Garrett Swann in Steve Balderson’s THE CASSEROLE CLUB June 22-26

“FASHION HOUSE ” star, Garrett Swann, co-stars alongside Kevin Richardson (former member, Back Street Boys), Daniela Sea (L Word), Susan Traylor (Greenberg) and Jane Weidlin (The Go-Go’s) in Steve Balderson’s newest film “THE CASSEROLE CLUB.”

The film will premiere at VisionFest 11, June 22-26, 2011 in New York City.

THE CASSEROLE CLUB” focuses on a group of mod 1960’s era suburban housewives and their husbands.  Close-knit and neighborly, they are set on one-upping each other, trying to prove that each is “the hostess with the mostess.” 

They start a recipe club, and hold dinner parties while testing out their new casseroles.  But when the gatherings become increasingly focused on boozy flirtation, and more than recipes are swapped, the story moves swiftly from stylized and campy to a drama about irresponsibility, selfishness, and damaged people.

The film also stars Michael Maize, Jennifer Grace, Starina Johnson, Hunter Bodine, Pleasant Gehman and Mark Booker.
In the film, Swann plays Sterling Bloom, a closeted Suburbanite husband to a cookie cutter wife who ultimately becomes a victim of his own downfall. “It’s easy to play a gay character in a film, but when you’re gay playing a straight man who’s closeted, that’s a challenge!”  “I thought ‘oh God I have to go back in the closet again…scary” said Swann.

While doing a casting search, Balderson accidentally saw Garrett’s photo (wearing his 60’s like eyeglass frames) on a fellow director’s Facebook page and immediately reached out to him. “That’s the first, getting a part via Facebook” said Garrett.  A great working relationship ensued and in process Swann was invited to co-produce the film as well.

“Garrett is a great actor,” quotes Balderson, “He is the kind of actor who gives it his ALL, and for that alone he is amazing. “

The Casserole Club screening is scheduled for Friday night, June 24, at 7 PM, followed by Q&A.

The Casserole Club

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