Pop Up Chapel Will Bring Wedding Bells to Central park This Weekend

This weekend’s regional news cycle was consumed by warm and fuzzy reports of New York’s first official gay marriages.

This coming weekend brings the Pop-Up Chapel in Central Park, a temporary wedding pavilion for 24 couples to get hitched in the city’s most sentimental wedding locale. The two winners of the architectural design competition beat out 54 other designers with rainbows (natch) and a swirling pile of recyclable cardboard, both of which will be incorporated into the Pop-Up Chapel site at Merchants’ Gate. ICRAVE designed a boxy chapel made of a metal frame enclosed with white ribbon, whose mesh ceiling is hung with a rainbow’s worth of ribbons, later handed out to the married couples as keepsakes. Z-A Studios took a more parametric approach, designing stacked modules of cardboard that can be combined into a tulip chapel structure, plus benches and tables nearby.

Catch the chapel edition of Rendering vs. Reality, and all the wedding action, this Saturday July 30 from 10am-8pm.  READ  MORE.


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