Gay Pop Artist Olan Montgomery Featured This Weekend – High Line Open Studio Tours

The High Line Open Studios Tour will be held along the High Line in Chelsea this weekend from October 15th thru the 18th. 

The tour will include an outside art exhibit as well as *free access* to some of the city’s best art studios in Chelsea.
Gay pop artist Olan Montgomery will be one of the featured artists at this year’s show.  Olan’s work examines New York’s hidden subcultures including the city’s colorful gay nightlife personalities.  He’s actually opening the doors to his home/studio for the tour! 

Space is tight in Manhattan, so like many artists, Olan lives and exhibits his work in the same space.  This will be a rare peek into the life of a real downtown Manhattan artist. 

Montgomery recently released the first bound collection of his work in a pocket-sized hard-cover coffee table book titled POP Art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway.

Seven years in the making, Olan’s work takes digital based art to a thrilling new level, combining fine art photography and hand painting, along with poetry and famous art quotes. The bound collection examines and shines a neon glow stick on New York’s hidden subcultures including the city’s homeless, its colorful nightlife personalities, and bold gay icons. “POP – Art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway” was released this past August.


Olan’s subjects are aberrant yet strong individuals, many with alternate ways of living and experiencing the world.  Portraits of Boy George, Rufus Wainwright, Heatherette’s Richie Rich, and transsexual Amanda Lepore are among those featured in POP. There are also some mainstream personalities including Courtney Love, Alan Cumming and Anna Nicole Smith.

AS FOR THE OPEN TOUR THIS WEEKEND – Start your tour at the Headquarters at 508 W26th Street to pick up the official map and speak with our tour specialists and receive a complementary gift from our sponsor, Bodum, while supplies last. Or take advantage of the High Line Open Studios Interactive Map and select the date of your visit so you can print a map and see the location of all 120+ artists and galleries that are participating. Start and finish your tour any where you wish and visit the artists in our community who have open their studios to the public for this special event. 

More Info at  The High Line Open Studios Tour

Olan Montgomery online  at  LipStickChic.



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