Pink Milk at New York City Fringe Fest Aug 10-19

An alluring drama infused with dance, PINK MILK is based on the true story of Alan Turing –
the man basically responsible for ending WWII in Britain but later
criminally charged for being gay who chose chemical castration over
prison and whose death is shrouded in mystery.

Movement, nosebleeds,
electronica, and a talking daisy PINK MILK, inspired by the father of Computer Science, explodes themes of creation, destruction and eternal love.

2012 is internationally known as Alan Turing Year as
it is the centennial anniversary of his birth (6/23/1912) and while
most of the world-wide celebrations will focus on Turing’s technological
and mathematic contributions, PINK MILK explores the uncelebrated side of his genius which ultimately led to his untimely death.This past February, PINK MILK premiered in Chicago where we shared the story of Alan Turing with a combined audience of 700 over
three nights of performances.

Alan is a lonely, gay, Snow White obsessed boy genius who meets
Christopher, a gentle boy with a passion for piano as deep as Alan’s
passion for pi.  Their intellects clash in a symphony of science and
art.  And as soon as he is there, Christopher is gone.  Alan grows older
building technology to replace his lost love.  Until the fateful day
Alan meets Arnold, a reckless boy seemingly with a passion for Alan. 
But Arnold’s sensual and supposed princely promise leads to the poisoned
apple that causes Alan’s life to spiral out of control.  Through
movement, poetry and music, PINK MILK is an experience that explores a
rich fantasy world while navigating complex topics from our present
reality.  Remounted after a successful Chicago run, White Elephant is
proud to bring PINK MILK to the 16th Annual New York International
Fringe Festival – FringeNYC and Chicago Fringe Festival.

PINK MILK: a new magical tragedy inspired by the life of Alan Turing coming to FringeNYC August 10 – 19!


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