The Future of New York City

This week the Huffington Post ran an awesome series of photos showing what New York City may look like in the coming 20 years!

The new Penn Station – above. This summer a multibillion dollar plan will finally get underway to
brighten up the dank rail station and better accommodate the 600,000
people that pass through it each day. But it’ll be a while before the
much-maligned space looks fresh and tidy. Madison Square Garden, which
sits on top of the transit hub, was given 10 years to relocate.

The world’s largest ferris wheel will come to Staten Island in 2016. At 625 feet, the New York Wheel is predicted to draw millions of visitors to the borough.

After more than a decade of controversy — including scrapped Olympic
and Jets stadium plans — developers have crafted an ambitious plan to
convert 26 acres of rail facilities into the largest private real estate
development in city history. Hudson Yards is “a $15 billion
15-structure mini-city on Manhattan’s West Side that will create more office space than exists in Portland, Ore.,” according to the New York Daily News.



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