Eating My Feelings Gay Author Mark Brennan Rosenberg in Brooklyn August 14th

 Ever since MARK BRENNAN ROSENBERG was a foul-mouthed,sass-spouting, overweight teenager, he knew his life was one for thebooks. And he was right: with the publication of his first memoir

Blackouts and Breakdowns, Mark became a self-published sensation,touring across the country and winning over fans from small towns to big cities.
Now Mark’s back with a new book; EATING MY FEELINGS: Tales of Overeating, Underperforming and Coping with My Crazy Family (Three Rivers Press paperback original: August 2013).  This 
collection of comic essays delves into Mark’s outrageous childhood, recounting his struggles as a 
fat, sassy, soon-to-be-gay kid, relating to the world through his beloved idols from  All My Children, Melrose Place, and Clueless.
From battling his evil stepmother (with an arsenal of unprintable insults not suitable for your 
average 10 year old), to attempting to blackmail his counselor at fat camp, and shamelessly sporting blackface on Halloween, Mark’s adolescent misadventures set him up perfectly for an equally flamboyant adult life. Things don’t slow down when Mark emerges into the image-obsessed world of gay New York, and he raises as much hell as he did in the sleepy Baltimore suburb of his childhood. Whether he’s hiring the personal trainer he only wants to sleep with, or blogging his way to fame with an X-rated twist on Julie & Julia, Mark’s life is anything but. 
For a guy who describes himself as a whiter, skinnier, gayer version of Oprah, EATING 
MY FEELINGS is Mark’s metaphorical wheelbarrow full of fat. No emotional stone is left 
unturned—or potato chip left uneaten—as Mark gives us an uncensored and uproariously funny look into every one of his food and body issues. 

MEET HIM August 14th with the first book tour stop at Word Bookstore (126 Franklin St) in Brooklyn
MARK BRENNAN ROSENBERG is the author of Blackouts and Breakdowns and writes the blog The Single Life. He currently resides in New York City and is single—so if you know of anyone, let him  know. Visit him online at

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