Best Places in New York for Your Gay Marriage Gay Wedding Event

GAY MARRIAGE IN NEW YORK!!  How exciting! 

New York City has hundreds of beautiful places to get married, but narrowing them down to find the most idyllic spot for your wedding reception or ceremony isn’t easy. Here are some of our favorite spots – but really, the list is endless.

The Foundry in Long Island City, Queens. – Probably a bit “over-exposed”. Seems like every reality has shot there in the last year!

Once a 19th century metal foundry, this dramatic space now plays host to weddings, performances, corporate events, and photo shoots. Old exposed brick contrasts with modern steel railings to create a unique ambiance.

Capacity: 125 for a sit-down meal, 200 for a cocktail party, optional outdoor tent seats 160.

Who doesn’t love gorgeous colorful flowers everywhere? Why not have your event IN a flower shop?

Banchet Flowers and the Flower Bar.  You might not think of a florist shop as the most likely spot for a wedding, but this elegant 1800 square foot space features brick walls, elegant lines, and best of all, a shop full of flowers. Designer Banchet Jaigla has designed flowers for restaurants like Windows on the World, the Thai Royal Family, and designers like Dries van Norton. As you’d expect, her arrangements are contemporary and beautiful; Those renting the space get the temporary use of any arrangements that are in the shop.

Capacity: with the next door Flower Bar, 125 for a seated reception.



MORE FLOWER SPOTS – How about an event amongst the Flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden?
The first time I ever visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a ceremony was happening amongst the lush flowers of the rose garden. It looked straight out of a dream. For the right kind of couple who don’t mind some strict rules and susceptibility to the weather, this is an amazing spot at budget prices. Other alternatives include having your event at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Palm House, or simply taking your wedding photography here, before a wedding elsewhere.

When you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, all you want to do is take in the view. There are spaces that can offer breathtaking skylines, unique perspectives and much more.
It seems like rooftop party spaces are popping up all over the city but few have the ability to go from indoors to outdoors with the push a button.


The Lighthouse At Chelsea Piers

The thing about New York is that it’s an island, and while nobody quite wants to go in the water, the views can be pretty spectacular.

The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers is a cool space. It has the benefit of being a loft space without any of the inconveniences of having to furnish, decorate and cater yourself. It’s owned and operated exclusively by Abigail Kirsch, which means you know the food is extremely delish—not to mention plentiful.

Their staff are trained to run like a well-oiled machine, but there’s nothing impersonal about the service you’ll get. The room is cleverly sectioned off to provide “separate” spaces for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, so you never have to see them setting up or breaking down despite the lack of walls. For an open, airy, contemporary and clean city look, this is the spot.

You’ll have unforgetable views from floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Hudson River. While the catering isn’t cheap, they have the expertise for a smooth-as-silk affair. Capacity: 100-680 for a sit-down meal (max 400 to include dancing), 1000 for a cocktail reception, if you have A LOT OF FRIENDS!



What could be MORE NEW YORK, and more romantic, than Central Park?

The Loeb Boathouse At Central Park

An urban feel, yet full of greenery. You’re in the middle of New York and in the middle of a lush landscape with a lake, rowboats, trees, birds, squirrels—the works.

It’s a photographer’s dream – and the interior is as lovely and singular as the exterior, which means that even you winter  couples have every reason to marry here. Up to 230 guests for seated dinner and dancing, with dinner running around $185 per person.

The Central Park Boathouse is perhaps the most quintessentially New York spot to get married in Central Park, and where better in Central Park to have a ceremony than a terrace or windowed room overlooking the lake.

It is so peaceful and elegant. Close your eyes and you can hear the chatter of dinnerware, glasses and happy voices resonate in the air.  With so many people mingling together, it is definitely the place to celebrate, dine, enjoy the great view and be seen.

If money is not object, why not do it up at Gotham Hall?! Not for the faint of heart, but if you can afford it and live up to the drama of the space around you, you must. At around $275/plate minimum, glamour does not come cheap. But this gilded former bank can hold both your entire extended family’s families and any manner of decor you can dream up. Their staff is prepared to help you with every aspect of the planning process, and the sky (or the 3,000 square foot stained-glass skylight) is the limit. If you’re low-key (who is, really?) this may not be your scene, but for those statement-makers, it doesn’t get much more fabulous.

While the space can hold up to 1200 guests (really?!), sweeping sheer curtains can make the space more intimate without blocking the hall’s amazing architecture of Corinthian columns and marble floors.  Capacity: 50 to 1200

The lists in New York city are really endless. The Prince George Ballroom.  (below) The grand Beaux-Arts ballroom was lovingly restored and is now part of the Madison Square North Historic District and the National Register of Historic Places. The golden columns, intricate plasterwork, and soaring ceilings create a space that is simultaneously ornate and light and airy.

The Delegates’ Dining Room at the United Nations. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the East River and NYC’s skyline, the main event space – the Delegates Dining Room – is large enough for a grand wedding reception. But my favorite part of this space is the outdoor patio, which has breathtaking views of the city and the Queensboro Bridge.

The Pierre hotel ballroom is about as classic a New York wedding venue as they come. If your pants are fancy, this is the place for you. Right on Fifth Avenue across from the park, this sumptuous hotel offers every service you can imagine. Custom anything and everything.

Some of the greatest night clubs are in New York City and can provide a great environment to a special event. Elegant…spacious…and full of style.

Lofts can provide a different vibe for your event. They offer the ability to visualize your event in a special way that can make it one to remember for all times.

Sometimes you just need to be different, and New York certainly has it’s share of unique spaces. Make your event stand out and have people remember it.Unique architechture and setting can provide a great energy to an event.

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