MILDRED FIERCE! Varla Jean Merman and Boston’s Acclaimed Gold Dust Orphans in NYC

musical romp that tells the story of a single mother, alone and
afraid. And
the men in her life? A shiftless ex-husband, a shady realtor, a cold-hearted playboy.
But by baking her way to the top, Mildred soon has it all! The world is her oyster,
and the city, her cracker. Save for one little thing…
she’s got a daughter who
makes Adolph Hitler look like Anne Frank!


Watch all the glorious melodrama of
“Mildred Pierce” explode all over the stage as The Gold Dust Orphans
bring you their brand new musical parody sprinkled with
splashy songs, tap
dancing pies, bawdy “Waitress” lingo and more surprises than you can
shake a rolling pin at!


Sent through The Gold Dust Orphans’ glitter
filled parody machine, the cast of MILDRED
features Varla Jean Merman as “Mildred” and Orphan favorites Ryan
Landry, Penny Champayne, Olive Another, Liza Lott and Delta Miles.


MOUTHWATERING costumes are by Scott Martino,
TERRIFIC sets by Amelia Gossett, SUPERIOR direction by James P. Byrne and STUNNING
soundscapes by Roger Moore.


The production, written by Ryan Landry will
have it’s official opening on Saturday, October 12
th at 10:30PM and
run until
October 27Performances of MILDRED FIERCE are on Saturdays & Sundays in October. Saturdays
at 8:30 & 10:30PM and Sundays at 3:30PM. Enjoy Pre – Show Cocktails in The William
Barnacle Tavern, next door to the Theater 80 Lobby.



Varla Jean Merman starred in the new musical Lucky Guy opposite Leslie
Jordan in NY at the Little Schubert in spring 2011 prompting The New York Times
to rave, “If Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman had stood in front of the right
pair of funhouse mirrors, they might have resembled Ms. Merman and Mr. Jordan
in stature as well as comedic talent”. 
She guest starred on Ugly Betty in the final season of the show and was
also featured on Bravo’s Project Runway Season 5 as the winning model for the
show’s drag challenge. She has filled cabarets and concert halls across the
world including the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, the New York Public
Theater, London’s Soho Theatre and LA’s Renberg Theatre. She wrote and starred
in the short Improve Your History with Varla Jean: Stonewall, for the launch of
the MTV’s television network Logo and was also seen in their One Night Standup:
Dragtastic special.

Theater 80 St. Marks is located at 80
St. Marks Place (Btw 1st and 2nd Aves). 


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