Shirtless Men are Trending on the Streets of New York

 FINALLY!  A fashion trend I like. Shirtless men. 

From the New York Times – historically, inhabitants even of laid-back 10013 have not been in the habit of walking around semi-naked. 

 There, on Bastille Day, was a shirtless guy checking out the windows at
Bergdorf Goodman; there, on Lafayette Street one Tuesday morning, ambled
a shirtless shopper hauling Urban Outfitter bags; there, on the R
train, was a rider wearing nothing but jeans and sandals; there, on
Astor Place, a cluster of topless men flaunting their abs and pecs.

“I was on my way to the bank and I saw not one, not two, but three guys”
walking shirtless across Eighth Street, said Rob Morea, a personal
trainer and an owner of Great Jones Fitness in NoHo.  
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