Matt Anctil Broadway Bares Stripper of the Month

BROADWAY BARES  has named hottie
MATT ANCTIL their stripper of the month! 

The  adorable Matt Anctil made his big Broadway debut in La Cage on Broadway  and now is traveling around the country with George Hamilton and the   La Cage National Tour.

Over the years he  has donated his time to various charities including Broadway Bares.

Matt says, “Aside from tradition, it is so important to me to be a part of Broadway
Bares because it is a wonderful example of how the entire Broadway
community comes together year after year to help our fellow human beings
with the gifts we have been given.

This is more than a show…it’s art,
it’s family, it’s celebration….a celebration of life! Honoring those
who we have lost and looking forward to each and every day we have to
live as Jerry (Mitchell) always says….FULL OUT!!!

Last year Matt was named Broadway Hero of the Month by Gay Life and he  had  much to say about bullying, his time in high school, the broadway
beauty pageant and all the great things he does for charity.

It’s so refreshing to see someone so young (he is 25) doing so much for charity. And he has actually been donating his time and talents for several years now! How incredible is that?!   Congratualtions Matt – from Best Gay New

(Above photo by BOY CULTURE)


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