New York Photographer Launches GayFace 1st Class project

GayFace is a current collection of
fine photography works by New York City photographer/artist, Ashley
 Gay rights, as human rights, have long been thrown aside by
the American society.  Sexuality cannot be defined as black and white
for all. There are many members of the LGBTQ Community that do not
identify with just one label. Queer culture is most often portrayed as
radical, quirky, off-beat even unserious, or detrimental to social and
familiar norms.  The goal of this project is to break barriers that the
LGBTQ community has lived under. The purpose is to give this community
the voice it deserves and the power to speak their truth.
 This collection of works is done to portray the innovative, personal,
and participatory face of the gay movement and American culture at
large and in the home.


subject is photographed with their eyes closed, then eyes open.
images are meant to be seen side by side. Closing their eyes gives the
viewer a sense of the subjects’ vulnerability. The eyes open, allows the
subject to look the viewer directly in the eye.  Once the photographs
have been taken, each subject participates in a short interview stating
their name and their identifiable label of their choosing. 


The work will then be projected onto different buildings and landmarks, to superimpose this true-to-life image of the gay community and further the aims of the movement in light of the

current ACLU and marriage court
cases.  She has and will continue to tour the United States to shoot
individuals who overtly, or covertly,

themselves within the LGBTQ community.  Her work has already
contributed greatly to the self-identity and empowerment of these
individuals, producing a massive support system.  This work will also be
contributed to book projects, street art and gallery exhibitions.  She
is working to unify others in her movement in celebration of sex,
freedom of identity, freedom of association, and culture.







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