KAZAKY at XL March 30th, 2013 Secret Mission Tour

These guys are so sexy and so hot! I want to have sex with each of them!!

KAZAKY is Artur, Oleg, Kirill and Stas!
Kazaky is a Ukrainian all-male house-electro-synthpop dance group, originally made up of Kyryll Fedorenko, Artur Gaspar, Stas Pavlov and Oleg Zhezhel. 
In  July 2011, they made their American debut at Club 57 in New York City, and performed their third single “I’m Just a Dancer” for the first time. They worked it out at the Dsquared2 SS 2012 Fashion show!
 March 30th, 2013 Kazaky will be back in NYC, at XL, for the world premiere of their SECRET MISSION TOUR!! Advance tickets on sale now!
Assembled in Kiev in 2010 by Oleg Zhezhel, a skilled choreographer, the group has released several singles, three EPs and one album. The group confronts gender norms by fusing masculine and feminine attributes together, most notably by regularly wearing stiletto heels in videos and live performances. 
In August 2011, Pavlov left the group and was replaced by Francesco Borgato. On February 26, 2013, Borgato announced his departure from the group to pursue a solo career. Former member Stas Pavlov rejoined the group immediately after Borgato’s departure, and he is featured in the group’s new track and video, “Crazy Law”, released  2 weeks ago. 
I am so excited Kazaky is coming back to the US and appearing at XL. 
It will be a show not to miss!


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