New York City Gay Marriage Lottery…Everyone Won!

City officials held a lottery Thursday for 764 marriage slots, but when 823 couples registered, the city decided to let all of them make it official this weekend!

The clerk’s offices in each of the five boroughs have their own limit of couples for this Sunday. Each of the outer boroughs had enough spots for interested couples, but in Manhattan where only 400 spots were available, 533 couples registered, according to New York Magazine.

In order to accommodate everyone, city officials decided to expand the number of ceremonies in Manhattan to 459 and the other 74 couples who applied to marry in Manhattan will instead marry in one of the other four boroughs.

Clerk’s offices normally are closed on Sundays, but officials across the state said they would open them to marry same-sex couples on the first day the law takes effect.

The city will break a record Sunday with 823 marriages, more than the city’s previous single-day high of 621 on Valentine’s Day in 2003.



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