Cazwell explores the Selfie picture taking Phenomenon

  I personally do not take selfies. And I do not understand the people who do. Constantly. 

THE WEEK asked, Why are we so obsessed with selfies and, in particular, the people who take them?

The familiar if dull refrain is that selfies reflect the narcissism
of our age, spurred by the easy sharing capabilities of smartphones and
the cameras they house. Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr provide
potentially far-reaching platforms to broadcast close-ups of our faces,
particularly the ones we deem fit for consumption by others.

new track takes aim at all those Instagram over-sharers (you know who
they are) who just can’t stop taking photos of their hot bods.

“It reflects our ever-growing need to be viewed as popular and attractive,” says the gay rapper.

Check out the video directed by up-and-coming Viennese producer Dizzy Bell.


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