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PRIVATE ACTS The Acrobat Sublime

“The practice of acrobatics is the artistic and athletic metaphor for the process
of making an impossible dream a reality.”—Harriet Heyman

Nearly twenty years ago, author and journalist Harriet Heyman enrolled her two toddlers in an acrobatics class at a hole-in-the-wall circus school in San Francisco.  Although her children’s interest in the sport faded, Heyman’s evolved into an obsession.  She’s studied the language, history, and tradition, has trained on the flying trapeze for over fifteen years, and now brings her knowledge and passion for this art form to the pages of Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime.  In three captivating essays, Heyman describes firsthand the life-changing experience of training as an acrobat, and what motivates these artists. 

Acey Harper’s black-and-white photographs document gravity-defying acts in this collection of sensual and mesmerizing images that capture the explosive energy of acrobats.  Harper “…came to recognize them as partners and collaborators in creating theses unique images, which are part photography and part performance art.” 

PRIVATE ACTS shows these artist-athletes in a different light, liberated from the confines of the tent and stage, stripped of costumes, make-up, and body paint.  The photographs reveal the acrobats’ physical agility and raw emotions, and their beautiful, well-trained bodies captured in diverse settings across the country—from the beaches in the Marin Headlands, forests in Vermont, and the Black Rock Desert, to a gritty urban New Jersey steel mill, the streets of San Francisco, and the New York City subway.  – The book features many performers from New York City.

Although technological advancement has steered the masses away from more traditional forms of entertainment, Heyman believes there is “…a direct evolutionary line from the flesh-and-blood circus acrobats to the pulp and celluloid Superman to IMAXed Avatar.”  Acrobatics is experiencing a renaissance in contemporary popular culture and PRIVATE ACTS: THE ACROBAT SUBLIME pays homage to this art form through striking photos of artist-athletes who are passionately dedicated to their craft.

PRIVATE ACTS: The Acrobat Sublime By Harriet Heyman
Photography by Acey Harper
Hardcover / 224 pages / 9½” x 9½” / 100 photographs
Rizzoli New York      Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime



Jack Mackenroth Releases Scorching Hot Calendar for Charity!


New Yorker Jack Mackenroth competed in the fourth season of  Project Runway. Mackenroth was the first openly HIV-positive contestant in the show’s history.

This month he  launches his 2012 Calendar with 100% of

Proceeds Benefiting amfAR —
The American Foundation for AIDS Research

As the first television personality since Pedro Zamora to be vocal about his HIV status, Jack Mackenroth has quickly become the most visible, out HIV+ advocate and educator in the country. . . if not the world. With the release of his 2012 calendar, he hopes to raise both money and awareness for AIDS research, and to show through his photographs that a person living with HIV can be in top physical form, healthy and sexy. All proceeds from the calendar will go to amfAR ( to help find a cure for AIDS. Mackenroth has been living with the disease for 22 years.

Designer, athlete and HIV/AIDS activist and educator Jack Mackenroth has had the priveledge of shooting with some of the best photographers in the business. Each month of the 15 month calendar will feature a different photographer with a very different style. Jack is a role model to many people in the HIV community and a fitness model that many aspire to emulate.

Photographers taking part in the project include Adam Bouska, Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong, Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros.

“I have amassed such an amazing collection of images that I wanted to put out a calendar that will help to combat the silence and stigma associated with being HIV-positive,” says Mackenroth. He adds, “If I can raise money for HIV/AIDS research, it’s even better.”

Jack has been a vocal and visible advocate of the HIV community, touring the country through numerous speaking engagements and special appearances at events. He continues to speak around the country and will be planning calendar signing events in the upcoming months. His memoir, “Making Lemonaids” will be released this winter.

The autographed calendar will be available for pre-sale starting in mid-August, with shipping starting Sept. 15, 2011. All proceeds benefit amfAR—The American Foundation for AIDS Research. ( The calendar’s dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches, and are available through (ONLINE NOW) for $14.95 (plus tax and shipping).

For additional information, please visit


Gay Art in Harlem by Patrick Perry



FREE event

“Soft Blows”
@Azucarera Gallery,
414 West 145 Street,
Harlem, New York

between St Nicholas & Edgecombe

 Harlem-based artist Patrick Perry, plays with the concept of ‘subversive cross stitch’ fusing traditional cross-stitch designs with grossly pejorative anti-gay slurs that both seduce and repulse the viewer, ultimately engaging the audience in the exploration of their own feelings of attraction, comfort, disgust or guilt.

The Opening Reception is
June 19th  5-9pm.

Tues 4-7pm, Wed 6-8pm, Sat & Sun 2-6pm. Subways: A,B,C,D,1 to 145th Street. 


Blaine Anderson Solo Show in Brooklyn

SHO Gallery will present
 the work of Brooklyn based
artist Blaine Anderson
in a solo show from January 2nd to Jan 16th with a reception on Jan 7th, free and open to the public.

Blaine Anderson Sublimation, Jan. 2-15. Artist Reception Fri, Jan. 7 from 7-10pm.
SHO Gallery  @ The Loading Dock
170 Tillary St.   Brooklyn NY 11201

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri, 11-3 & 6-10. Sat-Sun 11-4 & 6-10.
Blaine Anderson’s work draws on the writings of Jean Genet , drawing parallels in the artistic method of personal revelation as a political act. Anderson’s ongoing search for relationship to mentors of an historical nature is performed through an immersion in the works of a particular writer, poet or artist that then affects his drawing and imagery painted in and on the gallery, in an attempt to connect to and collaborate with those who have gone before.
Genet was one of the first writers to use his identity as a homosexual and a thief as a theme for his work. His ability to plumb the depths in order to shed light on those shunned aspects of his personality show courage and strength. His poetic prose was instrumental in his release from prison, when Sartre and Cocteau argued for him and helped publish his work, and helped him transcend and process the gritty experiences that were instrumental in shaping his identity. Genet is duly credited with a major role in the forging of public gay identity through his role in creating many of the stereotypes and fantasies that gay men, to this day, find ourselves identifying with and attracted to even as we attempt to break those molds.
Despite the major changes brought about by events since Stonewall and the progress made by activists though recent decades, society is still confused at how to deal with issues surrounding sexual identity. Anderson works to understand the roots of homophobia, both within and outside of himself and society. Recent events such as the spotlight on school bullying and California’s struggle with gay marriage and Prop 8 confirms the deeply troubled relationship between the troubled homosexual of the past and the proud queers of today. The work on display at SHO Gallery is the visual result of an ongoing attempt to reconcile and confront those political and personal issues and desires that affect each of us.

Best Gay New


TRANSFORMATION: Photography by Mike Ruiz August 25-28

YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS the photography of Mike Ruiz at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery  in NYC this week!

 August 26-28.
Opening reception: Wednesday
August 25, 6 – 9 pm

The celebrity / fashion photographer – and star of the upcoming reality show The A-List: New York  – will be unveiling his latest solo exhibit “Transformations,” a work representing celebrities alter egos, as interpreted by the photographer himself.

Best known for making celebrities almost unrecognizable in his edgy and futuristic photographs, Ruiz  has found a way to repackage stardom with his camera lens. With a client list that any casting director would envy, Ruiz is a familiar face thanks to appearances on ‘Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ as both photographer and guest judge. 

In an interview with POPEATER he discusses the proces…

It is usually collaborative. Obviously they need to be aware of what I’m doing ahead of time, although, Kim Kardashian had no idea. She walked into the studio and I said, ‘OK look, this is what we’re doing.’ I was on pins and needles until she agreed to it, but she’s pretty cool, she’s pretty invaluable that way. We were working with a really solid team that she knew from before, and I had worked with her before, so she trusted me.

Usually, I do have a contact, I gotta run it by the publicist so they’re cool with it. But these days, because of the wild success of the shoots I did with Kim Kardashian, Lance Bass or Adam Lambert, publicists are coming to me for that reason. They know they’re gonna get some wild transformation. It’s less of a struggle now because they know that’s what they’re getting and if that’s not what they want, to not even start a dialogue.”

A portion of all net proceeds from exhibit sales will go to the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation , an outlet for art work that is unambiguously gay and which is frequently denied access to mainstream venues.

Best Gay New York


New York Photographer Ryan Colford Brings His Candy Shoppe to VLADA March 27th

Native New York artist & photographer Ryan Colford is having a solo exhibition  this coming Saturday, March 27th  @  VLADA!

Along with his “Candy Shoppe,” a vibrant and playful mix of sweet, sexy and sensual male imagery, Colford will be showcasing some new, DARING, and provocative images…with something for everyone. Who knew being sweet could be so exciting! 😉

If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by for a great night of fun, drinks and art at New York’s best vodka bar and best new gay bar! This is an open event.

Anyone can join and you are encouraged to invite others!

Ryan Colford has worked with a variety of models from some of the most well known agencies in New York – Major Models, New York Models, Red Models, DNA Models, Silver Models and Empire Models to name a few.

I’ve been asked – “But WHY do you do it”?

“I do it because I can’t imagine not doing it! Every day I wake up and my focus is riveted to this medium. I honestly feel compelled to create these images. I see and conceptualize my work based on an inherent beauty that I find in a person, scene or object. Essentially, the images that I create speak to my soul. Sometimes in a soft whisper and sometimes with a piercing scream!

My biggest fear is that there won’t be enough time for me to produce all the striking ideas that constantly whirl around in my head!”

“All photography simply involves evoking an emotional response. Whether that response is desire for a product or appreciation of beauty comes from the ability to tell a story with one simple image.”
 ~Ryan Colford

Ryan Colford  @  VLADA
When: Saturday, March 27th, 2010 9pm – ?        Where: Vlada, 331 W. 51 St., NY
More info on Facebook


New York Artist Keith Haring – Twenty Years Later


 was an artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s.

February 16th, 1990, the pop artist died is  HIV / AIDS related causes at the age of 31. But his art still lives on.

Haring achieved his first public attention with chalk drawings in the subways of New York (see public art). The exhibitions were filmed by the photographer Tseng Kwong Chi.

Around this time, “The Radiant baby” became his symbol. His bold lines, vivid colors, and active figures carry strong messages of life and unity. Starting in 1980, he organized exhibitions in Club 57. He participated in the Times Square Exhibition and drew, for the first time, animals and human faces. In 1981 he sketched his first chalk drawings on black paper and painted plastic, metal and found objects.

By expressing concepts of birth, death, love, sex and war, Haring’s imagery has become a widely recognized visual language of the 20th century. In December 2007, an area of the American Textile Building in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City was discovered to contain a painting of Haring’s from 1979. May 4 2008 would have been Haring’s 50th birthday. In June 2008 there was a retrospective exhibition containing 200 pieces of his work (from the collection of Sigrid Wecken) open to the public in Terrassa, Spain.

(Amazing  shot of Keith painting Grace Jones by Douglas Kirkland!)

The Keith Haring Foundation was established in 1989 to assist AIDS-related and children’s charities, and maintains the largest resource of archives on the late artist, Keith Haring.


Haring’s bold lines and active figures carry poignant messages of vitality and unity. His legacy made an impact on late 20th century art and grants us all a vision for the future.

Keith  generously contributed his talents and resources to numerous causes. He conducted art workshops with children, created logos and posters for public service agencies, and produced murals, sculptures, and paintings to benefit health centers and disadvantaged communities. The foundation  continues his philanthropic legacy…indefinitely.

Visit the Keith Haring site.


Aaron Cobbett Party! Hudson Terrace Thursday October 15th

Aaron Cobbett is a contemporary icon in the world of fine art and editorial photography. He is a master of glamorous direction, and nothing in his colorful, brash, kitsch world is left to chance.
Every lighting effect, every pose is deliberate. His subjects are stunning men, women, and everything in between, provocative sex gods, and celebrities of New York’s night life. Aaron Cobbet’s stylized portraiture has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Interview, Genre, HX / Next and Blue magazines.

Some notable stars who have been shot by Aaron Cobbett include: Nellie Furtado, Alan Cumming, Karim Rashid, Pat Field, The Blonds, The Ones, Cazwell, Adam Joseph, Ari Gold, Lance Bass and Stellar Events NYC’s Andretti.

Aaron’s work has been the subject of solo exhibits plus featured in group shows and in in galleries world-wide including New York, LA, Boston, Paris and Germany. He has two book publications: AARON COBBETT and Super Eros (Complete Program) .

Aaron Cobbett  Party!
Thursday, October 15th, 2009, 
   9PM – 2 AM

621 W. 46th St btw 11 & 12 Aves


RAIN OR SHINE! We are ON… The awesome  rooftop features a cover, to be weather proof and temperature controlled.

RSVP on FACEBOOK  and you MUST tell the door you are on “ANDRETTI’s GUEST LIST” for comp admission. ps. If you wish to have your own private table, please let us know ASAP!


Best  of  Gay  New  York


Gay Pop Artist Olan Montgomery Featured This Weekend – High Line Open Studio Tours

The High Line Open Studios Tour will be held along the High Line in Chelsea this weekend from October 15th thru the 18th. 

The tour will include an outside art exhibit as well as *free access* to some of the city’s best art studios in Chelsea.
Gay pop artist Olan Montgomery will be one of the featured artists at this year’s show.  Olan’s work examines New York’s hidden subcultures including the city’s colorful gay nightlife personalities.  He’s actually opening the doors to his home/studio for the tour! 

Space is tight in Manhattan, so like many artists, Olan lives and exhibits his work in the same space.  This will be a rare peek into the life of a real downtown Manhattan artist. 

Montgomery recently released the first bound collection of his work in a pocket-sized hard-cover coffee table book titled POP Art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway.

Seven years in the making, Olan’s work takes digital based art to a thrilling new level, combining fine art photography and hand painting, along with poetry and famous art quotes. The bound collection examines and shines a neon glow stick on New York’s hidden subcultures including the city’s homeless, its colorful nightlife personalities, and bold gay icons. “POP – Art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway” was released this past August.


Olan’s subjects are aberrant yet strong individuals, many with alternate ways of living and experiencing the world.  Portraits of Boy George, Rufus Wainwright, Heatherette’s Richie Rich, and transsexual Amanda Lepore are among those featured in POP. There are also some mainstream personalities including Courtney Love, Alan Cumming and Anna Nicole Smith.

AS FOR THE OPEN TOUR THIS WEEKEND – Start your tour at the Headquarters at 508 W26th Street to pick up the official map and speak with our tour specialists and receive a complementary gift from our sponsor, Bodum, while supplies last. Or take advantage of the High Line Open Studios Interactive Map and select the date of your visit so you can print a map and see the location of all 120+ artists and galleries that are participating. Start and finish your tour any where you wish and visit the artists in our community who have open their studios to the public for this special event. 

More Info at  The High Line Open Studios Tour

Olan Montgomery online  at  LipStickChic.



GUMBO – First ever Gay Party DUMBO in Brooklyn August 13th


Thursday, August 13th
Party: 8pm-1am
Admission: FREE


@Galapagos Art Space16 Main Street
(@ Water Street)
DUMBO, Brooklyn
F train to York Street
A train to High Street

Located at the first stop in Brooklyn, GUMBO is DUMBO’s first gay party! The offbeat Galapagos Art Space welcomes all guys and girls for this fun, anti-scene, night out. “Manhattanites” welcome.

Hosted by Ben Harvey, Matthew Kelleher & Andrew Urankar
With Hedrick-Martin Institute (HMI)

Music by    DJ Nomi (of Jessica 6 and Hercules & Love Affair).

*2-4-1 drinks from 8pm-9pm.
*Free haircuts all night by the Galapagos resident stylist.



New York Photo Festival May 13-17 – Gay Men Play with Chris Boot

The goal of the New York Photo Festival is to document the future of photography in all its forms. The group of internationally-respected curators will deliver their personal vision of the newest and most important trends in contemporary photography, each exhibited in their own pavilion and promising to draw the attention of the entire photographic community.

“This year, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting new three-part series of daytime programming called “GAY MEN PLAY – with Chris Boot” led by the NYPH’09 Curator, Chris Boot.  Seating is going to be very limited, so book early!!”  Gay Men Play, promises to be provocative, charged and unlike anything else exhibited during the Festival. Of course, I am limited as to what I can show you here! You can see more of the exhibition and presentation at NYPH

Boot cleverly mixes the work of established photographers and artists with that of non-professional photographers. There are portraits by Stefan Ruiz, who documented gay party weekends from a mobile studio on the streets of San Francisco and Berlin. There are also images culled from gay networking websites by Chris Clary, whose exhibition also features images by another 10 photographers shown on digital screens.


Chris Boot is a London-based publisher and editor of photography books who explores the contemporary photographic representation of gay sex and gay recreational sexual identities.

(Photo-“Charles”, by Stephan Ruiz, from San Francisco Berlin curated by Chris Boot, New York Photo Festival 2009)

For complete programming, schedules and tickets please visit

The New York Photo Festival HQ is located at:

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, New York    directions

The neighborhood: Dumbo    
What is DUMBO?

 DUMBO (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is located on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. In the early 1800s, steamed power ferries offered service to Fulton Street,  which became a bustling commercial thoroughfare. Industrialists built manufacturing facilities on the waterfront at DUMBO – a location that served as transportation hub where goods could be easily shipped by boat, road and rail throughout New York and beyond. For more information about the history of DUMBO, visit the Brooklyn Historical Society website.

The Best of Gay New York


Harvey Redding’s Painted Boy Gay Art Fair


Saturday April 4, 11am- 7pm / Sunday, April 5, 12 am- 6pm

LGBT Center, 208 W. 13 St. N.Y.

Admission to the Fair: $20., $15 with coupon

The Saturday and Sunday general public schedule boasts over 50 vendors with more than 5,000 unambiguously gay artworks created by provocative local, national and international artists. Representing our multi-hued community, captivating emerging talents join forces with gay art legends, who will be heralded throughout this hallucinating event. Navigating through The Painted Boy is easy, with humorous street signs directing our art-collectors-to-be, through the maze of artist’s booths. Strolling, handsome models, guest porn stars, as well as mere- mortals, are summoned into each venue by colorful signage. 

This art show will feature the work of Hugh Hysell.

(VIP Gala will be  Friday  April 3rd  7-10pm. )

The Best of Gay New York!

[where: 208 West 13th st, NY, NY 10011] [where: 10011]