastar, Barbra Streisand! 

(Barbra’s basement is FULL of her 
collections and resembles a mini mall!)

One day, the Lady Herself comes
downstairs to play.  It feels like real bonding in the basement, but
will their relationship ever make it upstairs?

Buyer & Cellar is an outrageous comedy about the price of fame, the cost of things, 

and the oddest of odd jobs.

Michael Urie will be  playing Barbra Streisand Off Broadway, and
every other character in Buyer &
, playwright Jonathan Tolins new one-man play which opened  recently at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. An exceptionally gifted comedian
and stage performer, Urie does the diva justice—and she’s just one piece of the

Tolins’ play is well crafted, hilarious, and completely
accessible to folks who know nothing about Barbra Streisand. Of course, the
show’s success is thanks in no small part to Urie’s charming, whirlwind
performance. I spoke to Michael about his work on the play, his choice of gay
roles, and his personal feelings on the lady of the house.

Read more and the interview by Naveen Kumar at Towleroad! 


Sci-Fi to Sondheim, Geeks, Nerds and More at QUEER NOT COOL March 9th

 It’s HERE Again! 

NOT COOL was a #1 Time Out New York “Critic’s Pick” 

Previous performer
credits have included “The Tonight Show”, “Today”, “Late Night with
Jimmy Fallon”, “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams”, “Comedy Central
Presents”, Logo’s “The Click List” and the critically acclaimed web
shows “The Outs” and “It Gets Betterish”. 

QUEER NOT COOL was recently
featured at 2012’s New York Comic Con.

nerds and their fanboys and girls unite in this monthly late night
series as comedians, musicians, dancers, and performance artists
exploring all things geeky, nerdy, and obsessive, from sci-fi to
Sondheim. Forget the closet, get out of your mother’s basement! 

Hosted by ROB RIBAR, this show features couples who excel in their own creative fields, separately or together including acclaimed playwright CRYSTAL SKILLMAN, who’s latest play “Geek” will be presented by the renowned theater company VAMPIRE COWBOYS at Incubator Arts Project this March and her husband FRED VAN LENTE,
a comic book scribe who has written for “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The
Hulk” and his own graphic novel “Cowboys & Aliens”. Rob will chat
with Fred about creating a queer comic book, working on treasured brands
and seeing his graphic novel up on the big screen while Vampire Cowboys
will present a sneak preview of “Geek!”. 

Also featuring the hilarious stand-up of MAX BERNSTEIN (Host of “Apocalypse Wow”) and the one, the only rock’n’ roll ventriloquist CARLA RHODES featuring her not-so-better half CECIL SINCLAIRE

Plus “Dynamic Duo Trivia” and much, much more!

QUEER NOT COOL will take place SATURDAY MARCH 9th at 10:30pm at THE SECRET THEATRE (44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, Queens). For transportation, take the G, 7, E, or M trains to Court Square or the NR trains to Queensboro Plaza. 

Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door. 

Cheap drinks and snacks will also be available for purchase. 

Queen of Queens Gay Comedy March 14

The Queens of Queens
Thursday, March 14 at 8:00PM
Laughing Devil Comedy Club

the snides (and bitchy asides) of March! This month, the queens come in
like lions at this acclaimed monthly LGBT comedy show, starring
headliner Veronica Mosey from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and
Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.”

Also throwing shade will be
Chris Doucette (listed among the Advocate’s “Best of LGBT Comedy”),
Joanne Filan (Here-TV’s “Hot Gay Comics”) and special guest Eddie
Sarfaty (Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” Logo’s “Wisecrack”).

entire evening will be hosted by Adam Sank — from NBC’s “Last Comic
Standing” and Sirius-XM OutQ — whom Edge New York calls “one of the
city’s most celebrated gay comedy kings.”

$15 + 2-Item Minimum. For tickets and information, visit

Laughing Devil Comedy Club 4738 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City (Queens)

Subway: 7 Train to Vernon-Jackson


Comedy Event: Queens of Queens, Jan. 10

The Queens of Queens
Thursday, Jan. 10 at 8:00PM
Laughing Devil Comedy Club
of 2013 Edition! 
Ophira Eisenberg from Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”
and Vh-1’s “Best Week Ever” headlines this LGBT laugh-fest. (She’s
straight, but Canadian — which is almost the same as being gay). 
making the new year queer will be Adam Sank (NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,
Sirius-XM OutQ), MAC Award-winner Danny Cohen (Comedy Central’s
“Premium Blend”), Cara Kilduff (Here-TV’s “Hot Gay Comics” and co-host
of Queens Public Television’s “Talking About) and your mistress of
ceremonies, “Biggest Loser” champ Poppi Kramer (warm-up comic for the
syndicated “Bill Cunningham Show”).

$15 + 2-Item Minimum.

 For tickets and information, visit

Laughing Devil Comedy Club

4738 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City (Queens)

Subway: 7 Train to Vernon-Jackson

Jackie Beat is Back in New York City for a Holiday Show

NYC’s favorite Grinch returns to serve up her 15th annual holiday show. 

December 12 – 16 at 
The Laurie Beechman Theater 
JACKIE BEAT, everyone’s favorite Grinch, returns to NYC
for her 15th annual holiday show. Beginning December 12th, the
self-professed bastard child of “Weird” Al Yankovic and Bette Midler
at The Laurie Beechman Theater (inside West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42nd
Street — at Ninth Avenue, accessible from the A,C,E,N,R,V,F,1,2,3
trains at 42nd Street). This limited engagement runs for 6 performances
only: Wednesday, Dec. 12 – Sunday, Dec. 16 at 7:30pm, except for Friday,
Dec. 14, which is at 10pm. Tickets are $22 plus a $15 food/drink
minimum. To purchase tickets call 212-352-3101 or visit Note: advance purchase highly recommended; Beat has sold out every holiday show in the last 11 years.

continues Jackie Beat’s mission to poison every sacred belief and
holiday tradition. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or
Ramadan, an evening with Jackie Beat is always the perfect antidote to
holiday cheer. This comic celebration is a virtual stocking stuffed with
hilarious new seasonal material and some classic Christmas Jackie
including the right-wing pregnancy confessional “Santa’s Baby,” a
menorah-loving “Jew Christmas,” a booze-infused spin on “Happy Holidays”
called “Alcoholidaze,” and the self-explanatory “It’s Beginning To Look
A Lot Like Syphilis.” 


Gay Holiday Comedy with Adam Sank at New Yorks Laughing Devil

The queens get their Christmukkah on at this month’s installment of the LGBT Long Island City laugh-fast.
Thursday, Dec. 13 at 8PM

Making the yuletide exceptionally gay will be headliner Exiene Lofgren (“Ricki Lake Show,” Vh’1’s “Where Are They Now?,” History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” headliner for Starwood Resorts). 
Also making the menorah candles twinkle will be Adam Sank (NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”), Leah Bonnema (recently listed among the Huffington Post’s 50 Funniest Females), Edison Apple (Logo’s “Laughing Matters) and mistress of ceremonies Joanne Filan (Here-TV’s “Hot Gay Comics).

$15 + 2-Item Minimum. For tickets and information, visit

 Laughing Devil Comedy Club 
4738 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City (Queens)

Subway: 7 Train to Vernon-Jackson

Thursday, Dec. 13 at 8PM, 2012!


Chris March Presents BUTT-CRACKER SUITE for the Holidays


The World Premiere of CHRIS MARCH’S
Written, directed, and designed by Chris March
(“Project Runway” and Bravo’s “Mad Fashion”), performances of this
limited Off-Broadway engagement run November 24 – December 29 at HERE
(145 Avenue of Americas at Dominick Street, one block south of Spring
CHRIS MARCH’S BUTT-CRACKER SUITE! is an outrageous re-creation of “The
Nutcracker” set, of course, in a trailer park. Dancing pink flamingos, cans of Spam, and ugly Christmas sweaters come to life on Christmas Eve… but no Sugar Plum Fairies or Snowflakes in this version! 
March promises to brighten your holiday season by turning “trash” into this
season’s most unique and outrageous show. With a lot of fun music, over-the-top costumes, fabulous dancers, and just a hint of blasphemy, this show is the tacky gift that keeps on giving!
The production will star Sara Brophy, Michael Dauer, Joshua Dean,Vassiliki Ellwood, Ashley Munzek, Andrea Palesh, Kristen Schoen-Rene and Dana Winkle, as well as Chris March himself. The production team includes Benjamin Franklin (choreography), Andrea Purcigliotti of Damage Studios (scenery), JennyB/ShadyLady (lighting), Neelam Vaswani(production manager) and Nathan K. Claus (stage manager).

March returns to his theater roots with this new holiday comedy.
Drawing upon his special brand of no-holds-barred outrageousness,
March continues to parody pop culture from his roles in “Christmas
with the Crawfords” to his many television appearances. For more info


Fire Island HALF SHARE show to Benefit Ali Forney Center

Half-Share:  The Cocktail is always Half-Full!  AND NOW IT’S FREE!

 Misfit Boys Entertainment, LLC is thrilled to announce the worldwide premiere of a hilarious new gay comedy series, Half-Share, with 50% of profits to benefit the Ali Forney Center affected by hurricane Sandy.

Try to imagine The Golden Girls summering on Fantasy Island if it were run by Patsy & Edina!  Then watch it for free!  Half-Share is a 30-minute sitcom shot on location in Fire Island Pines featuring an all-star cast of fabulous gay comics including Alec Mapa, Jack Plotnick, Jesse Archer and Sam Pancake!

Hot on the heels of film festival success spanning three continents, Half-Share will debut its FREE worldwide streaming premiere at 10pm EST/7pm PST on Tuesday November 20th at &  


Half-Share is also available immediately on Amazon Instant Video to rent ($1.99) or buy ($4.99 Instant/$14.99 DVD,

Through December 31st, 50% of all net profits on DVD and Amazon Instant Video sales will be donated to the Ali Forney Center in NYC
which provides homeless LGBT youth with shelter, food, and counseling.
 Sandy left their offices underwater and they are in desperate need of
donations to continue their important work (

Lady Bunnys New York Show Wrapping Up! GO SEE IT!

Her successful 6 month run  is coming to an end!  So it isn’t so  🙁

The raunchy, demented drag diva of Wigstock fame presented her 
full-length one wo-man show last fall,  at the popular latin
nightspot La Escuelita. It was extended, and extended, and extended.  Now the final show dates have been announced.

Fast-paced and action-packed with glitzy
costumes and Bunny’s trademark gravity-defying bouffant wig, THAT AIN’T
NO LADY! is a cabaret designed for a night club crowd–no lengthy
monologues or sappy show tunes here. For mature audiences who enjoy
irreverent humor! Since there are a lot of pop music parodies, this show
is especially well-suited to audiences who have some familiarity with
pop music so that they’ll know the original versions which are being

GET TICKETS  Online   NOW!!!