New York City Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow

The latest version of our city’s only private form of public
transportation—the yellow cab—will be unveiled this week at the 2012 New
York Auto Show.

Can you imagine getting the opinions of taxi drivers, fleet owners,
transportation bureaucrats, the mayor, and the notoriously cranky New
York City public – to vote on A CAB for the city?  That must have been a hot mess! How many languages was the survey offered in? 

  The Nissan NV200 has been selected to replace the
venerable 13,000  Ford Crown Victoria’s  as the Big Apple’s official cab. This
so-called Taxi of Tomorrow will be unveiled to skeptical residents for
the first time at this week’s New York Auto Show.

VANITY FAIR got the inside scoop and says, “the city’s first purpose-built cab will host myriad bespoke features
calibrated to the distinctive needs of New York’s taxi users.

include a standard driver’s navigation system that will preclude ever
again having to explain which numbered streets precede and follow West

 A panoramic glass roof for staring up at the young men on those
Hollister billboards

A  low-annoyance horn tuned to a frequency that’s
only audible to other cabbies (or so we hope)

 One 12-volt and two USB
charging ports so all your batteries will be as fresh as the scent
inside the cabin

 Fuel-economy numbers that double those of the
neolithic Ford

No Hump rear seating and lots of legroom

 and antibacterial pleather seats that provide lower
rates of Ebola transmission than most other fabrics.”

Read More at Vanity Fair / Style


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