9th Annual New York Gay Football League Bachelor Auction November 21


Thursday, November 21, the New York Gay Football League will host its Ninth Annual Bachelor Auction at XL Nightclub (512 W. 42nd St) at 7pm.  Proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit the GLSEN Sports Project.   

About the New York
Gay Football League
New York Gay Football League seeks to promote the positive social and
athletic enjoyment of flag football. Through our league, our events and
most importantly our players, we also seek to foster and augment the
self-respect and to engender respect and understanding from the gay
community. While particular emphasis is placed on these specific goals,
it is a fundamental principle of the NYGFL that all activities, social
and athletic, are conducted to be inclusive in nature and that no
individual shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual
orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin,
political beliefs, athletic ability or physical challenge.

About the GLSEN Sports Project

the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project is an education and advocacy program
focused on addressing LGBT issues in K-12 school-based athletic and
physical education programs. The Sport Project’s mission is to assist
K-12 schools in creating and maintaining an athletic and physical
education climate that is based on the core principles of respect,
safety and equal access for all students, teachers and coaches
regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and
integrating these efforts into overall school plans to ensure a safe,
respectful school climate and culture. For more information, go to: sports.glsen.org

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