New York Gay Couple Dies Just Weeks Apart

You have no doubt heard the expression, died of broken heart….
you never know if it is true? or a coincidence?

When same-sex marriage
became legal in New York last year, Chris Alexander (pictured)  married Shaun O’Brien, the
celebrated character dancer with the New York City Ballet.

They had been
together for more than 60 years and died less than two weeks apart —
Mr. Alexander on March 7 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., at age 92;
 —  Mr.
O’Brien on Feb. 23 at 86.
They shared a Victorian house in Saratoga

“If there is a cause of death, it’s a broken heart,” his friend Jane
Klain said in confirming Mr. Alexander’s death. “It’s as simple as

Mr. Alexander, who left no immediate survivors, had lived with Mr.
O’Brien in Saratoga Springs since 1993.

 Each afternoon at 4:30 they had
an ice cream party.
How sweet is that?!



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