Hedda Lettuce – What is Gay Pride

This week, HEDDA LETTUCE  Said, “The gay community owns the month of June. Yea bitches, that’s how we
roll. City after city celebrate gay pride consisting of a parades
teeming with half clad men; lesbians flashing their tits; drag queens
flashing their asses in colorful head dresses and six inch stilettos;
and leather queens in harnesses showing more skin than necessary. I am
still blind in my right eye after glimpsing a 75 year old mans sagging
ass in a pair of leather chaps. Personally that does not say pride to
me. It says lipo and perhaps a good stretch mark cream.”


When you hear a word used so often, one forgets the meaning. So I
went to my handy dandy dictionary to look up the word pride; here is
what popped up.


1. A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self-respect. (How a dimpled ass in chaps says self-respect I will never know)


2. Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement.
(When I satisfy a man, and the gentleman sends me a card afterward
telling me what I great job I did, my chest does swell with pride)


3. Arrogant or disdainful conduct or treatment;
haughtiness. (There have been times when I have mistaken arrogance with
pride. For instance, when I am in a room filled with other drag queens
and I look around and say to myself, “What a sick group of people.
Standing there with their balls shoved up their asses and razor bumps on
their tits. I am so much better than these deviants.” Then I catch a
glimpse of my five o’clock shadow in a mirror and I am snapped back into


4. A flamboyant or impressive group. (This is my favorite definition, which I believe accurately describes our community)

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