New York City Producer John Ed Celebrates 20 Years in the Industry with Extravagant Party

 Legendary producer and promoter John Ed will be celebrating 20 years
in the industry with a larger-than-life party at Marquee Nightclub on
August 15th for Catwalk Thursdays hosted by the famous Susanne Bartsch
and Brandon Voss.

As a graduate from the Baltimore School for the Arts and the Berklee
College of Music, John Ed’s passion for entertaining is an essential
piece of his creative fabric.  He was first enamored by the nightlife
scene when he made a trip to New York City from Boston to visit the
original Sound Factory Nightclub in the early 90’s.  “The energy was
over the top,” he recalled. “I remember one weekend I saw Madonna there,
sitting on top of one of the speakers and braiding her pigtail,
watching everyone and enjoying herself. She said to me, ‘I’m casting
dancers for my tour, let me see you dance.’ Honey, I carried on like
nobody’s business. I didn’t get the job, but I did end up being the
Creative Director for the new Sound Factory many years later with owner
Richard Grant, promoters Alex and Leo, and their new DJ Jonathan Peters.
It was a life-changing opportunity to create unforgettable memories for
others, much like I experienced years before.”

Before permanently moving to New York City in 1993, John Ed was
hired by legendary club promoters David Leigh and Lee Chappell to work
at their lavish themed parties.  “I now call Lee Chappell my Fairy
Godmother,” John Ed remembered fondly. “I learned so much from him. He
introduced me to so many people and taught me the ropes. He showed me
how to bring a party to life.”

Since then John Ed has been the Creative Director at some of New
York City’s hottest clubs, such as Sound Factory, Tunnel, Mirage,
Carbon, Exit, and Webster Hall. He has hosted events for big name
clients such as Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson,
Fendi, Donald Trump, Victoria Secret, and many other Fortune 500
companies.  While still the Creative Director at Exit Night Club, world
famous DJ Tiesto hired John Ed after his team attend a New Year’s Eve
event John Ed produced. “I wrote and created an entire show based upon
Tiesto’s vision and the songs he handpicked,” John Ed explained. “We
then executed this show at large arenas across the United States for
thousands of his fans.”

This year John Ed will be celebrating his 20th anniversary in the
industry with a larger-than-life party at Marquee Nightclub on August
15th for Catwalk Thursdays hosted by the famous Susanne Bartsch and
Brandon Voss.  Scheduled to perform is Florida’s legendary nightclub
Icon Kitty Meow and New York City’s talented Ebonee Excell, plus musical
entertainment from DJs Johnny Dynell and W. Jeremy. Transsexual Icon
Amanda LePore will also be hosting the lavish event, with special
appearances from some of the biggest nightlife personalities of NYC’s
past and present.  “I have met some amazing creative people in the
nightlife scene and I consider them to be family. It’s also so rewarding
to pass along my knowledge to others, much like how my fairy godmother
Lee Chappell helped me. I will never forget where I came from and I hope
everyone will come and celebrate life with me.  Here’s to another 20

John Ed is the owner and producer of famed entertainment company
Party Productions NYC. He is currently working on a big nightlife
project at a brand new venue from Ibiza coming this fall. His website
can be found at

In addition to his busy calendar of special hosted events, John Ed
is also the producer and promoter for New York City’s #1 weekly
transsexual party, Tranny Strip. For more information, please visit

John Ed’s 20th Anniversary Party will be held at Marquee Nightclub
is located at 289 10th Avenue in New York City from 11pm-4am. Admission
is $10 and attire is dress to impress.  Visit their website at For more information on Catwalk Thursdays by Susanne Bartsch and Brandon Voss, visit their official websites at and


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