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THIS PAST JUNE, New York rejoiced and celebrated the passing of the legalization of Gay Marriage!

At Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, at the Palace Theatre, one evening after a performance, a young man and his boyfriend took the stage. Clutching the mic,
voice and hands trembling, Yuri Rodriguez attempted a speech. “Ever
since I met you,” he said, “I’ve never been happier and I’ve never felt
so much love and—”

Rather than gush further, Mr. Rodriguez fell to one knee and whipped
out a ring. He had been nervous, he explained last week, not just that
Stephen Troiano might decline his proposal but that “somebody in the
audience might yell something stupid.” He had nothing to fear. The
crowd went mad, and roared with applause!

This summer, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert began offering a
series of wedding packages through its “concierge service.”
  How cool is that?!  For a
nominal fee, couples can arrange on-stage engagements, wedding
receptions, bachelorette parties or a “dance-on” cameo at the top of the
second act.

PRISCILLA has proved they are much more than just a play.
It’s a party. It’s a celebration!

Make it a proposal to remember... Take your honey up on stage after the
show and pop the question in front of the cast and audience! At
PRISCILLA, we’re all about the grand gestures!

Start married life off in style! Every Monday, newly hitched couples can
make their Broadway debut together with featured “dance-on” roles
during a number in PRISCILLA’s 2nd Act.

Book a Holiday Party at Priscilla.

Add a cast album for each member of your party for only $10 per person.

Make your group look a bit more glam with feather boas for $3 per person.

Holiday Cheer – Group members get drink tickets at $10 per drink, per person, with $9 refills.

There are lots of ways to make your event special.  Check out the amazing and talented Concierge Services at Priscilla!

Maybe I can propose to Nick Adams……..

Priscilla on Broadway 

Priscilla Concierge Services


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