Will Wikle Gives Go Go Boy Tips

Will Wikle is a registered nurse  and a go go god.

He is  best known for his appearance in the fifth American season of BIG BROTHER.  Wikle parlayed his Big Brother notoriety into a gig as co-host of the Logo network travel-themed program, Round Trip Ticket.

Wikle (flexing) with go-go dancer friends Will Wikle, is a frequent panelist on the Here! TV series Threesome,
achieved a longtime dream of becoming a celebrated go-go boy in New
York City and offers tips to other aspirants, in an article he wrote for
Paper magazine.

The 32-year-old former Big Brother
contestant recalls that he’s wanted to be a dancer since popping his
booty as a 7-year-old in front of his baby-sitter while listening to an
El DeBarge song, but his dreams were dashed by his conservative

Wikle writes about the past year, which he spent balancing his
new hobby with his day job as a registered nurse. He reveals that the
view from from his go-go perch allowed him to witness drag queens
perfecting “their tuck game,” as well as drunken one-night stands
spring to life on the dance floor.

Wikle also offers the following essential tips to become a successful go-go boy:

1. Nike high-top sneakers:
The bigger and chunkier, the better your legs will look sprouting out the top.

2. Timoteo jockstrap:
Basic underwear might get you enough tips for an Old Navy duffel, but showing your ass guarantees a Louis Vuitton travel bag.

3. Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel:
This will make all the right body parts shine, even in the pitch-black dark.

4. New York Yankees baseball cap:
A fitted cap is the go-go’s high fashion sweatband.

5. The official go-go buzz cut:
Go see Humberto at VL Studio on Christopher Street for the best $12 fade you’ll ever get in your life.


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