Gay Husbands of New York Reality Show Coming From Bravo?

From left: Mark Silver, Kenneth Gillett, Jordan Carlyle, and Joey Giuntoli.
Patrick McMullan

Meet the new Gay Husbands of New York.  Back in December, it was  “leaked” that Bravo’s front man, the flamboyant and fun Andy Cohen, was developing a show about gay socialites  to rival Logo’s show The A-List: New York. 

The goal is to find and feature a handful of men who are at the top of the gay social milieu here in New York. Sources are saying  the Bravo show have not  finalized its cast, but the network is allegedly working with Factory PR founder Mark Silver, book publicist Kenneth Gillett, hottie interior designer Jordan Carlyle  and hottie boyfriend Christopher Fawcett, fashion showroom owner Joey Giuntoli and Penguin designer Kristopher Haigh, who’s also the promoter of a popular gay night at The Park in Chelsea. –  I am told six men HAVE in fact  been signed on. But MUMM is the word….no one is admitting anything yet!

Andy Cohen recently Tweeted: “HEY EVERYBODY: Do you really think Bravo is doing a show called “From the Bottom to the Top”?!? We’re not.” –   However, word is in New York, there is still a buzz going around…..maybe they will do it with a different name perhaps? 

As soon as we hear something, you’ll be first to know!

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